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  1. Good call. I will make a small video tomorrow and try and pull them apart, see what happens, I’ll post the vid here. 👍
  2. My next build. I remember being 12 when this came out and wanting one sooooo bad…Only took 33 years to finally get one 😲
  3. More vids added 👍 Thanks Tamaniac’s for the positive comments, means a lot 🥰
  4. I built the dampers as instructed and find it’s perfectly fine. I build the diffs with proteck grease. More vids added 👍
  5. Turning a basic kit into something rather special 👍
  6. The Surpass V5R is a fantastic motor ! All I use now 👍
  7. Spent far too much on TT-02B hop ups, like, almost all of them. Over 20 anyway
  8. I know an eBay member made an exact copy of the high speed gear 68t for the TT-01B but he has sold out and doesn’t know when he is making any more. If anyone has one they don’t use I would very much appreciate buying it from you and obviously cover all postage and packing etc. Thanks
  9. Nice build. What metal spur gear is that please ? Part number or any info would be much appreciated. I’m about to start mine soon, not a cheap build is it ha
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