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  1. my roomate just found these, kinda small but cool! vintage and silk, fancy pantsy! https://www.etsy.com/listing/732465617/vintage-miniature-silk-flag-party-picks?fbclid=IwAR0x2wuz0NaSsKdIqLX54iXNz2f6CHZ_E_BoU7MwpxdRVHvxq7SYLqovJnw
  2. sticker was close but i really wanted it to be wavy and loose. the iron on is a thing to look at though. thanks!
  3. i got a 66 ford F100 pro line body for a blackfoot and it fits and looks great. Problem is it has two molded semi circles on the bed for the body posts of a traxxas something or other. I had the idea to put flags poles on em and i am excited about it, but i cant find any flags (american? japanese or tamiya? a jolly roger? a ford flag?) that are smaller than 6"x4" (15x10 cm). really half that big or about. Any suggestion? thanks for the look.
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