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  1. It is the same price £340 most places
  2. My XV02 ones were leaking all over the place before they even made it into the chassis! I had to completely rebuild one of them with a new case!
  3. So most places have it listed for around £340. I priced up as much of the parts on RCJaz as possible and think it is pretty good value for the money if you want to hop up a TT02B. However, would it be better than 4wd buggies at the £340 price point? Shame Tamiya didn’t include the steering upgrades and motor plate as standard too. Looks like it is coming in April 2023
  4. Looks like quite the kit but at £375 RRP it is over £250 more than a standard TT02B which comes with ESC, motor and tyres. I am certainly interested as I love my TT02B, but it is also at the same price as the recent 4wd Kyosho Legendary models. You can also get a Top Force Evo Rere for the same money!
  5. 58717 1/10 R/C TT-02BR Chassis Kit Tamiya is delighted to announce the release of the TT-02BR chassis in the TT-02B series which is popular among off-road racers. The TT-02BR chassis is an upgraded version of the TT-02B chassis kit with a wealth of parts, plus new aluminium propeller joints and carbon fibre damper stays to ensure range of setup adjustments. ★ Included Hop-up Option Parts ★ Aluminum propeller joints *New! / Carbon fiber damper stays *New! Item 22049: XV-02/TT-02 Oil Gear Differential Unit Item 54501: TT-02 Aluminum Propeller Shaft Item 54768: 06 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (17T) Item 54993: TT-02B/DF-03 Aluminum Damper Set Item 53793: DF-02 Two-Way Aluminum Rear Uprights Item 54539: TT-02B Full Turnbuckle Set Item 53791: DF-02 Assembly Universal Shaft Item 53880: Large Dish Wheels (4WD/Front, 62/25) Item 53881: Large Dish Wheels (Rear, 62/35) Item 54211: TRF201 Rear Wing Set Item 54815: TT-02B Reinforced Gear Covers & Lower Suspension Arms (2pcs.) Item 54926: TT-02 Lower Deck (Hard/Black) About the Model • This is a 1/10 scale R/C chassis assembly kit. • Drivetrain uses Item 22049 to adjust the effectiveness of gear differential by using different oil viscosities. *Diff. joint cups are designed for this chassis kit for improved durability. • New front and rear damper stays give more set up options of oil dampers and upper arms. • Using front and rear universal drive shafts ensures stable drivetrain regardless of suspension stroke. • Propeller shafts have plastic parts at joint sections of aluminum joint cups and shafts to limit wear of joint cups. • Includes two rear wings - Neo Scorcher kit-standard one (transparent) and Item 54211 (TRF201 Rear Wing Set). Change wing stay when using Item 54211. • Item 54211 includes two wide design wings to adjust downforce depending on running surface condition, and wing stay spacers are also included to adjust rear wing angle. • 4~6mm longer turnbuckle shafts help prevent plastic adjuster sections from deforming to ensure improved suspension movement. • Steering linkage with flange pipes feature improved durability by attachment using hex head screws and lock nuts compared to attachment using 3x18 step screws. • Features full ball bearings. • Comes with a carrying case dedicated for the TT-02BR chassis. • Please note that battery pack, motor, tires and R/C equipment are not included. • Includes Neo Scorcher body (transparent). *Please note that Neo Scorcher coloring stickers are not included. No Motor or ESC Included
  6. While I think the Hotshot 2 is a great release, would love to see some actual pictures of it please Tamiya! Also find myself more intrigued about the TT02BR and TT02SRX chassis kits 😁
  7. I suggest checking out David’s views on the chassis at Kai City RC as it is a little more detailed. David has also run it and very much enjoys it. For me, I really want one but think I will wait to see if they sort out UK distribution at a sensible price.
