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  1. Finally it is done: my Saint Dragon got a new gearbox and a full service. Might never run it... but it is good to know I could ;-) Somehow the original dogbones have been to short, so I needed to use some longer ones. The 71mm of the DF-01 Chassis felt a little to long, so I ended using the 68mm version that is available for the DB-01. I wanted to figure out why the original dogbones worked on the King Cab and did not work on this one but there are so many active projects at the moment so I did not find the time.
  2. Wow, that's an impressive restoration queue. Hundreds of great model building hours are waiting for you. Hard to tell what is the best to start with. Hopper and Frog are pretty simple to rebuild and also great fun to run. Personally I would start with the bruiser while sourcing parts for the others.
  3. That's good news. Won't buy the car but I really "need" some red CVAs. So there might be a chance to get the shock parts as spare parts then.
  4. Fits perfectly, just needed some shims as I did not have the correct spacer that comes with the TD4. But a part I haven't used with my BBX did the job after some trimming and shims. As you mentioned: no need have the slipper adjustment cover. I've started designing a simple cover yesterday as it is sold out everywhere. Put it on the 3D printer... and it turned out I did it mirrored 🤣. So I need to do it again this evening. Your design is ways better, but I designed to print on a Prusa FDM printer so It might be okay.
  5. I've always felt, the Sand Scorcher might be a great kit to build and make it scale looking Baja Bug. But somehow I keep spending my money for something different as it is a pricy kit compared to how it performs and considering the age of the chassis design. Sometimes I've seen some vintage ones at a reasonable price... but each time I decided to get in contact with the seller the deal has already been gone. So maybe one day I might get it.... or not.
  6. St. Spears and I were in Laupheim at the Tamico Cup and happened to talk about the King Cab and how cool it would be to race it here. I told him that I had installed a special transmission that a smart guy in Germany had designed. He said: hey, that guy is me. Very funny coincidence. We had not known each other before and it was great to meet so great and interesting people with the same Tamiya passion at this race. Will return to race there next year for sure. I then told him about my old Saint Dragon (Madcap chassis) and that it actually felt too expensive for me to buy the transmission (especially the Tamiya parts) for the Madcap chassis and that I was thinking about using the parts left over from building the BBX for it somehow or selling the car again. He then told me that he had a set of 3D printed parts left over that he sold me the next day. So my Saint Dragon was back on the workbench. Unfortunately, it turned out that the shaft of the Spur Gear (non-Slipper) from the BBX is too short and therefore does not fit on the gearbox. So, I thought about which parts could still fit and how to get them cheaply. So, I came back to the TD4 and the thought that there will be people out there who had the Slipper and Gear Diff installed and have the standard TD4 parts left. So I started a wanted ad here on Tamiyaclub. Didn't take long until user @toyolien answered me and I was able to buy a TD4 ball diff, standard shaft and spur gear for a good price. So I could build a great gearbox for my Saint Dragon. The car is not finished yet, but I wanted to show you that you can build the gearbox with the TD4 standard parts if you have them left or can buy from somebody who did hopup his TD4/TD2. Many thanks to @toyolien and @Sgt.Speirs for making it possible to restore this vintage ride. Will come back with pictures as soon it is totally done.
  7. This looks perfect! Should be easy to find something that works as a spacer. Will send you PM after I'm back from hiking with the kids.
  8. Hi guys, I wonder if there is someone here who has equipped his TD4 or TD4 (Astute 2022 or Super Avante) with a slipper clutch and therefore has the original main gear including axle, holders and spacer holders left and would give them to me at a fair price. It would be especially great if someone could be found who also has one of the (ball) diffs left (e.g. because it has been converted to a steel diff). The differential from the TA06 or XV01 would also fit. Usually these parts lie if not used forever in the box, and are never needed again. Therefore I thought: ask costs nothing. Background: I am currently working on the restoration of an old Saint Dragon (Tamiya 58083) and would like to use these parts to build a new transmission for it. I already have the 3D printed parts for the new gearbox, but the slipper clutch and also the TA-06 steel differential is quite expensive in total, so it would be cool if someone could support me with some unused parts (against payment of course). I life in Austria so would be great to find someone from Europe who can help me with parts many thanks!
  9. That's a Chevy 39 made from ABS (deep-drawn like the Lexan bodies) on a TL-01 with extra long hex Hubs. A guy from german does make them and sells them on a german trading Page. Thanks, i am enjoying my display wall every day.
  10. Cool thread. Do not have a recent picture of the whole fleet and it still keeps growing and improvingfast. Should take out all of them again to do a group shot (but maybe when my wife is out of town ).
  11. On the far right is the original... It fits, all others are either too long with too much diameter or the arm is too close to the servo. Tried now: Kimbrough small and medium, Sakura, an aluminum China servo saver.... This is the only one where the arm is far enough away from the servo, but too long and too narrow to shorten and drill new holes.... Give up now soon, something suitable must be to find yet
  12. No, haven't swapped so far but planed to do this. But my problem is, the the servo saver that has been recomended here did not fit at all (too long, too large diameter) so I wonder which Kimbrough servo saver might fit and has been used by others so I can order it.
  13. I would really appreciate if someone could post a picture of the arrangement with a Kimbrough Servo Saver in a Biltzer. Tried to replace the old Servo with a SPT brand servo (which I really like for price/speed ratio) but they also have some weird offset compared to standard servos. Haven't tried to place the Kimbrough KP-201 (medium size Servo Saver) on the old Servo as the servo saver seems to be too long and to bind at some spots anyway.... so I'm wondering if it would work with the small type of Kimbrough Servo Saver.
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