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  1. Some time and plenty off chocolate eggs later my next kit has to be The Frog! It takes my existing lipos and has apparently plenty of building for a 2wd chassis. What kind of motor would be suitable? Hot brushed or mild brushless (<10.5t)?
  2. It looks like Wt-01 isn´t available anywhere so it´s out of consideration. I´m based in Finland, therefore looking for a kit available in Europe. I guess in some reply I mixed Top Force and Super Astute. Anyway availability is difficult. TA0x and TB0x seem interesting, more to build than any tub platform (TT-02 and others) and proper suspension to adjust. Yesterday youtube recommended me Shortcourseworld´s video on Kyosho Tomahawk. I´ll pass those fancy rere´s, I could never drive them without worrying about breaking something. I don´t mean Kevin Talbot style foolishness, even full throttle on smooth surface with a Fabergé egg on wheels would be terrifying.
  3. Yes I prefer 2wd off road cars. My experience is that they´re more durable. Also driving is more interesting, limit of pushing hard is lower than with 4wd. From here we find another con with the Kyosho mad van. With brushless power it probably becomes an intercontinental missile like race kits that I´ve own. Nearby running places aren´t large enough for really high speeds. I have found new Top Forces on ebay but prices are through the roof. Tamiya releases a new batch of them after I´ve finally made my choice and built something else. So this far 2wd buggy or touring chassis are main candidates. Let´s be a bit realistic, now I´m thinking about where to begin. Later on it escalates and I have a buggy, drifter, truggy, Tyrrel 6-wheeler, Heavy dump truck and a Clod... at least.
  4. Thanks for plenty of replies! My further thoughts on replies and cars mentioned: XV-01 plenty of build and adjustability. Only practical concern is height, low slung bodies probably won´t fit. On the other hand needs a rally body. Would work on hard packed dirt. The Hornet´s battery tray. Would normal size lipo fit with a low profile servo? Battery tray is angular design and there isn´t much difference in overall diemsions between lipos and nimhs. G6-01 or GF-01. Funny looking but simply they don´t appeal to my eye. Fitting some other body would be possible but sourcing the parts without knowing Tamiya´s range seems difficult. Ultima, really cool, looks wonderful. Certainly drives better than older re-re designs. Only negative thing is price. Super Astute, the white livery with bright colors is awesome! Price is on the high side but more importantly is there stock somewhere? Sold out in many places. Kyosho Scorpion and Tomahawk, according to answers drive fine when built and set up correctly. I like the rather scale looks (Let´s not talk about designs of those basher companies that sue everything and everyone). Brief summary: Hornet´s battery tray could be difficult. Cars mentioned excluding G6-01 and GF-01 seem fascinating. Deep down it´s about what kit excites me. Still processing which kit could be above others.
  5. After 6 months of reading this forum I had to jump in! Discussions here have been so good! So I would like to get some advice on the classic question what kit would be good for me. My background with rc is rather extensive, considering being a 24 year old student. (Yes I could have other things to do but the pandemic brought me here.) I have raced short course, 1/8th electric offroad and m-chassis minis. Biggest feat has been 3rd place in an A-main/5th overall in the Finnish short course series with a original high cg Slash. I left racing even before pandemic but last summer rc occupied my mind again. I bought a Lunchbox for the laughs and it has been a blast. Now looking for a bit more capable set of wheels. I could toss a leftower 8.5t motor in the Lunchie but I don´t have a licence for flying RC´s. Criteria for the kit itself: Preferably kit for the joy of building. Accepts 2s hardcase (not the round ones) lipos, I have a pile of them. If possible, some kind of retro vibe. For me early 2000´s kits bring memories from seeing rc´s way better than my Nikko at the time. Perhaps wave of rere´s comes when I´m at least 10 years older. Budget for the kit itself about 250€. I have already esc´s, a radio and different 540 motors. Available in Europe or with decent postage if ordered from outside Europe. Kits that I have thought about, in random order because I can´t decide: Kyosho mad van, otherwise good but rtr, no joy of building. TT02/Kyosho Fazer Mk2/Hpi Rs4, they have differences but a proper parking lot basher could be interesting and good looking. Can be drifter or a GT for a local asphalt track. (No rwd drifters, I find letting gyro do the driving very boring) The Hornet. Cheap and full of nostalgia. Stock decals scream for dark metallic red paintjob. Isn´t very capable but would be always on the edge with a mild brushless motor. Kyosho Tomahawk or Scorpion. Really cool, but after seeing the ridiculous amount of bump steer in a video it is difficult to justify the price stretching my budget. Probably would disappoint after a little running. Something I havent thought about? So new suggestions and thoughts about list above would be appreciated! Cars mentioned are very different compared to each other but perhaps you get the idea of my trouble.
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