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  1. Thanks for the tip. I plan to let my 3yr old son use it, so I’m keen to get a new body! I’m currently looking at either an escort mk1 or this F40 body from l&l models, which I believe will fit? https://landlmodels.co.uk/products/f40?_pos=1&_sid=bb25f0591&_ss=r
  2. Looks lovely - the wheels are 👌 It is definitely an iconic car, one I lusted after as a child, along with the Integrale. I’m not an experienced rc user, are modern/other tamiya model parts compatible with the chassis?
  3. Thanks for the tip 👍. Yes, I’m based in the UK. Have a great weekend
  4. Thank you. I rarely use ebay and didn’t realise you could include sold items in a search! Based on the price, I think I’ll keep it as a project for my son and I. After 20+yrs of absence, I’m learning again... are parts readily available for the chassis and can you recommend any good/reliable retailers? Thanks again
  5. Thanks for the comment. I’d say both the chassis and body are in good condition. It’s currently at my parents, so I have limited pics - these are the ones I have.
  6. Happy weekend - Hope everyone is well. I’m hoping someone may be able to offer me some advice? Im new to this forum, so please be gentle! I have a 58113 BMW M3 Schnitzer, which I built as a child in 1992. It is complete with all original/no replaced parts (I loved it as a child!). I have the manual and the box is in very good condition - it still has the Beatties shop price sticker on it. Whilst I love the car, I’m trying to understand if it has any value? I’ve seen unbuilt ones can go for a good price, but I’m struggling to see what a built one goes for. Is anyone able to advise on a rough value? I have a young son who is into r/c cars and I’m contemplating selling it and starting a new Tamiya journey with him. Many thanks for any help you can provide
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