  8. @Jonathon Gillham where are you seeing these cheap VQS models? Cheers
  9. Finished mine this evening! Loved it in the end and can’t wait to give it a proper run later this week!
  10. @Calvino I found the turnbuckles tough until I realised you can use the funky UJ tool thing to help!! Diff was okay but I couldn’t tighten the belts on the transmission (hope they are ok!!) Main issues for me has been around fitting everything together correctly (shocks!) and getting the cross hub things into the drive shafts. Mine is currently in bits as I am fitting the wheels on the last step and realised that the hubs aren’t the same! I had an incorrect piece in the drive shaft bags which meant one is shorter than the other. Schumacher customer service are ace and another is on the way this evening. Enjoyed the build but frustrating in parts. However, this is my first Schumacher kit and perhaps I am just adjusting to the complexity vs my Tamiya kits.
  11. @Frankster I have been looking for one for a while but the prices over in the Uk are crazy when they appear! I missed out on them last year when there was a restock. Tamiya still have this model in the catalogue so fingers crossed for another release. Part availability does worry me though. It is hard enough getting hop ups for recent models let alone older buggies. However, I too really want to build something that is close to the TRF buggies before they disappear altogether. The TD2 though is a great build and imho a lovely looking buggy.
  12. Can’t comment on the Zahhak as I haven’t been able to get one yet but the TD2 is great. Where are you seeing Zahhak’s available 😁
  13. CW-01 chassis gets another go on the Orchard Raceway with the Midnight Pumpkin. This one has some nice oil filled shocks and a chassis brace… but does any of that actually make any difference?? Not with my driving 😂
  14. My first RC build when getting back into the hobby in 2021 hits the track this week. Will it beat the TT-02b to the top of the leaderboard??
  15. Time for a real contender to the Hot Lap! The TT02B was last years fastest time and I have high expectations as to how it is going to perform this year! Let’s see how she goes 🔥
  16. My Raider Rebuild hits the track this week… can it knock the Grasshopper of it’s perch??
  17. couple of new entires to the lap time videos for 2022! Some hotter laps coming 😎
  18. Some great advice by everyone 🙌🏻 @Wooders28 like your idea of that charger that can also work with the NIHM 😎 I will take a look at Overlanders and see if they have something suitable.
  19. Thanks to everyone who has replied to my post 🙌🏻 My limited understanding is that I can change the configuration of a NIHM pack to stack the cells differently so I will investigate with the dimensions to see if I can get it to work. I was looking at the cell sizes and I assume if I drop below the standard sub C there will be a performance drop? The idea was to try and avoid needing to buy new chargers etc and just create a pack I could use in more modern buggies that only take shortie packs until I am ready to make the leap to LiPo throughout the fleet. Perhaps I will consider the LiFe batteries as a trade off. Although I will probably need new chargers then anyway so would perhaps be better just jumping to a LiPo to try? Perhaps a hard case and a batbox might make me feel more relaxed??
  20. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice here. I am fully aware of the debate on NIMH vs LiPo performance but for my requirements at the moment I am only planning on using NIMH batteries. Looking at some higher end RCs I notice they are fully designed for shortie LiPo batteries these days. Is it possible to build a 6 cell NIMH that would fit or am I just going to have to wait until I am ready to upgrade all of my batteries to LiPo? Any ideas would be great. I have been looking at the Team Associated and Schumacher race buggies but don’t want to commit and then find I have no choice but to go LiPo. Thanks Tamiyaclub members 🙌🏻
  21. Tamiya M05RA hits the track this week. Can it beat out the Grasshopper???
  22. TT-02B is a good shout but you could also consider that a few stores have the Thunder Dragon going under £150 these days. Worth considering for that extra £30. I have a TT-02b and it is great fun and will be fine in your back garden
  23. We are back out on the track now as the weather here in the UK has become fair. This week it was the Vintage Kyosho Raider from the late 80s. My first RC car and I love that I can still drive it today.
  24. I finished mine last night! Loved the build (other than the ball diff!) and it has been my most successful body shell for both painting and decals. Not driven it yet other than to check the alignment in the front steering. Can’t wait to get this out on the track! Thanks for all the inspiration in this tread 👍🏻
  25. I have been wondering about the stabilisers and also considering the gear diff. Interested to hear how it works out.
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