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  1. I am hoping to achieve something similar with an old nikko f150 I've just picked up, looks like it has the same wheels but with the longer body, didn't realise these were actually so huge! Inspired by the model grade modded nikko videos on YouTube. The f150 as standard is even slower than i expected, iv got 2 nikko storms that are pretty nippy and they're still both standard and look like they run on a smaller motor. I had visions of upgrading them but decided to opt for the bigger truck because it seemed more worthwhile upgrading. The video I've seen of it with model grade gear in looks amazing and 10x more powerful! May i ask if you have any tips for these models? Aiming to for 550 motor, pinion, model grade radio gear, esc or manual sc, strong steering servo to sort the flappy wheels. Any insight would be much appreciated 👍
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