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  1. Hi Berman,thanks for your reply,most helpful.I tried what you said and it worked a treat.first time I've seen it flashing in ten years. Regards,Bob
  2. hi there,does anybody have any ideas how the rotating beacon on tamiya Leopard 2 works.Ive plugged it into the correct socket and powered it up but no flashing light.I haven't connected the front and rear lights up,too much for me plus the fibre kept breaking even when warmed up a bit. So,if anyone's got the solution to my little problem I'd be much obliged if they could pass it on. thanks in advance,Bob.
  3. a new member asking if anyone has two unwanted parts so I can complete my Leopard 2. the parts are..Q26 x 1 exhaust outlet D10 x1 turret rotating Beacon holder thanks in advance for any help.i also have a small amount of spares for exchange for leopard 1& 2, sherman and the original King tiger.the sherwani is the computer controlled version in good working order complete with instructions also the king tiger is working comes with 2 channel controller if anyone interested.
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