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  1. Painted the Pearl layer and added clear coat.
  2. I am painting the Scania 770S of Beljaars Transport in scale 1/14. The paintcolours will be exactly like the real truck. Prepping for primer Some blue parts are painted and cleared Painted the black inserts white. The blue parts are finished, the white will be covered with a layer of pearl, and clear coated when finished.
  3. Painting a FH16. When the paint is fully cured i can install the Graphics. I made the vinyl in Candy Apple Lime Green, Silver metallic and Dark Green Metallic.
  4. Making the bumper, with a real functioning bajonet.
  5. I am a scale modeler by profession, specializing in paint, stickers, interiors and parts in scale 1/14, and sometimes i also do 1/50 or 1/43 models that are made exactly like the company's van or truck with the same paint, text and logo's.
  6. Made the speaker grills, only thing left to do is add the logo in the centre.
  7. It was the first truck that i drove as well, my father let me drive it on an abandoned industrial site when i was 14 or 15, cant remember exactly. The clutch pedal was quite heavy to push. Later when i had my truck license i drove another 3600 my father drove after this one. It was exactly the same but the truck had a tank attached to its own chassis, and then behind that was a short tank trailer. (I do not know what the correct english term for that is). Since i passed my exam for the trailer and was waiting for my licence to be updated i drove without the trailer. The shifting was a bit difficult, when you went a tiny bit too far to the right when going from second to third the box went into the higher gears (16 speed) and then you went from second to seventh gear. I can remember the smile that my dad had on his face when i was behind the wheel. Thank you for the compliment.
  8. Made a test print for the whole grill, need to reprint it with other settings so the small holes will not be clogged made a test print for the sunviser, this one came out OK, the final version will be transparent just like the reel visor.
  9. Got my new printer today, with much higher resolution, reprinted the window washers, painted them black and made the nozzle silver
  10. Redid the metal poles because they were a tiny bit too thin. Up next will be to draw to smaller mirror that is above the large mirror on the passenger side.
  11. Added the wire on top for the heating, and painted the side bolt.
  12. Mirror is almost done, and made the battery cover
  13. Making the MAP lights, final version will have LED so it can be lit up.
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