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  1. What are the main differences between the Nissan King Cab and the Toyota Hi-Lux Monster Racer? (Aside from the body and tires:)
  2. Tamiya Club USA members~ Are any of you in or near Southern Connecticut?
  3. Thank you! I will follow up by direct mail.
  4. Hi All, I am looking for the paper labels that came with parts bags. Please see the attached visuals for an example. Any model and condition is ok but preferably intact paper. I don’t need the plastic bag or parts, empty bags are ok if they are still attached. Any ideas where to look? Thanks!
  5. Thank you! Measure the length of the shocks is what I needed to know.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this question... Can someone suggest damper replacements for a vintage Fox? Thanks!
  7. I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this question... Can someone suggest damper replacements for a vintage Fox? Thanks!
  8. I’ve been having fun taking the car apart and rebuilding it. Is there a good place to find out market value for ‘80s motors (and parts) other than eBay/auction site listings? Unrelated to the origin of this thread, I’ve also been looking through the web archives for information about the Celica Gr.B and I mostly come up with people talking about its twin Porsche 959.
  9. Hi Everyone, Can anyone recommend modern rims and tires for the 1987 Toyota Celica Gr.B Rally Special (Porsche 959)? Thanks~
  10. That’s helpful! Yes I wouldn’t want to run too much power for what the cars were designed for. Both the Technipower and Technigold still seem to work. Is there any reason not to use these motors that powered the cars?
  11. Thank you! This also is helpful to know about what the battery upgrade does.
  12. I think I will upgrade to a modern esc speed controller on both of them. Maybe the Hobby Wing QuicRun WP 1060 60A or QuicRun 1080 Brushed Waterproof 80A. Do you suggest one over the other, or another esc speed controller for this? Thank you for the motor suggestion! I see the Tamiya RS-540 Torque-Tuned Motor 54358 Thank You!
  13. Hi Everyone, I’m new to this group and this is my first post. Can you suggest or point me in the direction of a modern motor for my two 1980’s cars? I have a 1985 Fox that I’m looking to drive over moderate terrain at less than top speeds. I also have a 1986 Toyota Celica Gr.B 4 rally car that I am looking to mostly test drive on carpet/gym floor terrain. Both are getting new 7.2v NiMH batteries and lubricants etc. I have 540 Technigold and Technipower brushed motors from their time but I’m thinking of keeping these offline. I built and enjoyed these and a few other Tamiya cars between 1985-‘90 and then set them down until now 2021. The Fox was well enjoyed and taken care of. The Celica was only used once before a rear wheel part broke. I’ve recently found the parts to fix it, but back then it seemed harder to get and my Fox was more forgiving to run. Thanks! PS. I am loving catching up on the last 30 years of Tamiya RC. I recently did my first build since then with my son on a Grasshopper 2.
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