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  1. Closest we may ever get is this and well, hmmmm.... https://needabiggershed.com/products/project959-deposit
  2. That's really interesting.....have done at least 6-7 orders this year and similar for years and years...no issues ever. LOVE that place!
  3. It's up at Tower for USA folks: https://www.towerhobbies.com/product/1987-ultima-wc-replica-60th/KYO30642.html If a Super Saver member, add that $75 coupon and $315 isn't too bad, I suppose....
  4. Same.........have never been shorted from initial batches they get in for years and years at Tower (it's not that hard to figure out when they will post pre-orders up on their site). Granted, I still do reserve one occasionally at a LHS, though, for the ones that seem really low production runs, etc.
  5. It's up at Tower for those that care/shop there....following the typical once Tamiya USA posts an MSRP for an item, if Tower will carry it, it shows within 48 hrs on their website for pre-order... https://www.towerhobbies.com/product/110-rc-hotshot-ii-blockhead-motors/TAM58710A.html
  6. Yes, Hobby Lobby's owners have an interesting past.... https://www.businessinsider.com/the-15-biggest-controversies-in-hobby-lobby-history-2020-9 Back on subject, I do live a few miles away from one of the 2 Hub Hobby's in Minnesota........solid selection of Tamiya stuff and, if you get to know them, easy to order anything at MAP (or below) as long as Tamiya USA has it in stock.
  7. AMain should be getting them at their 2 warehouses in about a week and a half or so is the latest info I got last week.
  8. Same goes for me.......well, I do have Hub Hobby local too, so, I divvy up the purchases also.
  9. Tower will be shipping these starting today if you pre/back--ordered (cards are being charged as of this morning).
  10. Gotta admit that MAP cost at $404.xx is too funny, but it does align with the usual 30% off Tamiya USA MSRP (but, yes, it does seem low since the re-re Egress had a much higher MSRP than this “Black Edition”…….hmmmmm). I suppose I have had good luck the last few years since typically pre-order just a bit after they go live (8 for 8 so far at least on receiving the initial shipments including the 45th Porsche, Optima Mid, etc), although I have heard of some early pre-orders also never getting fulfilled. Time will tell with Tower per the norm, though.
  11. Pre-order up at Tower Hobbies for fellow North American’s… https://www.towerhobbies.com/product/110-rc-egress-black-edition-kit/TAM47489.html ….add that $80 Super Saver Club coupon discount if a member and not bad at all!
  12. Yes...happened yesterday, I think. Most of Tamiya USA’s MSRPs jumped up about 10% during their latest site maintenance and so did Tower’s MAP (Minimum advertised pricing,...which is usually 30% off Tamiya MSRP depending on product). Updated pricing as of 7/6: https://www.tamiyausa.com/media/files/map-july-2022-1239-01be.pdf https://www.tamiyausa.com/map-policy/
  13. Charges going through from Tower Hobbies, so, shipping from there soon also (always see the credit card charged first, then ships same day or next at the latest) .
  14. It's been available for pre-order for a few hours now at AMain for the US peeps: https://www.amainhobbies.com/schumacher-cougar-classic-1-10-2wd-buggy-kit-schk194/p1425794
  15. If it's a re-re like they did in 2005, it's a Group C chassis: Original: https://tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/58088 Re-re: https://tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/58351
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