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  1. Hi David, Great idea for a race series and I can’t wait to see it! Wouldn’t it be great to get the Ultima up there? I am sure you will see lots of DMs and Genovas and the Ultima would surely give them all a run for their money? Shame the DN01 is out of production as that would be epic! Can’t wait to see what you do Craig
  2. @OldSchoolRC1 thanks for the great post pal. Now were you rallying with the low ride kit?? I have been considering if this would help keep the chassis a little lower and improve the handling a little?? Worrying to hear that you had to back it down to a silver can as I am going to struggle to keep up with the big boys and their faster motors! Sounds like I will have some suspension tuning to do! Thanks for the inspiration dude 🙌🏻
  3. @OoALEJOoO great post fella! Thanks for the advice and notes on your build. It looks great and is exactly what I am hoping to achieve. Good to know you had fun with the silver can so I am hoping a little more punch from the brushless system will make it cover some ground quickly! Ultimately I just want to beat Mark and his XV01 😂
  4. @No Slack thanks dude. I will check a few out 🙌🏻
  5. @Juggular this was a great post pal! I am going to open up the diffs and pack them with AW grease. I was not aware of the spacer mod so will have a good look at that also. Good to know my brushless motor will give enough punch to have some rally fun. Thanks for all your advice pal 🙌🏻
  6. @TamiyaD Exactly what I am looking to do…. Anyone know how they did it?? If mine looks and handles like that I will be chuffed!
  7. @TurnipJF I was looking at that this evening. Good to know it can work. It looked like it might be too big when I was researching earlier 👍🏻
  8. @Sogogi I am going to have to have a few runs to see how much of a problem this is going to be for me. Will be a shame if that is the show stopper
  9. @ChrisRx718 thanks for the advice on the body pal. I will get on the hunt for those but I worry they might be tricky. I will start looking at the steering set up and see what after market parts I can find. My issue is going to be making something broadly competitive against the dedicated rally chassis the boys will have in the summer. I always think it is fun to bring something different to the table 🙌🏻
  10. Hello fellow Tamiya Club members, I have been working on an idea for the last few months and I am struggling for ways of making it work. I am reaching out to you guys for some ideas and perhaps someone out there has done this already and can provide some expert advice. My YouTube buddy Mark Bryan is getting some of us together this summer for some rally action. While I have a XV01 to take to the rally party I would really like to turn up with something different. I have a CC01 crawler which I have not really been getting much use out of. I would like to turn it into a rally chassis. I have seen some examples of Dakar style bodies so any recommendations on where I could source something like that from would be great. But the real challenge is what to do to the chassis in order to make it rally worthy. I am worried that the chassis will roll easily so I assume I will need to play about with the suspension set up a little. Any ideas on what to do with this? I have some springs to add to the model to alter the suspension set up. What about weight distribution? Would you put some extra weight into the model somewhere? One of the diffs is locked but do I need to lock both diffs for rally or would I be better off with them unlocked? Power wise I have a 15.5T Tamiya brushless motor to use in the model. Should provide plenty of punch and great battery life. Do you think the gearbox will hold up? Will I overpower the chassis? I am debating tyres and wheels. I have some options which I will detail in later posts. But does anyone have any recommendations? Has anyone done this before? Loads of questions and I guess the proof will be in the trying won’t it!! I am starting to play around with the chassis next month so any suggestions would be great and I will log my progress on this thread and on my YouTube channel. Thanks in advance for any feedback on my project. Craig The OAG RC https://youtube.com/@theoagrc?si=SjFJKZE8Eeb1gHZW
  11. I am liking all the thoughts about TD2/TD4 models. I really would like to see a rerelease of the Super Astute. But I would also be very happy if Tamiya put another Zahhak production run together. I can’t help but feel that this year might be a little light on new releases.
  12. Another brilliant topic 🙌🏻 I really enjoyed following your content before and will also enjoy this. The Group C chassis is a beast. I got to drive one a few months back and was impressed by the speed of that chassis on the Sport Tuned. Keep up the awesome content 🙌🏻
  13. My DB01 build has a lot of lovely parts for it! I think I am getting close to being done though as things are getting harder and harder to find. You watch Tamiya do another run as we start to build @Kol__
  14. Orchard Raceway double header for you all this weekend! It is down to the final set of races!!
  15. Sorry a little late with this one. Here we see the Hotshot take on the Thunder Dragon in the second race of the Finale. Can one of them join the Ultima at the top of the table??
