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  1. Its my understanding from my experience with several X-car 120a, couple Trackstar Turbo 80, and a few X-Car 80a that the X-Car 120a is close to the 10bl120 and close to a xerun. Of the two PCB boards inside the upper is similar to the 10bl120 but with lesser model mosfets hense its lower rated max amp output and the lower PCB (where the firmware is updated and settings are stored) is a clone of the Version 2.1 Xerun and is able to use the Hobbywing LCD programmer as well as the Hobbyking USB programmer. I have both programmers and both work. You can replace the firmware with hobbyking xerun firmware unlocking Turbo and it kinda unlocks boost but without as many boost settings (as far as i remember). I have had good luck with all the ESCs i mentioned with zero failures and equally good luck with the Trackstar 13.5t (and a 7.5t + 9.5t but 13.5t is by far my fav) which... as was mentioned... is same as other maker's models... for example it is nearly identical to the Hacker Skalar 10 only difference is the Skalar 10 is a beautiful anodised purple vs trackstar red and imo the Skalar 10 is better quality but just as hard to grab one in the states as the hobbyking brushless stuff is. ...that said, the Hobbyking Turnigy XK motors are purple, (i like purple lol) handwound, factory motors and are maybe one of the best budget motors ive used, they just discontinued the last of the 3650 sensored XK motors but almost all the Turnigy XK motors they have left are currently IN Stock in the USA warehouse! The $25 5400KV 3650 is one hex of a beast motor... i mean its $25 (+ shipping) but u get handwound, Neodymium, in house made and factory inspected per build stage. No one will race my Drag'em slash anymore and it has a $35 Fire Pheonix XeRun 120a sensored ESC (another xerun clone with firmware compatibility with hobbywing) and a $25 XK motor! I mean seriously, $60 in running (+shipping) and no one will race it! Goooooo Bad ******* Budget Brushless Finishing Move! 🤣
  2. New products from Yeah Racing for TT-02.

    Sway Bar mount (to be used with 54514 xv01 stabilizer) found on Aliexpress for $5.36 & free shipping on orders over $10 or $1.99 shipping. Comes with front and rear parts.


  3. Rather a rare moment at Hobbyking...

    All the Handwound , Neodymium , Purple Turnigy XK motors are IN STOCK from the tiny 1222 - 11000kv to the 4074 - 2000kv. All are in stock right now in the U.S. warehouse! These motors are very inexpensive for what you get.

    Check it out:

