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  1. Thanks everyone! I tried out a new configuration last night where I moved the ESC and receiver over to the right side, just in front of the shorty. Already the weight feels much more balanced as the ESC and receiver totalled about 100g, including cables. Servo might be tricky to move over to the right, as I'm not sure my club would allow a modification of the chassis, so I'll I'll how it goes keeping it on the left for now. I put in an order for 4 digital scales and weights but hopefully I won't need the weights after I've done the shock rebalancing. Cheers! The 🙂👍
  2. @Willy iine not really that I have noticed tbh. But I've only done one race with this unbalanced setup and it handled ok up to the point where my spoiler got damaged and came off and then my car was flipping pretty much everytime I turned right on any tight corners. This is why in thinking I should try to rebalance the car. I do have to use a little trim to stop keep the car straight but I thought that was pretty normal. So would you suggest lowering the car relative the right side to compensate for lack of weight? I guess TT01's are naturally back heavy as well since the motor is at the back. So I guess I could lower the front a bit as well?
  3. Has anyone successfully installed the motor or electronic components (e.g. servo, ESC or receiver) on the right hand side of the car? The reason I'm asking is I'm always trying to find ways to increase speed and I recently bought a lightweight shortie LiPo battery which significantly reduced overall weight on the car and has helped increase my speed a bit, but now the car is quite heavy on the left side as the motor and electronics are all much heavy now than the battery, which might be making the car a bit unstable on turns. Does anyone have any tips on how to rebalance the car? I could buy some sticky weights to balance it out more on the right side but ideally I'd like to capitalise on the lighter battery somehow by reconfiguring the motor or electronic components in the car to balance it out more naturally. Does anyone have any tips for how I can do this? Or should I just get a heavier battery or use weights to balance it out?
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