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  1. Thanks for all your help. I've been thinking about something Jonathon said about never using DC power, made me think about what I was trying to solve for. In my mind I was thinking if we head out for the day, we may well use the cars, run the batteries down, them want to use them again later in the day. Was thinking that if I got a couple of DC chargers, they could charge in the car ready for later. Though looking into it, the DC chargers are not as powerful, so would take longer to charge than they would on AC. So I thought about going AC only, get a cheaper dual charger and but a couple more batteries instead. So head out for the day with 2 batteries per car and not worry about charging on the go. With that in mind, any downsides about running multiple batteries? I've found these chargers, which seem to fit the bill.... SKYRC T100: https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/323522/ Fuzion NX87 https://www.makeitbuildit.co.uk/fusion-fusion-nx87-twin-ac-nimh-charger-fs-nx87-31918 Would welcome any thoughts on those (or others).
  2. Thanks both, that's really helpful. With the SkyRC range, do you know if they come with the Tamiya connectors? I looked at some earlier but none of them seemed to come with the Tamiya connector. I'll take a look at the HTRC C240 as well, good to know that Banggood are reliable. So sounds like for a Duo I may need AC power, which is fine at home, I had assumed they might need charging from the car while out and about. Another option is to buy two AC/DC if there are good options out there.
  3. Fantastic, thanks for confirming. They're a great price, so will get a couple of those.
  4. Thanks, that's good to know.
  5. Hi all Apologies for another post but thought I'd keep the topics separate. Looking for a couple of NIMH batteries, probably 3300. Overlander seem to be a good price, wondered if anyone uses them and whether they're any good or are there others that you would recommend? Appreciate your help. Kind regards David
  6. Hi all Long story short, I was about to order one of the "Radio Deals" that come with the Carson transmitter, battery, charger, servo etc, though after seeing some videos showing play in the sticks, I've changed my mind. Going to go with the Futaba T2HR now, but means I need servo, battery and charger. Wondered if there were any recommendations for a fast charger that can be powered by mains or in the car? Will be using NIMH only if that helps narrow it down, duo would be a bonus but if that's not an option I'll buy two (so I can charge two cars at once). The charger in the pack was the Ansmann Delta 3, that ticks the AC/DC box, is it a good charger? Appreciate any advice you can give. Kind regards David
  7. Thanks, that's really helpful. So the Gmade piggyback would be a good choice as they're 93mm and you can get harder springs if needed. Though if I go down the DF03 route, I can always get the Setting Spring Set to have a choice of springs, decisions, decisions. Okay it's not quite as simple as that as the DF03 route is by far the most expensive, whether the extra expense will be noticeable in performance, I don't know.
  8. Thanks both, I read the same thread and initially thought the Absima shocks must be good if someone else is using them, later in the thread as you say he swapped to Tamiya though ended up using the springs from the Absima shocks. Not sure if that's how it stayed though. Funny enough, that's what prompted me to write this thread, to check in and see what the latest advice is. Sounds like it's either the Gmade piggybacks or go crazy and get two sets of the DF03 Aluminium Damper sets (and sell the fronts later), though I now wonder if the Tamiya CVA srpings were too soft, then the ones in the Aluminium set might be too soft too (certainly don't want to go down that road and find they don't work). Has anyone used the rears from the DF03 Aluminium Damper set on a WT01?
  9. While looking at the Gmade shocks I came across their Piggyback which "look" great: https://www.fusionhobbies.com/product/gm21107-gmade-xd-piggyback-shock-93mm-x2 Found an old post with someone had them: Thinking might be worth the extra to get those. THEN Man Maths kicked in and I wondered whether I should go crazy and order two sets of the DF03 Aluminium Damper sets and try and sell the fronts later. Has anyone used the rears from the DF03 set on the WT01, do they work? If not I think it'll be the piggybacks as the Traxxas ones aren't that cheap anymore.
  10. Thanks again, that's a good price for the 9 Traxxas shocks, though as you say be liable for import duty. Good to know the Gmade work and also good to know I'll need the harder springs, will take a look at those and weigh up that versus the Traxxas, looking at the Gmade they appear to be slightly better quality but what do I know? Good to know the 50520's work, I did look as the DF03 set, unfortunately I'd need two sets (I think) to get the 4 longs ones I'd need, otherwise that would be the go to. I'll look into seeing if the springs are available on their own, such a shame you can't just buy the DF03 rears.
  11. Thanks, that's really helpful as they have the same part number as some that I have found and they're slightly cheaper. At the price, I can't help wonder how they compare the the GMade: https://www.fusionhobbies.com/product/gm22107-gmade-xd-diaphragm-shock-93mm-x2 Though I'd rather get something from a recommendation than take a chance on something that might not work be too soft/hard etc. Appreciate your help. Is there anything else you would suggest I upgrade? I'm going to get a ball race set, but apart from that, the GPM towers and shocks I haven't got anything else on the list.
  12. Thanks so much for the suggestions. Been looking into the T-Maxx shocks and there seem to be quite a few different types, Long, XL, Big Bore, Ultra etc. I've found a few types but wanted to check if they're correct, length wise the ones I have found seem to be 103/105mm, are they the right ones? Examples I have found.... https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/181/ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353456908626?hash=item524bac6952:g:1LcAAOSwvhtgd0ib Here's a couple of the shorter front ones (can't seem to find the length for these to know if they're too short as they don't reference T-Maxx) https://wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/8636/ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353461830446?hash=item524bf7832e:g:F8YAAOSwxltgfHxP No experience of this at all myself, just that in some of the posts people had said they 100mm plus could lead to it toppling over. Good to hear what you used as you've obviously been there done it etc. Appreciate all your help.
  13. Hi all New member here, would really appreciate your help. I'm a long time Tamiya fan, having had a Frog, Hornet and Hotshot back in the day. About to order a Neo Scorcher for my daughter and a Mud Blaster II for myself (like the idea of the chassis, will probably change the body). Been browsing the forum, found lots of hop up suggestions for the Neo Scorcher (thanks), plus there seems to be consensus to add the GPM shock towers to the WT01, though I'm struggling to find which dampers/shocks to get for that combination. I saw in an old thread someone tried the Tamiya 50520 Short Shock set but thought even the stiffer spring was too soft for the WT01. Would love to use Tamiya dampers but can't see any alternatives (unless the 54567 have stronger springs) or there are even stronger springs available, so looking into what else is out there. Has anyone used Gmade Zero (94mm) or Gmade XD diaphragm (93mm) or have any other suggestions in the 90-95mm range? Appreciate any help you can offer, also any other suggestions for hop ups with the WT01 would be appreciated. Kind regards David
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