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  1. I run two Dakar style Tamiyas, one is a TT02, it has been rally prepped with higher ground clearance (as high as it would go) this plus the T version front bumper/guard, big cc01 tires and an Asterion pickup style body with Repsol style decal makes for a fun easy basher, that i use exclusively on gravel/dirt. The other is a XV01T with a Mitsubishi Pajero EVO (2003-2004) body by Kyosho, very fun to drive too, much better than the TT02, more capable and better handling, with long damper mods and it just performs like a dream. They are both just rally cars with big wheels, so they are not very capable on rougher terrain, but for rally raiding they have enough speed, steering and ground clearance in my opinion. It will depend a lot on what terrain you plan to use it and what your "stages" will look like, if more rally or more technical and how rough the ground is. I havent used a fast CC01 (only more crawler oriented) so I cant comment on handling compared to my cars.
  2. Hello, I am looking for some kind soul that could scan or take a picture of the manual of the Suzuki SX4 (58408) I am only in need of the pages related to body detaiing, paint and sticker placement. No need for chassis instructions. Your help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you very much!!
  3. They are so perfect they make me want to cry... @OoALEJOoO you are a huge source of inspiration, thank you for your ongoing posts, they really make my day!!
  4. Its great to share the hobby with friends, but none of my friends had any interest in the hobby (I got into RC because my father loved building and flying planes, and I got more into the car side, while we both enjoyed the RC sailing) so thats why I looked into finding some hobbyist around my city. It does not necessarily need to be about competition, although there are tamiya cups at local clubs, and the rally cup I participate in is also a competition (M chassis cars only tamiya and 4wd any brand within specs), although a very relaxed one, with very good vibes, people sharing and helping, lots of fun and very friendly people. having other people to share the hobby lets you talk shop, share experiences (much like we do here) but also spend some batteries with someone else, share some insights on car settings, equipment and whatnot... and then go home.
  5. Hi there, I live in the center of a big city, Madrid, Im in my 40s and I also have family, work, lots of things to do, but for the past years RC has been my main hobby, it covers most of the collecting, tinkering and (for me) social aspects of a hobby, I can do it alone, but I also get to meet people who share my interest, and Im participating in a local rally championship (whenever I can make it to the races, because even the races being once a month I miss a lot of them) Have you tried to look for people that RC around your place? I asked around in local hobby shops to learn if there was a "scene¨, you know, like a RC community, I then went to meet them, got into a group chat and that was that... soon I was meeting with them for events and training afternoons, some of them I call friends now. Before meeting this group of people (some of them are around this forum) I was taking my cars to local parks whenever I had 30 minutes to spend, I would go to parks, and parking lots that were close to my house (I live in the city center so finding a nice spot usually meant a 10-20 minute drive) Im also looking for a nice outdoor but covered place (like a sports court with a roof of some sort, so even if its cold it is protected from rain). I still do it now whenever I want to drive my cars a bit (my test runs are limited to my small apartment so not much testing being done) but I still manage to drive every week. One thing I do is I carry a car with a battery and the transmiter, along with some plastic cones in my car trunk at all times and whenever Im driving around and have some free time I try to squeeze some run time in any park or parking spot I find... I am not sure where you are taking us with this dilemma, but I think it is an interesting conversation to have, because it also touches the social aspect of running your cars with other people and how hard it can be to make friends/know people when you grow older....
  6. Im afraid I cant help you, but I really want to see it done, and would love a running video once its finished... great idea, just beautiful!!
  7. He replied and was super helpful and very very nice, sadly they dont ship to Spain anymore, EU waste laws and Shipping fees... I might have to bother svenb for some help. Thanks a lot for the replies and the help!!
  8. Apparently they dont ship to Spain, I have contacted them, fingers crossed!
  9. Thank you so much for your answers! I really appreciate your help!
  10. I have seen something for sale at JK-RC that I really need, JK-RC is a hobby shop in the UK, but i have zero info about them so I wanted to ask first. Any of you know of it, have you ordered from them, are they nice? I plan on ordering international (Spain) so any info is great! Thanks a lot for the help!!!
  11. Very nice!! so its going to be on the mf1x chassis, will it be 225 or 239mm WB? Probably 239 like the Escort, right?
  12. Im very sorry for the news, your builds have been a great source of inspiration and entertainment. Godspeed!!
  13. Thanks a lot, I will follow your advice....
  14. I tried to include some pictures of the tires I was mentioning and it triggered some kind of alarm that prevented me from posting the thread, apologies for the lack of graphic material....
  15. Hi, Im looking for some help from you guys, Im looking for some tires to mount on 26mm touring wheels that would perform better than the tamiya rally blocks and softer chinese knockoffs on dirt/gravel, Speedmind used to have a mini pin tire that I have never tried but people swear that they were the bees knees... I have tried buying tamtech buggy rear wheels that have mini pins and they look great but dont fit on 26mm 1/10 wheels, only on m chassis wheels... I have tried "pirelli" tires, the ones that have the maze kind of looking pattern, and both tamiya and chinese knockoffs rally block tires, it seems that the rally blocks are the best performing tires available and they do even better if some material is cut to give the pegs or pins more space to bite into the dirt, but it takes a lot of work and im running out of fingers... Do you know of any tire that would work with 26mm touring wheels that could perform well in dirt/gravel? im open to 1.9 buggy tires if they are not extremely spiky (im looking for some degree of realism). Schumacher SST mini pins or rally in 24/25 look the part, but I know nothing about them, would they fit a touring car wheel? are they good on dirt or only good for astroturf? Thanks a lot for the help!!
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