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  1. Just an update as for the progress on my Toyota Tom. I finally received all the airbrushing stuff and dove head first into the paint. I grabbed some old box and whipped up a few stencils and tried my hand at it. For my first time airbrushing, I am quite surprised at how my practice piece came out. Mind you, it is not all professional looking and I have some things to figure out before I start a new practice board, but after a few different colors, i think I got the jest of it.
  2. I purchased both the Toyota Tom 1/12 scale car and the Mach Gogogo from a company out of Japan on eBay. I paid way too much for them, but I a have the luxury these days to splurge and I have always wanted these two chassis since I learned of 1/12 scale racing. Long time ago. Anyways. I can vouch for the companies on eBay sellong from Japan as I had two good , but expensive experiences going this route. I should note though, I went this route as they were the only ones I could find anywhere for months.
  3. I researched swapping the 540 in place of the 380. From what I have gathered, the weight alone sometimes cancels out any benefit depending on the the model. In my case, the Toyota Tom with the revised single deck chassis. Some of you may have seen my build of the Toyota Tom 1/12 pan car on another channel here on Tamiya club. I was thinking of doing the 540 or even a brushless setup. After some research, I found that, well what I interpreted anyway, is that the car is faster/quicker with the 380 than the 540. I know the brushless would be quicker and probably much faster, but I am a newbie in the rc car model market as far as putting together a nice quality kit versus when I was a teen and I just gripped it and ripped it together so I could bash it as fast as possible. Now on the other hand, put the 540 and or the brushless setup in the hands of an experienced driver and I am almost positive the setup will be a winning combo.
  4. I received the pinion gear. If anyone swaps out a Tamiya 380 motor for a different motor, it may have a shorter shaft. This is what I found when I replaced the Tamiya 380 with the Traxxas Titan 380. The shaft is roughly .375" to .500" shorter. After some searching on the web, I was able to find this; https://www.corally.com/Pignons-Couronnes/Pignons-48DP/48DP-Long-Acier-3.17mm/Team-Corally-48-DP-Pinion-Long-Boss-Hardened-Steel-17-Teeth-3.17mm/ I installed it and it just fits. It has clearance but only a few thousandths of an inch. I had to file down the top of the set screw so it would not rub on motor mount, but other than that it works like a champ. Well contour the top of the screw is probably a more correct, and this was so the top of the set screw followed the outside diameter of the pinion gear shank. I have all the airbrush stuff except for the compressor. I bought the Patriot 105. I found a good deal on one of them California Air Tools light and quiet compressors for $95 with free shipping out of China. Just waiting for it to arrive and then i can start learning to airbrush.
  5. this was supposed to be up in my previous post, but anyways, this is the pads I would use.
  6. I would work your way all the way out to a Scotch Brite pad. The brown color pad. The paints and primers tend to work by a chemical reaction when being applied to plastics. With a Scotch Brite finish this will be more than enough surface disruption for adhesion. 400 grit? That might be too course, but you can try shooting the primer really wet. Make sure you see the primer flow before it flashes. If you don't get flow, might see the grains from sanding. If you shoot it wet enough, but not so wet that it runs, It might cover the sanding marks. Try a 75% overlap and if it runs, try 50% and so on until no runs. 75% should get good flow and hopefully no runs. The Lingo: Overlap: the amount you shoot over the previous stroke. If you shoot a 4 inch strip, 75% would be 3 inches over the previously shot area and 1" of non painted area. This might sound like a lot, but if you have a steady hand, it works out really good. Flow; If you watch the primer or paint you are shooting, you can literally witness the overlaps of primer and or paint merge together as they are being shot. Flash is when the chemicals in the paint and or primer evaporate after it has been shot and hopefully it is done flowing. You will literally see the wet look disappear. It usually starts from the outside edges and evaporates in a direction towards the middle. It wont be dry, but that is the effect. If you get any runs, you can use a razor blade to slice the run off or scrape the run off after it is dry. There are You tube videos on how to do this. Time consuming but totally not detectable if done right. Good luck and if it is done already, post some photos mate.
  7. Yeah. I totally understand. That what I do now.
  8. I like the Armma RC cars, but they are just way too fast. I am having a hard enough time now teaching them how to control and manage Traxxas Brushed cars. Honestly though, Even though I have grown up driving Tamiya, Traxxas has a great product and I live 20 minutes from a Traxxas only store. I mean it literally is just a store that sells only Traxxas. It is like a Traxxas Disneyland for adults and kids. I do wish Traxxas would make a few cars that were more designed around competition and or racing. Tamiya offers this, but I hope Traxxas will eventually.
  9. Ok, I think I am buying a couple more Traxxas then. Thanks. Just needed to make sure I wasn’t turning into a self indulged dad that never gave anything fun to his kids. Ok. LOL, the one younger one, 8 years old, is all over the XMAXX. Hmmmm, lol I don’t think so! That thing is over a grand. Was thinking another couple of the 2wd slash.
  10. I have four daughters who all want to drive RC cars. Well let’s be correct, bash RC cars. I have two Traxxas cars that get weekly parts replacements from two of my older daughters. I have meticulously assembled two older RC Tamiya kits. The Toyota Tom and the Mach GoGoGo. I am so at unease with letting my kids bash the Tamiyas. The Traxxas are awesome bashers no matter how broken they come back to me. I know the Tamiya RC model kits are designed to be used for exactly this, but I keep making up excuses why they can not drive them. I love working on them, just kills me to picture in my head broken suspension arms, bent hinge pins or a beautifully painted body just torn up. Should I just let my kids have at them?
  11. What ever happened? Which chassis kit did you go with for the truggy conversion. I was thinking of the TB chassis or just use the TRF racing buggy chassis
  12. LOL, thank you all once again. I been painting rc car bodies like this since my first one when I was a kid. I always liked being different with my painting. I am going to get me a airbrush and proper stencils and that thin-line tape for pinstriping. There's a PPG store close to me.
  13. My radio? >--- I love my radio! Its my third one. It goes everywhere my pillow goes and I only sleep on my pillow. LOL, our daughters laugh at me and my wife says its gross, but I love my pillow. I listen to AM talk radio about 6 hours a day. CCRadio is the best radio I have found for tuning in AM stations. I have tried many radios and always end up back with my trusty CCRadio. Very expensive for an AM Radio, but worth it. It does have FM, but I never use it for FM. I buy them from ccrane.com. They start out as a Sangean radio. CCrane goes through them and modifies the antenna so AM stations can really be tuned in precisely. Its just a darn good radio. Works on batteries too. I use batteries. Painting >--- I made a paper stencil real quick. It looked something like a flimsy French curve, but worked fine. Anything will work as long as the curves are not the same. The problem is I did not wait long enough between coats. Thus the paints just blead into each other. That is impressive, the little 1/64 car you painted. Here is that TA05 Body I was messing with. I hate the way the rear tail piece came out, but it is what it is. I will do better on my RM-01 Body.
  14. I kind of figured that before trying it, but I wanted to see. I watched a few more vids this morning and I quickly realized I was actually doing it wrong. Hindsight is 20/20. LOL The stencils look to be home made for most these artists, but they all use nice airbrushes. I am going to buy a compressor/airbrush combo I think. Also, patience! They all have this total kick back take your time attitude and it really is reflected in the finished product. I watched one guy purposely mess up real bad and then turned it into something really awesome.
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