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  1. Thanks for the advice, this is my 9 year olds car that he just uses for bashing. and we have only just dug it out again after neglecting for the last couple of years so have already spent a bit too much over the last few weeks (Lipo battery, frog axel, driveshafts, new esc (as old one died after a couple of runs), brushless motor them MIP diff). so am looking at budget mods for the time being
  2. Thank you, 15mm ones now ordered, good point about centralising the servo,
  3. Cheers, I have seen them but previous abs printed parts have only lasted a week or two at the hands of my son. Guess I'll have a play around with some spacers tomorrow to get an estimate of length needed without fouling the wheel/tyre
  4. As well ducumented the blackfoot re-re suffers with bad bump steer, as I've already spent to much on my son's recently modified knuckles are out of the question so instead I just purchased a couple of 6mm male - female adapters to raise the steering arms, (See picture), this has reduced the bump steer but not enough, does anyone know the best height by which too raise them?
  5. Sorry for the thread revival, I got one of these for my birthday but had decided to make a kind of mad bull/ fighter buggy hybrid. I was quite happy with the results.
  6. I'm getting a rx memorial for my next birthday, but I want to convert it to a mad bull hybrid with the gold wheels from a wild willy2 (47386), however the only place I can find them in stock, is on a French website and unfortunately they have suspended all orders to the UK. I don't suppose anybody would know of any stores in the UK that might still have a set available?
  7. Thanks for the reply, that looks like a good find. I will have to look into that a bit more, looks like a perfect fit, but need to work out a few more figures first as it is only 30c x 4000mah, (not decided on a esc and motor yet).
  8. Hi, I am looking at getting a cheap rc car so I can play around with my son who has a re-re blackfoot, I was thinking about a fighter buggy rx memorial but wanted to convert it to be more like a mad bull with big gold off road wheels. Looking at the instructions I realise gold beetle wheels won't fit, but have seen someone has fitted gold wild willy 2 wheels to a mad bull, would anyone know if these are the same size beetle/blackfoot wheels. I also noticed that the front axels look shorter than the mad bull's does anyone know if the steering knuckles can be swapped with mad bull version? Finally are there any lipo batteries that fit in the standard location or does it need modifying to fit one?
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