  16. Hey Fil, Welcome dude! Can’t believe you weren’t on here sooner pal. Great source of information and support to us RC fans. Craig
  17. Kyosho Ultima vs Tamiya Frog OR2023 Finale Match 1 Race one from the Orchard Raceway Finale puts the Ultima against the Frog!
  18. Here is our final Fab Four! Some ramblings from me about each car! Can’t wait to share the Finale with you over the coming weeks!
  19. So here is the run down of the rules for the Grand Finale for 2023. Hope this makes sense as I have tried a few ideas and this to me gives every car a far shot at victory!
  20. Last Quarter Final until we get down to business in the Grand Finale! The classic Frog ORV chassis tries to beat the modified DT02 with a carbon fibre chassis and RZ motor! Going one way right everyone????
  21. Tamiya Thunder Dragon vs Tamiya Rising Fighter OR2023 Quarterfinal Match 3 We continue to progress through the Quarter Finals. This was the light side vs the dark side of my Star Wars inspired builds. The Thunder Dragon is such an enjoyable chassis to drive but I am impressed with my hopper up Rising Fighter too.
  22. Complete retro mismatch on the track for match 2 of the Quarterfinals. I love my Grasshopper but there is no way it is beating the Ultima which is on another level in terms of 2WD capability. It makes me wonder how good modern competition buggies are going to be!
  23. So I thought it would be great to note some of the statistics from round 1 of the Orchard Raceway for those interested as we move into the Quarter Finals for 2023. Running 16 cars in round one was the same as my entire first season on the OR in 2022. No buggy from 2022s Finale made it through the first round which was a complete shock to me. Our slowest entry for 2023 was the CW01 Pumpbox recording a fastest lap of 10.17. However, it didn’t have the worst lap which was done by the DT03 (mainly down to my poor driving though!!) Fastest lap in round one goes to last seasons champ the TT02B with 6.27. I was surprised that I couldn’t string together a full set of laps as the car has been so easy to drive in the past. However, the rules are set to try and mix things up a little each season. Full list of lap times are below: 1. TT02B 6.27 OUT 2. DF03 6.33 OUT 3. Thunder Dragon. 6.63 4. Madcap. 6.93 OUT 5. Ultima. 7.17 5. Hotshot. 7.17 7. TD2. 7.34 OUT 8. Rising Fighter. 7.80 9. Holiday Buggy. 7.83 10. Cougar. 8.00 OUT 11. Frog. 8.11 12. Grasshopper. 8.17 13. DT03 8.30 OUT 14. Raider. 8.70 15. Mad Bull. 10.13 OUT 16. Pumpbox. 10.17 OUT The Thunder Dragon surprised me. It is a really nice chassis to drive over the rough terrain of the Orchard Raceway and extreme predictable. It does not suffer on turning in quite like the Hotshot and leaves me excited to see how it will get on in the Quarters. The Cougar should be a lot higher up this table and I know the issues now. I have a feeling it will be back as a very strong contender in 2024 (albeit with a new format but more on that later!!) Of the cars that did over 10 laps the most consistent was the Kyosho Raider. Not sure if that was something to do with years of practice on that chassis as a kid or just a lucky run?? It was closely followed by the Thunder Dragon which at times felt on rails. It was also the TD that recorded the best average over 10 laps (8.01s) I can’t wait to see what you all make of the Quarter Final runs and I will be back with some more stats at the end of those ahead of the Finale. The Finale will take a different approach (one that is being adopted for 2024). Each car will compete in a head to head time trial against the other three. Three points awarded for a win, one each for a draw. There are bonus point’s available for fastest overall time and most number of laps completed. In the event of a points tie then average lap time over all complete laps will be taken into account.
  24. We move into the Quarter Finals with the Hotshot drawing the Kyosho Raider. A complete mismatch other than they are both red!!
  25. A modern 2WD classics goes against a proper 2WD classic! I love the TD2 against many opinions on the name it is a great chassis. The Ultima is just lovely!
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