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  1. 1 minute ago, wolfdogstinkus said:

    The price of track with shipping to the U.K is ridiculous, I've looked at buying tracks before but I fear the kids would get bored after a few laps, so had some excess cardboard lying around and the trusty hot glue gun, and we have a working 2 lane track!!!...

    Bravo! I have a few models on the way and looked into the track but shipping was unreal! I am going to do something similar so thanks for the inspiration 🙌🏻

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  2. 5 hours ago, Sogogi said:

    Towerhobbies just posted TT02 BR pre order listing for $251USD.

    So that is $100 cheaper than here in the UK! Out of interest how much would a standard Neo Scorcher kit be at Tower Hobbies in comparison?

    Neo - £129

    TT02BR - £314

  3. Very cool! Nice to see others hooked on running time trials and enjoy the layout of your post. Your on road track is neat!

    I ran a series on my YouTube channel last year on my backyard track and the TT02B came out on top also so I am pleased to see it doing well on your leaderboard. It doesn’t do too badly as a entry chassis and it can be hopped up for more performance.

    Surprised that the DT03 was able to get close to the XV01. I bet the average lap was more consistent on the XV chassis. It was the most consistent car on the Orchard Raceway last season over all my chassises.

    Keep up the great work 🙌🏻

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  4. 6 hours ago, Willy iine said:

    I watched GagaTakahashi's clip on the 3 new Tamiya releases including this car.  Besides his YT channel, he is an RC retailer and has managed RC race tracks in Japan so he is quite a veteran in the industry.  His gut feeling regarding price is ~JPY27500 range retail and would sell around mid-low JPY20000.. So even at JPY30000, that still only $215 at current exchange rate.. so given mark ups, probably $250 range in the USA?   Not sure, but this is a huge bargain.  

    Just wanted to give an idea what the range is in Japan and USA might be.. I'll post more updates if I see any.. 

    So it is priced up at £315 here in the Uk. The pound is weak so it is no surprise it feels expensive. However, it still presents great value for money if you want a hopper up TT02B.

    Lots of people comparing it to the TD4 and it is priced about the same. I don’t have a TD4 yet but will look at getting one in the future to compare.

    Personally I think it is great Tamiya are giving us interesting models and not just another generic basic model. I do wonder what the price of the TD4R is going to be though!!


  5. 19 minutes ago, Willy iine said:


    They also include 2 different wings and decal sheet per the RCLive clip.  So the body can be finished, just not to the standard NeoScorcher decals.. I mean does one even want to finish the body to the original NeoScorcher given it's a special car? 

     I donno, I think this kit to me is a bargain.. given it is <$375..  the more we talk about it, makes more sense.  I think Tamiya just needs to explain it better in English.

    My pre order is in and I am convinced.

    I priced up as many hop ups as I could find and still came to a price well in excess of £400 and some of those parts were sourced from Japan. 

    A few TRF decals and it will look the business I am sure. I look forward to testing it against the TT02B stock and the TD4 eventually. 

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  6. 12 hours ago, Juls1 said:

    I’m quite happy to see this, but im disappointed they didn’t give it the typical MS/TRF flame decal sheet. 

    I would have liked to have seen the full alloy steering but understand this may have bumped it over their intended RRP. 

    the TT02B is actually a very good handler with the carbon towers and DF03 dampers (which fixes the ride height issues of the stock kit) 

    all they need do now is release the steering knuckles/C hub in reinforced carbon and it’ll be a nice little package. 

    They could have taken it to the next level however by making a new chassis compatible with the xv02 center diff and slipper clutch. 

    Awesome post and your last idea of using a centre diff and/or XV02 slipper would have been amazing. What about an XV02B at some point???? 

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  7. On 11/10/2022 at 9:32 PM, Juggular said:

    A $199 bronco arrived. 


    It had been only in the back of my mind. But my friend sent a photo of her brother's 1:1 Bronco when they went camping.  That stoked the fire... After some browsing, I found an ebay seller in Japan offering it for $199 (free shipping). The exchange rate is such that it was plausible. And  I haven't bought anything for 16 months.  The initial batch had an ESC and a LED kit, this one doesn't include them.  It arrived in a week.  Does anybody know what's a must for CC-02?  


    Could you share the seller you used? How were the import fees etc? I was close to buying a Japan model the other day but got spooked by additional fees etc.

  8. 7 minutes ago, Jonathon Gillham said:

    Yeah this just seems way out of touch. People say the TRF420X is outdated and overpriced, but at least it can keep up with the latest Xray/Yokomo/Xpress etc.

    Why didn't Tamiya offer the TA08R and TD4R?

    I think we will see a TD2R and a TD4R at some point in the future. It should have been £100 cheaper really. I was expecting around £250. Be interesting to see the USD price on this chassis.

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