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  1. @TurnipJF thanks for the recommendation dude.
  2. @BuggyGuy Thanks for the idea on the fire hose. I will look into that. The stock tyres are good but given the performance increase in the DT-03 I was wondering if there were better tyres for the TT-02b. I will check out your recommendations once the stock tyres are worn out! thanks for reading and replying chap
  3. Been a while since I got the time to get out and maintain the track let alone blast a car round it for a few laps! I had far to many garden jobs this weekend but now the patio is cleaned up and sealed I was able to spend some time mowing and edging the track. The dip I put in round the cherry tree was a mistake and all the cars hate it. It also prevents the track being used both ways. I am going to use some soil and fill it next weekend. I am still waiting to find some land pipe at a sensible price to mark out the track properly. I think this will help with maintenance! Had a quick half an hour with the TT-02b and DT-03 this afternoon. I put the stock wheels and tyres back on the DT-03 and it handled like a dog! The right wheels makes such a huge difference to performance. Any recommendations for the TT-02b??
  4. Saturday night update! Chassis number two hit the table this evening. I got the front section off and started to doubt if I needed to strip this one all the way. I am glad I did as all of the missing parts from chassis one are here. I am almost ready to start to reassemble after I spend the next few days cleaning all these plastic parts up and soaking some of the metal in WD40. There was an original Le Mans 05 motor in this Raider but the wires have busted off and I am not yet able to repair (no soldering iron or skill!!) No bearings at all in this chassis confirming my OG Raider just has metal bushings throughout. I have ball bearing going into the project build. This week I had a set of new screws arrive to replace most of them in this build. While they are not titanium they are hex screws which is different! I am off to finish my beer! Cleaning starts tomorrow!! Can anyone explain why am I googling Hot Trick??? Anyone done this to their Raider?
  5. @SlideWRX that is some awesome ideas! Like the water splash idea.
  6. @Champ85 great advice my friend and thanks for taking the time to reply to the tread! I have replaced all the pinions in my models so far with steel for the same reason you make above. I am going to make a gear box cleans a winter job ready for the racing season in the back yard. I had to take my DT-03 apart the other day as the pinion had come lose and due to other commitments it sat in pieces on the bench for 2 weeks before I got back to it. Rainy winter days and a cup of coffee sounds perfect for maintenance!
  7. Looks like a great! I started out with grass too and found there’s plenty of fun with a DT-03 on the right tyres and set up (plenty of weight up front!) I ended up taking some grass up for a dirt track and it really increases the fun factor. I only have a few dirt kickers for the older cars as I am worried some bigger ramps will trash the cars in the long run. However, the draw back is more maintenance and slightly more permanence. I am growing up the borders with some flowers etc so it fits the garden aesthetic more for next year! Keep going and I will follow for future reference.
  8. There wasn’t much grease on the gears. Lots in the corners of the gear box but the gears were very dry. There were some stones in there when I was cleaning it too which probably explains how it is wrecked. How often does everyone grease the gears on their runners?
  9. Part one of my Raider Project now finished. The enjoyment of this hobby for me is about building, restoring and running my cars around my developing back yard track. I am also getting fun out of creating short videos documenting some of the stuff I am getting up to! My daughter enjoys watching them too and I hope it inspires her to keep practicing with her RC! Thanks to everyone for their input so far. I am looking forward to getting through the next clean up so I can start building the car back up.
  10. This advice for cleaning was awesome @KEV THE REV. Everything seems to be coming up nearly new. I used some bicarbonate soda on the light scratches and they came up quite well. I am still on the hunt for reasonable priced plastic revitaliser here in the UK.
  11. @Champ85 I looked at the Rocky but the prices were through the roof! So far I have picked up a box of spare parts which had some more shocks and this awesome gearbox! Then I picked up the two chassis on eBay which is where this first strip down has been from. I have another one which looks super clean which I am breaking down this weekend which should give me quite the part bin for this new build. I started out just wanting some spares for my old car but it has gone to a whole new level!!
  12. Been cleaning down this eBay chassis this weekend. A Kyosho Raider ready for a rebuild as a modernised classic! Been scrubbing everything and identifying missing components this weekend. I have a second more complete chassis for next weekend. There is something satisfying about cleaning up a vintage car which is very therapeutic!
  13. That Thorpe differential looks awesome. Not sure I am ever going to get one of those given how hard getting regular spares seems to be at the moment! Clean down of chassis one is coming to a end. I have accepted that I probably need both chassis to make a decent whole one. I am missing the motor plates from the gear box on chassis one but chassis two is looks complete. Does anyone have any suggestions on replacements? I was lucky that my box of spares had a set of gears in another gear box which look immaculate! They are contenders for this build now but will need cleaning along with some other parts I have found. Review of the manual has shown me that these fellas should be two sets of two so thankfully I found someone selling some replacements on eBay. Probably explains why the rear suspension looked like this once the shocks were off! Next weekend will be more cleaning of spare parts box and chassis number two. I want to get together a full chassis of parts before building. I am going to try and put some scorpion rere wheels and tyres on the chassis. Has anyone else done this successfully or are there a better set for fit?
  14. About half way through the strip down and I opened the gear box! Whoa! The gears are a bit of a mess inside. The idle and counter gear don’t look too bad and mostly have all their teeth. The differential however is mush! Does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement differential for the Raider?
