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  1. BMW 530d as a daily This lurks in the garage stopping me from getting to my RC tools as easily as I would like ....
  2. The metal ball ends are good and save a lot of pain.
  3. The shocks on my 1:1 Lotus are body up . I think thats normal certainly for coil overs
  4. They do look amazing , hard not to lust after regardless of the name on the box
  5. Best looking buggy in ages Its pure Tamiya , love it
  6. Got some wider offset tamiya wheels and ebay special tyres ….work well and look a bit more off road and less waitrose car park
  7. I got some bigger wheels and tyres , the tyres a loads better and also look better Other than that I got bearings (of course) and the metal ball ends Everything else has been fine
  8. Catching up on the whole thread, some good inspiration there Makes my neo fighter adventures look very vanilla
  9. Newbie here . Volvo XC60 And slightly more interesting, Lotus Elise
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