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  1. I'm an Avante nut, so I bought one but didn't go box art.
  2. I thought about trying a small nylock nut
  3. Impressive dong sir, I thought you had 2 carbon chassis sets?
  4. The Original Avante had a carbon chassis upgrade kit available as a hop up which was essentially the Egress chassis before the Egress was released in 89, The Egress was an evolution of the Avante and still retained some of its components ;-)
  5. The last 2 pictures are how I got the chassis
  6. I had a go at building an Ultimate Spec Avante firstly using a Vajra as a basis, then another using an old Egress chassis and some vintage hop-ups
  7. I ordered paint from them last year, after many attempts to contact them via whatsapp, email and various unanswered calls I had to put in a PayPal claim to get my money back after waiting almost 4 months (and they didn't respond to the that either!) Avoid!
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