    https://hobbyking.com/en_us/catalogsearch/result/?q=turnigy xk



  4. Looks good! I love Alex's design and so does everyone I showed it to! I built five TT-02 cars and just finished my first TT-02B. I had a very difficult time deciding if i should try to build it like Alex's or just build a buggy but decided why not just build BOTH. I think it's terrific Alex shared the shock mounts with you. Im jelous to be honest. I love the color details, it just looks fantastic!
  5. I was looking at the SCX10 Belt system on amazon and I believe the pinion could be swapped for other size pinions using the scx10 kit. My buddy has the SCX10 kit so i can check pitch, i will also be checking my RC10 kit but I am almost positive it has a finer pitch than this tt02 kit.
  6. 100% agreed! Just because its there gotta see whats up with it! Lol
  7. CRAP! I am very sorry! I am a certified webmaster and ancient A+ guru, appeared in magazines having built show machines for Alienware, and installed intranets in Dubai but I canNOT land a post in a proper forum topic to save my life! Im not being sarcastic, I am sorry!
  8. Omg, my thoughts EXACTLY!!!! LIMIT! Motor mounts exactly the same. I have a couple HyperDrive belt kits for my RC-10 cars, makes for a smoother drive system BUT those kits came with other pinion and spur options. It looks like the FDR of this kit would limit one to a pretty high turn motor and therefore maybe meant for 17.5t or 21.5t racing but would not be legal for use anyway. It was $8 shipped so i had to get one, see what its all about at least. No manual, but its a straight forward install. Here is the link for the one i got. https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256806092928016.html?spm=a2g0n.detail.1000014.1.67d36b9aPvTqCG&gps-id=platformRecommendH5&scm=1007.40000.326746.0&scm_id=1007.40000.326746.0&scm-url=1007.40000.326746.0&pvid=b9c02fb9-bc66-4844-ab41-7b4b98915a16&_t=gps-id:platformRecommendH5,scm-url:1007.40000.326746.0,pvid:b9c02fb9-bc66-4844-ab41-7b4b98915a16,tpp_buckets:668%232846%238109%23294&pdp_npi=4%40dis!USD!4.74!1.73!!!33.60!!%402101c59517037849483354449e13fa!12000036586279771!rec!US!!AB
  9. I saw this TT-02 Belt Drive kit on AliEpress. It is inexpensive, interesting or as Spock would call it "fascinating"! Soooooo, i ordered one! I have built five tt-02 cars using tips I have found on this forum which from my first build made them all better than they would have been from just using the manual. I have come up with a few things myself which I would like to share when time allows (like the motor air scoop accepts a 30mm fan and does very well to cool your motor when a fan is used ! Why Tamiya doesn't mention this is beyond me) ...more to come; but back to this belt thangy! It looks to be of fairly good quality and since I am currently building a rally tt-02 and my first TT-02B i will try it in one or the other and report back.
  10. First , i know this is an old post but Google is DATE BLIND! 🤣 (no i don't mean Google has beer goggles! i mean the day, month, & year!) Second THANK YOU for all your work and providing so much information!!!! I would like to try this. I have both versions of the JR PROPO BEAT2 Alpina Radios. The V2C-2SH and the V2C-2SHM. I definitely have three recievers, maybe 4. I have the two that came with each Tx and a spare i picked up from a friend, all have their proper crystals. I had only two of the servos that came with the kits but one has grown legs or committed suicide by jumping off a table sometime somewhere into infiniti and beyond, because I'm having trouble finding it and I know it wasn't stolen. I hope to find it soon. Anyway, if anyone thinks this would be a bad idea by way of modification of these kinda nice and rare radios please tell me I'm being foolish. I can take it! 😉
  11. I got stickers from https://www.rcdecals.co.uk/1-10-gt-liveries Looks to be the same seller. And the quality was just fantastic. Shipped very fast to the states. I wasnt happy with protoforms Ford Gt sticker selection and so wanted to find better/more! I also purchased the Michelin Tire stickers , wanted them to be accurate with the blue , white AND YELLOW! Very happy with my order!
  12. Aw man, the Kyosho Lost Surfer was calling my name! Oh well, ty for this post! I guess he is still....lost!
  13. A couple other builds. I couldn't upload all of them on the same reply post. First one is "Version 4 Cuatro Blanco" Second one is named "3rd da Turd" and is my third TT-02 build. Was supposed to be a scrap heap junker with little hope of being anything worth keeping! Has the smallest esc, a Trackstar Turbo 80a AND the slowest motor, a Trackstar 13.5t sensored. And the cheapest servo a JX low profile 4409mg! But somehow this car has stolen my heart as it's been a thrill to drive! It has a perfect balance of speed and power , it drifts well enough, i can even slap on some Tamiya rally tires and it will handle a little offroad action! Maybe its because its my only TT-02 with actual Sway Bars installed, all will have them soon enougb, but Turd got them first because Turd is the test dummy for all new parts! it was hit by a novice Dragster driver which cracked the chassis but after a little epoxy and black paint you wouldn't know it was ever hit! (The guy's drag slash had a cracked bulkhead, chassis, left front A-arm, left and right upper Turnbuckles, and his ESC melted when two wires were sliced by something and shorted! So well ya, the TT-02 is a pretty tough lil rc car! 🤣
  14. These are some of my TT-02 cars. The one with the 3rd one with the grey Tamiya adjustable upper arms is a nearly finished new build, unnamed as of yet. It has a Yeah Racing RWD Drift Steering upgrade but I made it work while keeping the car 4wd. Took some trail and error and a modification to the inner upper arm support , but it turned out good I think. It has 4850kv purple Turnigy XK motor and 120a Turbo Boosted esc with independent gyro. 2nd one was my first TT-02 and was a present from my wife (ya, she's a keeper for sure! 😉 ). I nic named it "Version 1 The Red One". Has 160A Pro Turbo Boosted esc with 8.5t Pro modified motor. Brushless Servo. Independent Gyro. Its a show pony, shelf queen. 1st one is "Version 2 Blu" with 6.5t motor and 120a Turbo Boosted esc. Gryo integrated in receiver. It was my speed run car until i started another build using a TA04 with a sensored 3650 Turnigy XK 10500kv beast of a motor! It will be powered by a OMG 160 Sensored Turbo esc. Should break 100mph easily.
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