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  1. I made some mesh for the wild one from left over bits from the grill on my 1:1 kit. Not quite scale but I like how it looks.
  2. Not technically today, but I built this for my daughter, she liked the custom stickers and the wheelies!
  3. Finished my homage to a rally car that saw when I was somewhat younger than I am today! It’s not massively accurate given the size disparity but I think it’s goes well with the original TXT 1 colour theme too,
  4. Today I have mostly been making home made masking for my txt 1 tribute to the cosworth pilot rally car. Hopefully get the yellow down this weekend! Do most people cut the body first or last? I usually cut first but have seen it the other way round on YouTube. I’ve had this spare shell for almost 20 years so about time I did something with it!
  5. Found in my spares box, I was running the fronts on my GH2, these are ok condition, not cracked, one front a bit damaged on rear side. Tyres are ok. May be of use to someone? I’m thinking £30 posted or swap something? I throw in the front bushings for free! 😅
  6. Yeah, I’ve ordered a new esc for my wild one, which has an unlimited turn esc in it. That only takes 2s so hopefully the faster motor will improve the truck. If not I could always put the manual speed control back!
  7. Probably right, I did have it on 4s with dual silver cans for a bit which probably didn’t help!
  8. Motor works again, esc not so much! New esc can’t take 3s, so back to slow truck for now..
  9. Ok, ta. I think I’ve lunched the esc too…..expensive day!
  10. Hi, as above really, swapped a 12t 90’s brushed motor into my txt1, hooked up to a Hobbywing 880 dual esc. Added lipo and it worked for 30 seconds before the motor seized. I’ve pulled the motor apart and the only thing wrong I can see is the grey substance on the side of the armature. It’s hard but should I scrape it off? Putting the armature back in it does turn, but that’s without everything else. Bearings are both good as are the brushes (pics below). cheers!
  11. I still have my clear txt 1 shell and want to paint it up. I’m going to use rally stickers but need the front grill and headlights for an f150. does any one have any they could let go? thanks!
  12. Fair enough, mine broke and it sounded similar.
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