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  1. Hi Alvinlwh, Tamiya state: Sky Grey XF19 Medium Grey XF20 Metallic Grey XF56 (probably not this) UK BMC colour codes Tweed Grey GR-4 Old English White WT-3
  2. I want to paint my Mini-Cooper in the standard BMC colours of Tweed Gray and white roof. I see from the instructions there are a number of Grays! which one would be closest
  3. Martin, Your idea worked very well - motor installed - thanks. Also will try the advice about the stickers - thanks everyone. Oliver
  4. This is my first model being attempted and so far so good. One problem at the moment when trying to fix the motor in place. The two 25mm screws do not screw into the end of the motor as it looks on the diagram. There does not seem to be anything to catch the screws in the motor. One other thing, which I am embarrassed to ask. How do you remove the stickers from the backing paper? Any help would be appreciated. Oliverd
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