  15. So started to strip down the first chassis this evening to clean. This car must have loads of interesting tales! I had to record this first one…. Interesting to see that these beautiful screws were all that was holding on the front wheels in place. (not sure what car these are from but they look a little like those from the RS500??) The missing bushing was replaced by a piece of plastic tube cut to size! I am sure there will be loads of gems like that while taking her back to parts. It is a lovely relaxing methodical process before the stress of reassembly and the horror of missing parts!
  16. @KEV THE REV I was wondering the same when looking at the chassis last night. I am going to give it a go rather than buying anymore shocks at this point. Big clean starts this weekend. Anyone got any advice for cleaning up the gear box? It looks fairly filthy and the chap who sold me the chassis tells me it has been in a loft for 20+ years! I have some motor cleaner and lubricants coming to see if the Le Mans motor is still a runner.
  17. @Champ85 Thanks for the post and advice. That is one seriously nice looking Raider!
  18. I have been planning a Kyosho Raider rebuild for months and finally found my chassis. Added bonus of getting this in the same deal. I now have the difficult decision whether to do two?!?
  19. They have arrived! Managed to get one fully chassis with some old electronics and a rolling chassis for spares. Body is in great condition and someone even went to the effort of keeping the windows clear. I could probably get it all working with all the parts I have knocking about but I really want to modernise these chassis. Here is the rolling chassis. I might start working on this one first as it has already been stripped down. I might need some additional screws. Considering a pack from eBay which has all the relevant sizes for this chassis. First job is a good clean. I am going to remove the wheels and see what is going on underneath.
  20. So it seems the 85mm is going to be too big for the rear and the 55mm might be too short for the front! 😂 Lesson learnt that it is better to measure, check and measure again! I do have a spare set of Raider shocks which could be used in the meantime until I can order some more. Anyone got any advice on oil shocks that will work on the chassis?
  21. Package two arrived today thanks to a great service from Neil at Time Tunnel Models. Simple Carson motor. I have used mostly Tamiya Torque and Sport tuned motors so far but decided to try something different on the Raider (to start with!!). After an evening of research on the net I settled on some Fastrax 55mm front shocks and some 85mm rears both oil filled and adjustable. They seem to be pre filled with oil and I’ll have to see how they are set up as we get going. Just awaiting the chassis now (out for delivery apparently!) and I can start stripping them down and rebuilding them back up!
  22. Hi everyone, I am a very proud owner of a original 1980s Raider which other than a new set of rear tyres this year is just a she was back in the day! After a recent blast round my garden track a few weeks back I have decided not to risk trashing the car as it has too many memories for me. I have purchased a Raider from eBay with the intention of cleaning it up and bringing the Raider up to date for some back yard racing. I have built a few RC cars over the last few months after rediscovering the hobby during the pandemic and feel ready to take on a restoration/tune up project. I am going to document as much of the build as possible over the next few months seeking helpful advice as needed from this great forum but also to act as a reference for any other Raider restoration projects in the future. First parts came this week thanks to RC Bearings. Some rubber bearings to replace any metal bushings and some red body clips for a little bling. The purchased Raider is in red like my original above. I have no idea what condition the body shell will be in but hope it at least useable to start with. I am waiting on some oil filled shocks and a Carson brushed motor from Time Tunnel Models then I am going to replace the MSC, servo, radio gear etc with modern electronics. I run everything on a 7.2v Nimh pack to keep things simple. I am considering changing the wheels on this Raider for Scorpion wheels and tyres but I am unsure if they will fit on the chassis. Any advice before I order from Kyosho Spares? Thanks for reading and I welcome any support and guidance along the way. Cheers
  23. Weather has got in the way of further track progress this last two weeks. I ran the Kyosho Raider through my low tech timing system and it posted a 6.9s. Most of the laps were over 7.5s and the last two dipped to 6.9 as I was warming up! The new dip in the track means I will need to have a new set of times moving forward. I am picking up some land pipe to edge off the circuit which will be taking up most of my free time on dry days. For rainy days I have picked up another Kyosho Raider to rebuild with modern electronics saving my original 80s car as stock for nostalgia. I am going to try and document the project as I feel I know enough to be dangerous now! Below are the first parts to arrive from RC Bearings. Some rubber bearings and some red body clips. There will be a few more parts arriving this week along with the car.
  24. So after the M-05 hit quite a big stone causing it to jump onto two wheels the other day (see M-05 video towards the end) I decided to check for surface stones. Turns out there were loads and what looked like an old shed foundation under cherry tree corner which is likely going to cause ongoing maintenance issues! My daughter enjoyed sifting the soil extracting all the stones. After about an hour we had cleared a small section but had created quite a mess. The roller has been out and we have the forming of a new feature on the bend with another small ramp. Little one has asked if we can test it after lunch…. Most excellent idea! 🙌🏻
  25. Sounds perfect for me! This is how I started on the main lawn but after a few weeks in April you could already see the racing line starting to appear! I was told not to ruin the lawn so retreated into the safety of the allotment!! Draw backs are the local cat has started leaving me deposits in the jump landing zone and I got bitten by a spider last night! 😂
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