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  1. You may find the Corally battery is a bit too long. I have one and while it fits hotshot/fox style buggies, it won’t fit in wild one/grasshopper 2 types battery fitments. It’s literally 1 or 2 mm too long!
  2. Specifically the counter gear that the pinion connects to but if anyone has a full set that would be awesome too. thanks!
  3. This happens on mine too. the problem is the small cog on the counter gear that the pinion drives the large side of, slipping against the diff gear. I’ve had about 8 runs on a 15t motor and need a new counter gear as the teeth are semi stripped, none seem to be about! was wondering if the Blitzer beetle one is the same size? I think it’s loose manufacturing tolerances in the gearbox mount for that gear, just allowing it to move slightly so the teeth slip, that or a sub standard batch of gears themselves.
  4. Ok, cheers. Looks like it’s extras for my txt1 then.
  5. I was asking for that wasn’t I? 😂
  6. Does anyone know what these are from? I was re organizing my stuff and the bag still had price on of 2.99 from 30 odd years ago.
  7. Well, I finally got round to completing the kit and now on to build the ducktail! Thought I’d royally cocked up with the colour, but once the decals went on it looks loads better! Pearl white, backed black, with metallic graphite on the roof inserts. not going to go with a full louvered back like in the post above, just one off the rear bar, so hopefully will look ‘right’.
  8. I’m going to give this a go with my TL01 when the weather clears up. It’s running a 10bl120 with an etronix 6.5t sensored motor. 23t pinion on standard gear set, with a lightened drive shaft. No clue how fast it would be but anything around 50mph should be fun!
  9. thinking something like this, but still at paper modeling stage tho
  10. I’ve got as far as electrics, looking forward to seeing how well the old school motor performs…
  11. Ooh, now I like that, and rear louvres would kind of 80s period correct as well! Not sure how I’d go about attaching them, I see lots of cardboard modeling in my future!
  12. Yes, that’s it, essentially sticking up from the rearmost top cage bar, I’m just struggling with the shape seeing as the kit is still in the box 😂 as to angular vs round, I suppose I could mock up both styles and see which one I like. It’s the overall look rather than the exact shape I’m after.
  13. Hi all, I want to make a duck tail style spoiler for the Wild One as my kit arrived yesterday. Does anyone have any pattern/material suggestions? I was thinking some sort of carbon fiber effect might gel with the colour scheme, even though I don’t think I’m going to use black for the main body. I’d have thought some sort of thin plastic sheet but not sure if that would be bendable etc. any help gratefully received! thanks
  14. I got this in the post today, to put in this, so I can use this!
  15. Saw lots of people saying April for this, but just had a email that the one I ordered in August is due imminently!
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