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  1. No link to share, but can give you the contact details of the chap who made it (he's confirmed he's happy to help others too). If anyone wants details then just send me a PM and I'll reply - don't want to share personal contact details on a public forum.
  2. Turns out there is another way of doing this: one which doesn't involve cutting prop cups or modifying suspension arms...which is helpful for someone like me, cause I'd probably Dremel off a thumb trying the former or irreparably break something attempting the latter! Custom carbon propshaft, 6mm shorter than standard, complete with carbon cups. Combined with the chassis plates and shock towers identified by @Juhunio above, this should be a tidy solution. Shout out to @DeadMeat666 for the introduction.
  3. Yes, I am disappointed which I'm sure you can imagine: none of us like opening up a long-awaited parcel only to discover that the contents are damaged and there's no prospect of replacement. Even more galling when you consider it's a limited edition and a simple bit of padding could have prevented it... But, as @tamiya_1971 says, I've been fortunate enough in the first place to get hold of one. And, let's face it, it's not really that much of a problem in the wider context of what goes on in the world. Let's be thankful for what we have and enjoy it, right?
  4. Modellbau Berlinski. Emailed them straight away and they responded within 8 minutes saying they can only offer a return and a refund, on the basis the item is completely sold out.
  5. A good news/bad news kind of morning. Good news: it's arrived! Bad news: there's a dent and tear to one corner of the box. With zero protective packaging inside the shipping carton, it's hardly surprising. Any advice gratefully received.
  6. Yes! My tracking info said that Parcel Force were sending me a letter with directions on how to pay the duty. Decided to short circuit the process and just phoned them - managed to get a payment reference number which then allowed me to pay online. Different experience to DHL who just deliver the item straight away and then send you an invoice 2 weeks later for payment of duty and fees. Excellent news! Edit: love the bit on the side of the box giving a bit of the history of the 1:1.
  7. Customs duty paid today, delivery due tomorrow. Looking forward to getting my hands on it. Has yours arrived by now @futureworks?
  8. Oh right. That is odd though, as the MS site these days states that 'their' Neo Fighter has friction dampers: link. And you're right about the whole Amazon EU thing... Amazon EU isn't in fact Amazon as you and I would know it...it's not Amazon Sarl (which is the Luxembourg entity through which Amazon themselves trade) but rather some sort of 3rd party fulfilment set up. Trying to return damaged items sold by Amazon EU is how I know this... Good info, thanks @alvinlwh - wasn't aware of this move to the 1060. Pesky semi-conductor shortages!
  9. Good point, @Kol__. If it is indeed a UK spec going forward rather than the EU spec (there's nothing to suggest this other than the shift from Amazon EU to Amazon, but it would seem a logical conclusion) then that would mean a TT motor and friction shocks. Not sure about the ESC...isn't TBLE-04S the Tamiya standard in the UK these days? In which case, opting for the Racing Fighter (which is still Amazon EU) might be the safer option from now, unless someone confirms the spec with Amazon before buying the Neo Fighter of course.
  10. Hi all. My order arrived last week and like @Kol__ it came with TT motor, TBLE-04s (despite the sticker on the front stating 02s) and CVA set 54567. Not bad for a smidge over £72 delivered. Price seems to be £114 now, but the Racing Fighter is still on for c.£83 for those interested.
  11. Hey that's great news if true - will be great if all those who genuinely wanted one can actually get one. Thanks for passing on the info @Wandy.
  12. That's really rather poor, and not something I would have expected from a club sponsor. Sorry to hear this. I suspect I was too late to the party with them to even have a hope of being successful. Would be nice if I could hear from them and have it confirmed either way though...
  13. Very nice @TurboRSR! Quick question regarding the king pins: is 53141 the correct set rather than 53157? Or are they both the same dimensions, and 53141 is just lighter? Bet you can't wait to get building!
  14. ⬆️ This. Will be using 47479 with my 037 Lancia, and the maxspeedpartsde items with 47477 (plus the prop shaft mod posted by @Juhunio). At least, that's the plan...
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