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  1. The "runner" is on the left. The MK3 supra body will go on the ReRe TA02 and I will call that the "MK3". The mostly done, previous started carbon chassis will be called the "shelf queen". A few more parts came in, so I worked on the runner chassis getting that together after a washing. I am still waiting for a few more hop up parts to come in then I will move the front and rear gearboxes from the original TA02W chassis over. I am also waiting for a few more parts to finish the collection for the MK3 FRP chassis plates. The front and rear FRP suspension and rear sway bar will go on the original gearboxes on the runner chassis below. I also ordered a bunch of other black aluminum parts to go on the shelf queen chassis, removing the blue aluminum parts, which will go on the runner. The parts for each chassis with them. The parts so far (a couple from before too).
  2. My goals are now to finish up the garage (shelf) queen chassis completely with the new Castrol mk4 supra body as OEM + as possible. The FRP plates I have left over (from the carbon plate hop up) I am compiling the parts needed to complete that chassis so I can swap the original tub chassis to it. I also picked up a FRP chassis upgrade from Han's on the facebook group. I will hold onto that one to then install on the new TA02 opel chassis and fit that with my MK3 supra ABC body and match my mk3 supra as close as possible. Below is the current status of the FRP left over plates parts collection and build start. I think I will put the vintage tamiya sticker on the bottom of one of the FRP chassis.
  3. Thanks a ton for that list!! Posts as epic as this one gets me too excited about driving them again.
  4. My first kit was a Christmas present from my parents when it came out, a Marui Big Bear. I then saved up for a Coors Melling Ford Thunderbird and drove that for street use and ended up racing it a bit for fun. I then picked up a RC10, modded it a bunch and raced that a lot. Once I was driving, RC cars collected dust. Somehow I heard about the Tamiya Tom's Supra from 2000 and since I was a serious Toyota guy, I ordered it and when It came it I swapped in the novak speed controller and the motor out of my RC10. She was a blast but only busted it out every once in a while. A video a buddy took and I edited of it back in 2005 In 2005 I was spending a lot of time at my Mom's. My father passed away years ago and I was the only child to care for her (brain cancer). I needed something to do when she was napping and I ended up going a bit nuts buying every TA02/TA01/TA03 (and more) parts I could find online here and in Japan. I do love rare items and a few highlights are the carbon front and rear cross shock towers with sway bars match up nicely with the hop-up carbon chassis. I also picked up cross beefy control arms and TRF shocks. I know I have some repetitive items, but I was grabbing anything I could since I wanted a beater and garage queen (to display in my real garage). While this photo was not of the last progress, it is all I had taken near the end. My mother passed and this and all the extra parts went back into boxes and this project was done. Fast forward to now. I have a family and two great kids. My daughter and My son love (RC) cars. Two weekends ago I went back to my mom's house (I own it and rent it, but the attic is still my storage space) to get a few real car parts out of the attic. I dragged my kids up there and while they did NOT want to go up to an attic, they were both going nuts with the stuff up there. My 5YO son refers to it as the attic toy store, haha. So I figured with spring on the way, their love of RC cars, it was time to bring these home and finish the serious chassis and mod up the stockish chassis. The stockish chassis in the video. Still ran great and even the batteries were good once charged. Although I did hit a rock in the road which tossed it into the curb and now one of the steering posts (built into the tub) has a crack and is a bit too unpredictable. The chassis project, yes dusty. The bodies for them: The old body and one I am going to sell (wont fit the W chassis) I did clean them! I grabbed this back in the day since I really was close to picking up a GS for a daily. I gave it to my son once we got home and he loves it. Daddy's attic toy store: I grabbed these while there (to sell with a large die cast listing I am doing for a "not PC friendly" buddy): I'll update as progress happens to either. I have my eye on a couple of usedTA02s, but now that tamiya is re-releasing #47461 Opel Calibra V6 (and I can find it for ~$170) who knows.
  5. Love this car, very well done!!! From a huge Toyota AND TA02 guy, Dan
  6. I am interested in the whole lot if still for sale. I know I am new here, but am a long time TA02 guy getting back into it. FWIW, I am in NY USA.
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