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  1. Getting there slowly, it was more broken that I thought it was, so far 1) Full Ballrace kit fitted, thrust washers replaced with 1150 bearings, all the plastic bearings replaced and the gearbox output shafts now have an 850 & 1150 bearing in each one 2) Front and rear suspension arms replaced 3) Rear LHS gearbox case replaced 4) Tamiya ESC TBLE-02 fitted with Torque Tuned motor 5) rear shocks cleaned and new oil fitted, and when I took them apart I noticed whom ever built it hadnt built the rear damper pistons the same, one side had a 1 hole oil control valve and the other side had a two hole oil control valve, so I have sorted those out so they are both the same and put new 500 weight oil in. 6) Re Re body painted and have MCI sticker set ready to go on Before I can finish the build I need New Pinion ( on order ) I need a B parts tree as I need the B10 part for the front shock mount, and a new bumper, but cant find one on ebay, but Modelsport are showing as hopefully having stock on May 11th so fingers crossed. Also the front gearbox casing has cracked around some of the screw holes, I didnt notice this until I had put it all back together, so need new front gearbox cases as well now. Looking good so far I think
  2. Thought I would add my own experience Order a set of MCI Stickers on 20th April, arrived today. I'm rebuilding a Boomerang and wanted a new body and stickers as the one it came with whilst serviceable is a bit tired. Stickers look OK to me the blue is a slightly lighter shade the the original ones on the body that the car came with, but that also maybe the colour has changed on the body I have over the years. For the price I paid I am very happy, especially as the prices on ebay for orginal / re-re genuine Tamiya decals are ****htening, There is one set on there now with a price of £90 and there was no way I was paying that Pic below
  3. I have started to take the Boomerang apart, I don't think it had a huge amount of use, but it does seem to have taken a sizeable knock to the front left hand side. Un surprisingly ( based on my experience with my own orginal car ) the front bumper is cracked at the mounts where it screws onto the chassis / gearbox. The crack hasnt gone completely through the mounting hole, but I suspect it will do if I run the car with that bumper on it. Question - Does anybody know of any aftermarket bumpers, maybe one in a more modern style, that doesn't go across the full width of the car ? If I am gonna replace it I might as well get something that I can easily replace if it breaks again rather than trying to find an original or Re-Re bumper from somewhere and then have it break again in the same spot as I seem to recall they are prone to.
  4. Hi, long term lurker first time poster Various lockdown induced boredom saw me thinking back to the Boomerang that I had and used to race at the local buggy club when I was a teenager, my original car is long gone, despite an extensive trawl of my parents loft / house I cant find it. I bought myself the TT-02 based Quattro a while ago and found that really made me want to get a Boomerang again. I bagged myself an original Boomerang from Ebay which arrived yesterday, needs a few bits and pieces ( mostly suspension ) to get it running again, I took the Futaba Attack R transmitter it came with apart and manged to get that to work again, and the Boomerang does run and the electronics all work. My plan is to restore it to running condition, I have a bearing kit on the way for it, and I am going to take the MSC out and fit an ESC, but keep the Vintage Futaba transmitter to run it with. My friend also mentioned he had a Truck in his loft that didnt run, he fished it out and I spent an afternoon going over it and got it running again, after re-solderiing the yellow motor wire back onto the MSC as it had come off, I have done a light restoration on that, mostly taking it apart cleaning and re-greasing the gearbox and fitting a ballrace kit to it, just needs some new tyres as the original ones are perished and split. Pick below of all 3 cars together, looking forward to getting the Boomerang rebuild completed
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