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  1. hey .. place a topic a couple days ago looking for a williams fw07 body set or pieces ,no reply sadly , I am new to forum maybe that's why !! .. I sell on eBay mostly MotoGP stuff and F1 clothes , although also quite a bit of tamiya stuff as it's a bid hobby for me , so if anyone can help that would be great , even a lexan body would be ok for starter. cheers ..look forward to many years on forum with you cats! woodgranprix on eBay
  2. hello everyone .. looking for any of the vintage hard F1bodys , condition not important , but of course body sets in box is always nice..... woodgranprix on eBay ,if you see anything and want to trade . thanks Joe
  3. hey looking for fw07 body ,just wondering if you have ..thanks
  4. hey ..looking for williams fw07 body set or parts
  5. Hey ..new to club , looking for Williams fw07 body set thanks woodgp
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