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  1. It's called MAP (minimum advertised price)........hobby stores in the US typically sell for MAP. Which in the case of the Egress would be around $575 or so and, depending on your relationship with your local shop, can be even lower. My local shop I can just walk in and as long as it's on Tamiya USA's site in stock, they can order it and it shows up in a week or so/whenever they put in their next bulk Tamiya order. Tower typically does not do restocks of the higher $$ re-re's these past few years it seems most of the time.
  2. Since you pre-ordered quickly as in the day or so it went up on Tower's site, I am thinking you should be good for that November release date barring no delays from Tamiya itself. Case in point, I pre-ordered my TFE in February from Tower the day they went up and did receive it in the first batch that came here in July.
  3. Tamiya USA pricing is up: So, MAP (minimum advertised price) should be around $223 at local hobby shops.
  4. Tamiya USA pricing is up: So, MAP (minimum advertised price) should be around $271 at local hobby shops.
  5. Found this info too.... 47477 1/10 R/C Porsche 934 Coupé Vaillant (1976) (TA02SW) 45th Anniversary 4950344474776 58695 1/10 R/C Wild One Off-Roader Blockhead Motors Livery 4950344066124 [unique sticker design]
  6. https://www.tamiyausa.com/search/?q=TD4 Scroll down and they should all be there.....
  7. Too funny......I'm making up for MANY years of wanting these things and having a blast to be back into the hobby after quite awhile. If I find another one at a "proper" price, you'll be the first to know ;-) Short story......when I decided to jump back in, I was going to buy an Avante Black Special from the LHS I noticed that they had online. Went on a Sunday morn just after they opened and had not been in there for many years, and decided to walk around and check everything out first before going to the RC section. The Black Special was no where in sight. I asked and a guy was actually buying it at the cashier...DOH! They could not order another one as stock was gone by then.....was a bit gutted. They were able to get me that Avante 2011 still several months ago, so, "settled" for it and have not looked back...something about those wheels/everything!
  8. So glad everything worked out well for you, A-Baum! My Evo arrived yesterday now, also......not sure when I will start these (patience and spread them out a bit is the plan!), but cant wait to dig into them after I finish the Hotshot I am working on.
  9. Welcome to Egress ownership, then! ;-)
  10. What I’ve noticed with Tower is they do not get the refreshed stock of Tamiya reres that have already come out typically as of late. So far the last several months or so, no Super Astute, Novafox, Fighting Buggy, Super Hotshot at Tower, but they are easily gotten through the local hobby shop......the Egress will be the same most likely. In some other forum, not sure of the validity, but someone mentioned it’s about Tower/Horizon liking to establish an allocation of units up front and Tamiya handles that differently when refreshing rere stock as compared to a new rere like the Top Force Evo...but just seems to be lately more so. On the other hand, Tower has no problem with Kyosho rere restock as I just got my Turbo Optima Gold last week after waiting several months.....give me a $75/$85 off coupon and I don’t mind waiting at all.....LOVE those coupons ;-)
  11. Just sent you a message.....
  12. Sorry, what I should have stated is that it was truly available to order the last week meaning it can be on a hobby shop's PO. In fact, the Top Force Evo is showing on POs now, so, orderable/shippable very, very soon (meaning the next week or so)....I get this info from them and it's always been spot on in the past. Granted, yes, would love to use Tower's coupons, but the percentages I get off works out well enough in my case and bummer that your only option seems to be by mail order.
  13. This rere.......been on Tamiya USA's site for over a week now. I usually just ask them to order me a kit when I see them become available and it shows up in a week or two. MAP (minimum advertised price) is $575 or so and depending on your relationship with your store, can be lower (mine was another percentage off since I get a decent amount of kits from them as of late after getting back into the hobby after many years).
  14. Just picked one up at my local hobby store on Saturday here in MN. VERY happy!
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