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  1. The tt01 rere had most of the original sponsors but Repsol and marlboro were missing, I think lombard and everything else was there
  2. L$L models had some 3d printed ones but they are out of stock, maybe they will restock at some point?
  3. I checked your post before I pulled the trigger on the Zahhak... great info and wonderful job! Thanks! and also congrats on the TRF!! Thanks a lot for the list! My plan was to run a sports tuned motor, nothing hotter Glad to hear you still have bed privileges! Good call on the clutch, I have on the way. Thanks a lot for all the answers!! I will start working on it next week, really eager to start working on it, also we have summer like days predicted for next week so it might be a perfect opportunity to do some painting.
  4. Thanks a lot!! I dont race my buggies, and I have a DT03 for bashing that I like to abuse and crash into things, so if I run it the Zahhak would be pretty safe from harm. Are TRF201 parts compatible with the DN01?
  5. So, last week I bought a NIB Zahhak from a fellow member of the forum and now Im wondering if this car is a runner or it should remain a shelfqueen. Im going to build it as I dont keep unbuilt kits, but I have no real idea about what to do with it. I have been looking around and have not been able to find a lot of spares, and that makes me think that Im not going to be running the car a lot. I despise ball diffs (out of lack of experience mainly) but ive seen that a fellow member has made a 3D gearbox to use oil diffs (which I like), but Im not sure I want to start doing mods. What are your ideas? any advice on spares or compatible parts that could make it a runner? Thanks for the help!!
  6. I run both the XV01 and XV02, they are both quite sturdy and have never had problems with any of them, the reinforced plastic in the XV02 is just so much better than the plastic in the tt02... the way its built.. its just something else. I also feel like the XV02 is a little easier for maintenance than the XV01, easier to disassemble and has a friendlier transmision. About the steering upgrade I dropped a TB05 alu steering with ackerman adjustment without mods and next thing Im trying is the Embie mod to place the servo upside down and with direct steering which I did also in my XV01 and love.
  7. Tamico has them on presale, normal price for a TT02 chassis... I think they have them scheduled for mid march RERE stickers so no Repsol or Marlboro, Im guessing that MCI will be selling a lot of Celica sticker sets!
  8. Proudest Achievement My proudest achievement this year was to acknowledge how good the hobby did for me, and taking time to enjoy enjoy it, I came back to RC during the pandemic (2020) after a 20 year hiatus, but 2022 has been the year where I have finished the most projects, painting bodies, finishing new builds, and I even started an instagram profile for RC (@rcgarage_wallace), to keep track of all other great users out there as well as to show what Im doing. Honorable Mention My honorable mention is how I have worked towards being more patient and learning how to do new things in regards to painting and finishing bodies (I really hate painting and detailing, decals give me anxiety.... ) Objectives for 2023 In 2023 I plan to participate in a local rally championship in my home city, my first try at competition, I have been to several rally days and the people are great, very helpful and fun to hang around, so I expect to enjoy 2023 a lot!! I also want to take the opportunity to thank all of the users here at Tamiyaclub for their amazing contributions, it is very helpful to read all of the posts and get help from so many people around the world, I really enjoy reading you and looking at your pics, you really brighten my days!! I hope that 2023 brings a lot more RCing for all of us!
  9. I moved from a rally modified TT02 (ground clearance and steering angle increase mods) to a XV01, then to a XV01 with an Embie racing chassis and now I have a XV02. I liked the TT02, but the XV01 blew it away, I love how the front engine makes the car pivot on the front when turning hard, love the dust proofing (I like running on dirt mainly) and how well the car is set and how well it adapts to the terrain. Im a pretty bad driver and the XV01 was so easy to drive and so predictable for me, the Embie chasis gave it a nice improvement on steering, maybe a bit extreme, but I liked the handling although I was not able to take full advantage of it (lousy driver as I said) and I missed the dustproofing of the original chassis. The XV02 is more neutral, I like it, its easy and forgiving, I have a central oil diff and its a blast to drive, used a TB05 adjustable ackerman steering set (plug and play) and will try at some point the Embie upperdeck to mount the servo upside down for direct steering. So far I have like it very much, I like the drivetrain much more than the one in the XV01, and I like that is easier to maintain, the XV02 is a very good car overall but as someone pointed out, the XV01 has a more scale feeling when you drive it for leisure. As another entry I would also include the TUX rally car, a car using parts from Xray cars mounted on a very nice looking chassis, only seen videos of it and pictures in instagram but it looks like a very well thought beast! https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=687517275592537
  10. Thanks a lot for the answer, it really helps a lot!!
  11. When going for aesthetics my plan is to use magnetic mounts on the front posts (fender) so that I dont have to drill more holes in my bodies... By the way, congratulations on this post, excellent work, very useful and lots of ideas, thank you very much!!
  12. I did that on mine, it works if you use the TT02 smaller offset posts. The front ends up a bit high, less than in the XV01 Long Damper, but a bit high anyway. I doesnt bother me for dirt running, but aesthetically its not perfect.
  13. Thanks for your answer! Totally agree with you, I didnt want to go down the rabbit hole of a new chassis (specially one not in production anymore) just for these two shells, and for display it looks much better than a 3d printed chassis, so unless someone tells me that it could sell for a nice amount I think its a keeper. I also explored the possibility of buying a short wheelbase XV01 kit from Embie racing, but you cant use the belt cover and that makes using it on dirt a bit more difficult, but as I already have one and plenty of spares I might give it a thought. I have never driven a shorter wheelbase (only M size chassis), how do they behave? is it noticeable or different in any way?
  14. Hi, So today I acquired one of these Qd chasis cars, the Toyota Corolla WRC, its in pretty good shape and works, although the battery is almost dead. It came complete but the box is a bit battered, the car is used but the shell is in very good shape (a couple of stickers peeling off in the edges but nothing bad) Is it worth selling? I bought it out of impulse as I also have a non Tamiya Clio shell that shares the wheelbase and wanted a chassis to run/display the bodies, but if I want to run it, I would be better off buying a used Ta03... but I dont want a new chassis, but then if its not going to be run, I could just get a 3d printed display chassis.... but, if, also.... whatever Any thoughts?
  15. I had one (bought in 2005) and sold it a couple of months ago, mine was used and had a crack in the front left. They are gorgeous cars. I dont think that they fetch such high prices in Europe (Spain at least) I sold mine for 300€ and have seen mint ones for sale at 350€ for a long time with no takers, but it would be awesome if they could sell for more.
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