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  1. Hi @Kpowell911. Top work on your build - I have my 45th Anniversary still to build, and am keeping my promise to myself of finishing my current WIP builds before I crack the seal on it! Anyway...I bought MST 501s for my Vaillant build and MST LM Style wheels for my GT1 build - I got them from here (click here). Looks like there are some in stock at the moment if that helps. EDIT: scratch that...looks like only the whites are in stock. D'oh!
  2. Don't know about the veracity of this information...but I saw on Tamiyablog today a piece about there being rumours of a new production batch of the 2013 Egress in Spring of 2024... Couldn't see anything about this anywhere else on t'interweb, so have not been able to corroborate. The wording from the piece simply seems to be the press release for the original 2013 Egress?
  3. Thanks for the compliment! I've just measured the tray for you and the measurements are 22mm x 48mm x 137mm. I'd take 1mm off all those figures to ensure you've got enough room in each dimension. An Overlander 7.2v 3300mAh NiMH (i.e. 6 cell, no hump) battery fits fine, although from what you say it sounds like your battery is larger than one of those?
  4. Sorry, you are completely correct. My mistake and I should know better really! 🫣
  5. As @ThunderDragonCy says, getting hold of a TA02 SW chassis is the way to get a 4WD GT2. The wheelbase is 6mm too long for the body, but can be shortened as per the below guide: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=129718&id=9813 The Lancia 037 kit is your best starting point, as it has the correct rear arms to fit the GT2 body.
  6. Oh my, that's a good looking car! Top work - looking sharp. 😎
  7. The mention of Corsa Grey sparked a memory, as I recalled having seen @Juhunio's 934 Baby Blue build which used that colour: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=136156&id=52876 Not sure it's necessarily the flat grey that you're after, @IXLR8. That said, perhaps backing it with an appropriate colour might achieve the desired result?
  8. Am a bit late to this, but Happy Birthday @Busdriver! Your input on my Lancia 037 build was most helpful indeed, and is a prime example of the sort of support and camaraderie that you're talking about. Will crack open a cold one tonight in your honour.
  9. Here you go my friend. Not even built mine yet, but dug the manual out of the box and scanned the two relevant pages for you. Glad to be able to help!
  10. Yes I do still have my first: an original Mud Blaster. That said, I've retired the original shell and treated the whole thing to a full resto-mod. Takes pride of place on my study shelf where I get to see it every day. ☺️
  11. Hi mate. No, I'm afraid not. Did have a scammer contact me to try and sell me some 🙄, but alas no genuine leads. I guess the answer is to have a contact in Germany who can send some over.
  12. I saw that Lewis Hamilton was out and about in the team garage and pitlane at the Japanese GP this weekend with a Lunchbox: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=139113&id=35400 Might help bring the world of Tamiya to a younger generation??
  13. I too have been approached via PM by this person in the past week...
  14. Thanks for confirming - that's what I had taken from the previous posts, so it's good to know I hadn't gotten the wrong end of the stick! As an aside, this evening I checked the manual for my 47477 45th anniversary 934 (which I haven't built yet) as I realised that that kit comes with 53127 for the rear diff. But the kit doesn't include the collars, and the manual shows 53217 being installed without any collars being fitted. So I guess that means it is in fact ok to use 53217 without the collars. I've got a 47470 ReRe Top Force Evo tucked away at the back of my cupboard and which presumably has 9805419 for the ball diffs, so it'd be interesting to see if the gearbox joints from that fit into the rear diff of the 934. Will have to give that a go when I get round to building it!
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