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  1. Great advice right there! Thank you. I noticed the Iconic RC rules did not mention the TT02 but thought that given the TT01 is EOL and almost every other chassis is listed, I thought that it was an omission in the rules. It does seem odd to me that the TT02 chassis is not permitted given the TT01 is not manufactured anymore. I’ll get a TT01E ordered and the hop ups you mention. It looks as though the only kit in stock in the U.K. is the Merc 190 so that’s what it’ll be! Transponders - I’m looking at a MyLaps RC4 Pro, I assume this is ok? Back in my day these were made available by race control.
  2. I am wishing to enter the 2021 Iconic RC series in the U.K. Whilst I have read the rules and have a fairly standard TT02, I would like to know if any of the model shops who sponsor this forum or who are close to this series and could give me a good steer on the best parts to purchase that will enable me to be competitive. E.g. motors, rules state 13.5t but what is the best bet here etc I have been out of the hobby since 1996 when I raced competitively in the Tamiya Eurocup series, so some advice on Motors, ESCs and transponders would be so helpful. What I want to avoid is turning up to a race day with a car that is illegal or is way out paced because I have (innocently) selected the wrong components. Thanks, David
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