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  1. We are back out on the track now as the weather here in the UK has become fair. This week it was the Vintage Kyosho Raider from the late 80s. My first RC car and I love that I can still drive it today.
  2. I finished mine last night! Loved the build (other than the ball diff!) and it has been my most successful body shell for both painting and decals. Not driven it yet other than to check the alignment in the front steering. Can’t wait to get this out on the track! Thanks for all the inspiration in this tread 👍🏻
  3. I have been wondering about the stabilisers and also considering the gear diff. Interested to hear how it works out.
  4. Hi, Odd request but does anyone know of somewhere to get some carbon fibre decal sheets in 1/10th scale? I am planning a build at the moment and would love to have some carbon fibre detailing on the shell but no ideas how to do it! Thanks in advance to any geniuses out there 👍🏻🙌🏻
  5. First time trial video on the 2022 track! Can’t wait for the next run 😎
  6. Final test run of the season! You can see the evolution of the track also on my YouTube channel, playlist below: OAG Track Season 2
  7. Hello everyone, I am back for another season of backyard fun this year with a new improved track! We have upgraded from a loop to a figure of 8!! I know… super high tech 😂 There is also a jump in place for this season using some skateboard ramps and some plastic matting I had knocking about the garden. The track is very much a work in progress but it should provide plenty of amusement this spring/summer. I do have bigger plans going into 2023 but more about that later. Please enjoy the video below all about how I am going to run the cars and how this years leaderboard will work. Hope those interested enjoy the content.
  8. @BloodClod that is a great write up and thanks a bunch! is the front steering limited like on the TD4? I heard guys removing the stoppers in the Td4 but I haven’t seen anything similar in the TD2 yet.
  9. thanks to everyone who watching my videos 👍🏻🙌🏻
  10. Just stumbled on this tread and love what you are trying to do! I have all these aspirations but lack the technical ability to do this. Instead I will enjoy watching your progress. Thanks for sharing 👍🏻🙌🏻
  11. Further updates on the track for the spring!
  12. Finally stayed dry for a running video!!
  13. Always wondered what gear you ran in those Kyosho videos dude! I have an Ultima for next year and have been wondering what motor to get for it! The 490 motor looks so good but I was wondering about the performance of them.
  14. Love how this topic has progressed! Kudos to @Juggular for starting the thread! Sorry for making the connection with Lego and some excellent points on the different business models. It is hard to see how Tamiya can find that appeal to the younger generation as it did back in the day for many of us. I agree that licences would be expensive and would dilute the profits but might get kids hooked on the hobby and lead them into discovering more of the RCs we enjoy from yesteryear. Perhaps there is some way to bridge the gap into the digital world? RC game with real world models to match those on the screen. 🤔 I like what @stulec52 says above and we should all try and do what we can to keep the next generation interested. I am only running my cars in the back yard but I have been trying to engage my Daughter (5) in the hobby. She enjoys blasting a CW-01 about in the garden and on our track. I am hoping she is better at controlling it this year!! She has recently decided she wants to build a car together so we’ll be getting something to sit at the table with through the rainy months in the spring and enjoy some hobby time together. We are lucky as she is more into crafts than anything else, so RC could be an extension of that for her. I fully expect her to bounce of it and onto something else as she gets older but then I did back in the early 90s (thanks Sony PlayStation!!) Until that happens I am going to enjoy every second of it and keep enjoying my rediscovered hobby for as long as I can!
  15. Thanks for your views buddy. That is something I hadn’t considered…durability! I am going to give both chassis’s another view 👍🏻
  16. Interesting topic. Lego went through a tough patch back at the start of the 00’s and had to turn their business model around to appeal to a new generation of children. I would say that modelling/RC probably needs to do the same for future generations. There is a purple patch at the moment where lots of people are getting back into the hobby later in life thanks to having more time and disposable money. However, there will be an issue once that market ages and the younger generations don’t have the same desire for the product. Tamiya needs some new licences to appeal to that younger generation at a price point to get them hooked but I would imagine they are not cheap to get nor easy to keep. Until that time I am going to keep having a blast in my garden with my cars and promote the hobby best I can. My Daughter is 5 and loves getting out in the garden with the RCs. She has even asked to build one with me! 😄👍🏻
  17. How would you rate the TD4 against the other Tamiya 4wd chassis?
  18. That it what I thought! I picked up a Kyosho Ultima rerelease for the same price as the TD2 here in the Uk. I am still interesting the the TD2 chassis though but might hold off until the early reviews are in. Just picking up the slipper and the universal drive shafts will put it well above the £300 mark!
  19. Final part of my Madbull RX build! It is running on the backyard track next week
  20. So who else is getting excited about the TD2??? The recent videos from Tamiya have me considering a pre-order again. I just worry that it is going to need a load of those hop ups to make it perform well. I do like that body shell though 🤔🧐
  21. Part 2 of the Madbull RX build! Great chassis
  22. Part 1 of my Madbull RX build. This kit goes together really well!
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