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  1. Thanks! The Rock Socker body has been an easy fit. Forgot to mention the ratio: If a 17T motor pinion is used the gearbox ratio is 1:3,64. A 15T motor pinion gives you a 1:4,13 ratio compared to a directly attached motor. Means you get about 12km/h of speed using a 17T Motor pinion, a 19T "secondary" pinion and 130mm diameter wheels. (silvercan)
  2. I know it is somehow stupid to do this with a TL-01... but I don't care as it has been great fun and the result is nice trail car to go around the woods. It can also be used for other projects like trucks, forklifts... whatever you want to run slow on a TL-01 or it's cheap clones. Everything is designed to even work on the worst 3D printery you can imagine as there is only one part that requires support (as far I remember).
  3. I had already uploaded this design as STL on Prusaprinters a while ago, but I think it might be interesting at this point as well. It all started when Timo had the idea to convert a TL01 with long shocks for some kind of trail vehicle, but the vehicle went way too fast with big tires. At that time I had bought a bunch of TL01 chassis (probably clones) and started to think about how to realize this. Since there is very little space between the wheels and the engine for a planetary gearbox for example, I had to come up with something else. First I looked at Tamiya for suitable gears, but then I found them at WL Toys. The great thing about these gears is that you can attach them to a 5mm shaft with a grub screw and they are available in metal and plastic. The motor then had to be moved to another location, not good for the center of gravity but unfortunately no other way to do it. So the design could start, took forever but by now the transmission has run many miles and has so much torque that our neighbors boy managed to tear off three of four dog bones at once. I then installed the reinforced dog bones and they hold.
  4. Is there any recent dual motor kit ? Just know about the clod. Had a Carson Esc in the box of a TT01 I bought recently. Anything that is able to handle Lipo batteries is highly welcome.
  5. Did a full battery ride yesterday and tried to set up the slipper. It's hard to hear it when it slipping or not but I managed to set up for almost no wheelies and good acceleration so I think I will keep it like this. Worst case I will need to get new slipper pads soon 🤪 Don't see a reason to go for brushless, the superstock motor is more than enough and offers great throttle control.
  6. I have adjusted according the Td4 slipper manual. Does not seem to slip at all so it might be too firm. Honestly I have almost no experience with slippers so this is something that I need to work on for the next ride.
  7. Used a Hobbywing 1060, Superstock TZ, 25T Pinion yesterday. Changed the Pinion to 21T in the evening and also added a Capacitor-Pack to the ESC. This ESC is known to have issues with low battery Mode, the Caps are a fix for that. result: today no low battery shutdown any more. Not sure it's because of the Caps, or the pinion... The battery recharged only 2400mA of 4000 and ist doing fine in every other ride. It's reacting way nicer with the smaller pinion. What a great fun ✌️ Will change down to 20 this evening because now it's doing Wheelies now and is still pretty fast 🤪. Does it do Wheelies with the 3000kV Brushless too? What pinion did you use on the brushless setup?
  8. 🤣.... Did the same mistake... Had one single 48dp Pinion around, but too large. First I had a M0.6 pinion installed... Lucky enough I have double checked everything before doing first test and replaced with the proper Module. At my testride today everything worked brillant, but the ESC switched to half power after a minute. Not sure if caused by the battery (had a short run using the same battery with my XV-01 before) or overcurrent protection or a damaged motor. Already ordered a set ranging from 20 to 23T so I will gear down now and see if it's better tomorrow. For me it's really special to have this truck back on the track again. It's a great runner.
  9. Yes, I have used a Super Stock BZ as this one has been arround. . Did not want to go brushless on this old lady but still have some power. Hope I got the gearing right but after a testride we know more. Maybe I will replace with something older or a GT Tuned but for now it should work
  10. Thanks again for designing and sharing this beautiful solution. Now my Kingcab is better than new and waiting for dry weather for a testride.
  11. Thanks for the quick answer. Need to look I have those around or order them if I can't find them. Maybe you can add them to the BOM in the manual?
  12. So I got everything together now and started to assemble. I have a really bad axial play on the diff inside the printed housing as I can move the diff 1mm left and right. The 1510 bearings are 4mm in size as they shoud be. Did you also experience this and what did you do to shim it? Or can I just ignore it? Many thanks!
  13. Thanks, good to know about the materials. I'm not so familiar with Shapeways... usually I print on my own on a small Prusa but this is a special truck so it deserves good quality parts. Ordered everything needed yesterday and will let you know how everything goes together. br David
  14. Congratulation for great design and the perfect instructions. is PA12 the material you recommend to get from Shapeways. Now you have me where you want me to be ;-) , my bank account is already crying big tears. Will place an order for the parts soon, only thing I'm not able to find in Germany/Austria is the N-Parts tree and the Gear Cover. Should be not too complicate to design and print on an FDM Printer but would be easier with the genuine parts. Any Idea where to source those? many thanks
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