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  1. So I tried that last night, checked the Tx in the monitor screen, and it made no difference. The LEDs are illuminated all the time. I even tried plugging them directly into the Rx, same result. I think I am going to need a cheapie switch. The various plugs on the controller board for the lights are all different frequencies of flashing (as I said it's for a plane with red and green marker lights etc) none of them actually have a switched 'on' or 'off'. I thought setting the Tx switch to either 'gear' or 'on and off' would do the trick but I guess there is always some voltage at the Rx socket and this is enough to light the LEDs (I'm not an electronic engineer!).
  2. I haven’t yet, I will have another tinker this weekend.. You mean assign a switch to gear on the Tx and then plug the lights into the ‘gear’ channel on the Rex?
  3. TBH I'm not sure what the receiver is - the Spektrum bound to it with no issues. It's brand new. I came into a load of RC plane stuff which is how I got the Tx and the light kit. I assigned aux1 channel to the switch, and in the monitor screen the switch does change outputs, so I'm not sure what the issue is.
  4. D'oh! I had the gearbox apart last weekend (without the instructions, obviously...) when I was fitting the ball races and when I screwed the wheelie bar back on I thought "well clearly the open section faces down....." Cheers for that I'll turn it over. Yeah I know it's bumpsteer city on compression, I may give it a bit more toe in on the RHS (it pulls right on uneven ground). But even at a standstill on the flat if you give it full right lock and release the stick it doesn't centre all the way, which makes me think the servo is a bit weak (it's a Carson one that came as part of the bundle). The trouble is the servo saver doesn't sit on the servo in a central position because of the splines; it's either one to the left or the right. I re-centred the servo and put a load of left trim on it and it is better (like I say on the flat it tracks straight). But yeah, all part of the fun! I probably won't spend a load on it, I know Amrpo do a load of suspension upgrades but I'll probably just get the rear axle locater part.
  5. Hi there, first post so be gentle! Just getting back into RC after a long absence, after getting a Hornet one Xmas and taking it racing at the local club. My brother bought me my Lunchbox a couple of years ago. I built it and ran it a couple of times without painting the body. Last weekend I finally painted it, fitted some LEDs for the headlights and installed a set of ball races. Other than that it's standard at the moment, running 3300 nicads which last forever with the stock motor. I want to add proper shocks, and will probably do the centre steering servo mod as the steering is awful at the moment, slow and not centring properly. Running on the flat it runs straight, but introduce some bumps and bounce and it starts pulling right. I suspect the bundle Carson servo is not really up to the job, I have a couple of new Futaba ones laying around so I try will one of those. I also want to get a 'basher' lexan body and keep the kit one for when it's on the shelf. I also want to get a warmer motor as the stock silver can won't wheelie from a standstill and is a bit gutless. I will stick with the stock ESC for now. Tx is a Spektrum DX6 with the throttle set to self centring, but no matter what I do I can't get the headlights to turn on and off from the Aux channel: the always stay on as soon as the car is turned on. I have tried programming the C switch several different ways. Colour is Tamiya TS34 Camel Yellow, over Halfords white Acrylic Primer and covered in Halfords Clear Lacquer once the decals were in place. I realised when I was putting them on that it's called the Lunchbox because Vanessa does lunch deliveries in it. As Wayne Campbell (one for the teenagers to look up) might say: "so it's not just a clever name....."
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