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  1. Take it you aren’t in the U.K.? I’ve been trying to get hold of a Monster Beetle but they are out of stock everywhere in the U.K.
  2. I haven’t soldered since high school 20 years ago. I’m going to order an iron and give it a go because as you say it’s going to happen again. Thanks for all the comments.
  3. Hi guys, as per the title. Is this just a case of buying a soldering iron. Or is this a perfect opportunity to upgrade the motor 😂
  4. Absolutely loved this build. Not as detailed as almost all of the other posted on this thread but it’s going to be used!
  5. There is hardly anything available at the minute.
  6. No doesn’t have to be 4wd, key thing is I want something that drives more grown up than the Hornet. Thanks for all the suggestions so far
  7. Modelsport says they won’t have stock until the end of July!
  8. Thanks, I never considered a Terra Scorcher. I will add to the list.
  9. Thanks for the advice! Let’s see what comes back in stock this month, that will probably make my mind up.
  10. I currently have a Hornet, Lunchbox and ‘98 Escort and I’m starting to look what to buy next. Obviously there is nothing you can buy in the U.K. at the moment due to the complete lack of stock. I really want a decent spec Tamiya buggy to drive and not just be a shelf queen, what is the Dark Impact like? When I say decent spec something sitting above a TT-02 chassis and costing around £200 for the kit. I’ve also always wanted a Monster Beetle just for nostalgia purposes but the gearbox issues put me off.
  11. To add to the Lunchbox I have also bought the ‘98 Escort. I am really enjoying building them.
  12. I am just about to start building a Lunch box!
  13. I love the way the rear bounces uncontrollably over bumps.
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