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  1. For the last few years my "bashers" have been a re-re Blackfoot and a TXT-1 that I modded. Unfortunately the TXT can't take much horsepower and the Blackfoot was so worn out I had to retire it. Luckily I never ran the hard body, so it looks amazing on the shelf with Ampro's LED light kit. The TXT will get shelved next because they've both been replaced by the LMT Of course I turned the LMT into a yard sale on day 1 by disassembling everything to make sure the build was up to snuff - I cannot overstate how impressed I am with this truck. I wish Tamiya would make a modern solid axle truck.
  2. Zero doubt: I would build a Black Edition and ENJOY the suffering to look at those rims. Hubba hubba!
  3. Absolutely! Which is all I plan to do with it. LOL Kyosho used metal for their chassis, usually stamped aluminum I think - which makes much more sense to me. The Tamiya design puts all the weight on the suspension arms (unsprung weight) which makes for a poor handling vehicle whereas Kyosho used more composites in the suspension. At the end of the day I realize it's a very old design and I should grade on a curve, but I couldn't help but be a little bummed. On the one hand they did some REALLY cool things on the car (center diff, gear diffs, CF chassis, locking rim centers, all that) - but then missed the fundamentals. Definitely makes you appreciate how far car design has come!
  4. Sorry boys, this is going to be a tough one but I think this is the only venue with people mature enough to let me vent. -takes a deep breath- I hate the Avante. After building the Egress which I absolutely LOVED, it's abundantly clear to me why the Avante was a failure as a race car. It's over-designed, heavy, miserable to put together, and (based on the assembly) difficult to tune, and I blame 90% of it on THE STUPID END LINKS. I don't know HOW someone at Tamiya in the 80s didn't look at this design and ask "are we really going to tell people to use shims to set the ball-end orientation?" or "why don't we use plastic ball-cups like everyone else on threaded rod?" or "why are we using parts that are SO heavy and over-designed?" Every link is a nightmare to assemble and requires 5 hands. I cannot TELL YOU how many times I had the ball ends on/off in the process of shimming them to "just the right orientation". And the little sway bar receivers on the links are a pain to orient and on TOP of that: the sway bars don't move freely and don't stay centered (rear)! You'd think: "well, with all those metal parts, surely the car is slop free!" - but no Shirley, it is not. This is one of the sloppiest cars I've put together. Like...approaching Blackfoot front suspension sloppy. I've built lots of cars in the last few years and this thing is by far one of the biggest let-downs of my RC life. I expected a Ferrari and I got a Gremlin. -end rant- Let me know how much I owe you all for the therapy session. LOL
  5. Not sure if there's room under the body - but you could replace the screws with studs and use the blue anodized nuts that team associated cars (B6 / T6) have, or a thumb-screw of your choosing.
  6. NOOOOO! Sorry man, there's NO way I'm taking that thing out in the dirt. All my builds are destined to be hangar queens.
  7. Finished a bucket-list truck over the weekend. I'm a little irritated with how hard the side decals went down but I can live with the slit I had to put in the Stadium Thunder decal. Otherwise it came out pretty well I think. *Not a re-re* (I know the bed should be dark, but I bought a full can of flour yellow and doggoneit I'mna use it all!)
  8. I had to comment on this build: absolutely amazing. I love the idea of trying to modernize the Astute to mid-motor trim and by using the TA02 rear transmission, you've effectively created a "laydown" trans much like the state-of-the-art race buggies use. SUPER cool. Do you plan on running it on any high-grip surfaces? I'd be curious how it handles compared to a modern buggy on astro or carpet... Also, what are you doing for a battery situation? I'm assuming you'll run the battery transverse immediately in front of the motor, but you MIGHT be able to fit a shorty, low CG lipo running longitudinally... Great job!
  9. Finally got the NOS decals for my Blackfoot III yesterday - after looking at the truck on the shelf with NO decals for weeks I couldn't get them on fast enough. But GEEZE - as Glenn from Tamiya Legends would say - what a ball ache! Worth it still and I didn't realize the blue lightning had a metal flake to it. Still waiting on an RC10T3 and BNIB Stadium Thunder (original!) to arrive!
  10. I totally understand that. Right now I have 1 foot firmly in each camp. I race carpet offroad in the winter (B6.3 and T6.2) so I've spent a lot of time studying chassis setup, etc. But at the same time, I love the old stuff - and being hands-on with it helps a person appreciate where the hobby has come from. It's like racing an F1 car on the weekends and working on Model Ts during the week. Two extremes. LOL
  11. I've been sitting on this Egress for over a year now (and a re-re Avante). I finally figured it was time to build it - I got a Tamiya motor, vintage Tamiya ESC, all ready to put a show car together. But NOTHING prepared me for how eccentric the design of this car is. Diffs? Weird. Suspension? Weird. Everything is unusual about this car. It's almost a glimpse into what happens when a company gets hung up on a specific design style (swing arm suspension) and can't let it go. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the car - but sheesh...what an odd duck. I'm sure the Avante will be no better. lol
  12. May you all forgive me for posting something non-Tamiya, but I'm rather proud of this guy. It's one of my top 5 favorites for sure. It has a Tekin Rebel ESC and Trinity Green Machine 2 motor.
  13. I had to! Unfortunately even in box the rims had started to yellow. Plus, I figured the pink would 'pop' on an otherwise plain looking car. Thanks Willy
  14. Finished a vehicle I never thought I'd own yesterday. I always hated the Frog. It's ugly, the suspension is awful, and it's just too quirky for me. Hm...I just described 2/3 of the Tamiyas I already own. Oh well! It's an original NIB build that I scored on fleabay for $180 (!!!)
  15. Sanwa radios are the dominant brand at my LHS / track and I've never seen those old school 'rubbers' for them (LOL). Not having to hold 8 AA batteries was my favorite part about upgrading to the MT44 (From an Airtronics MX Sport). More comfortable, less weight, but still had a quality feel. RXs aren't cheap ($50?) but there are the Ruddog units and they perform fine.
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