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  1. ...I was forgetting: I tried it with two battery packs, fully charged, and two radio sets (transmitter and receiver), A 8 channels and a 4 channels. I have also tried it with and without connection to the receivers and with and without connection to the MF-03. The result was always the two blinking red light...
  2. Hi all, I am new to this forum. I am Italian and I have built a few 1/16 Tamiya tanks in the last year (M1, Leo2, Sheridan). Now I am building a Pershing, but I have a problem with the T-06 unit: when connected to the other pieces of equipment, as for page 21 of the manual, and switch on it, its two lights (Drive Indicators) blinks red. When I push the set button, starting the sequence to program the radio on page 22, the two lights continue to blink red. I have reset the T-06 several times, using the procedures described on page 15 of the Operation Manual: pressing the set button, switching on the T-06 and waiting for 20 seconds: the two lights turn green, but as soon as I switch them off and the on again to restart the procedure to program the radio, they blink red again. The MF unit works: I tested it as for page 15 of the Operation Manual. I sent back the T-06 the the shop owner I bought the model from (it is under warranty), and I bought another T-06 from another shop (after four months lost waiting for a replacement fro, the first shop!): the second T-06 is new too, but has the same problem as the first! How is it possible ? Two faulty T-06 in a row are statistically very improbable. I am missing something ? Thank you very much for any help ! ciao Mauro
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