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  1. I checked out the popular flysky on that thread. Looks like it comes with the TX/RX. Do I need to get a new servo or will my 30+ year old servo plug into the new RX? I guess I need to know what all I need besides the TX/RX combo to get the car running. Possible the capacitors are the problem. Is this fixable? Crystal posts are all in good shape. Thanks Ron
  2. Hey all, Just joined. My vintage tamiya Frog found it's way back to me after 35+ years. It's pretty much stock with a few add ons like front shocks and bumpers. I bought a new charger and NiMh battery for it. It's paired with a early 90's futaba radio that is causing me issues. I checked all connections, new batteries, etc. The car has a mind of its own. The servos just start doing what they want. I lose control of the steering and throttle intermittently. So I want to buy a new radio set up! Ive been out of the rc game for 30+ years. I would like to get something on the cheaper side. Want to get the car operating efficiently for my 13 year old son. If he gets into rc I'll get him a new car but in the meantime id like to get the frog up and running. Any suggestions on a radio setup? I'm assuming I'll need new receiver, speed controller and servos. Also may be interested in upgrades for the frog like motor, gearing and shocks if someone can point me in the right direction. At the moment though I want to get the radio asap so I can let the boy run the car around. Thanks for your help, Ron
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