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  1. Sorry, I just noticed that is the Tamiya 'mini' plug in the listing. The pictures look like the regular Tamiya plug, but I think the listing is mini. Tamiya does have two different sizes that look very similar. It looks like the other adapters for sale on the site aren't Tamiya 'mini'. Since you are using a deans battery connection, this adapter can stay with the esc, so you only need the one: https://www.lazada.com.my/products/tamiya-female-connector-to-deans-t-plug-male-cable-for-esc-battery-i2756397854-s13073696771.html?clickTrackInfo=query%3ADeans%2BT%2BTo%2BTamiya%2BPlug%2BFemale%3Bnid%3A2756397854%3Bsrc%3ALazadaMainSrp%3Brn%3A7ddfb90d2faea6b18a8c53f7c46fadad%3Bregion%3Amy%3Bsku%3A2756397854_MY%3Bprice%3A5.8%3Bclient%3Adesktop%3Bsupplier_id%3A1000063544%3Basc_category_id%3A10425%3Bitem_id%3A2756397854%3Bsku_id%3A13073696771%3Bshop_id%3A265813&fastshipping=0&freeshipping=1&fs_ab=1&fuse_fs=1&lang=en&location=Wp Kuala Lumpur&price=5.8&priceCompare=&ratingscore=5.0&request_id=7ddfb90d2faea6b18a8c53f7c46fadad&review=4&sale=7&search=1&source=search&spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.i40.79de23e96cZuWq&stock=1
  2. This is what it looks like without shaving anything: They are almost the same angle, but not quite. you can see the bearing sticks out a bit. The bearing is big enough and I wanted enough material around it, that it would not fit closer to the pin; ~6mm is about as close as I was able to get. You can see it sticks out ~2mm in order to get that much steering angle; in hindsight another 1mm out would be enough to match the original angle without shaving anything.
  3. That is what I have been doing. The times I miss a marker tend to be the ones I spend half a lap trying to recover, and not my fastest laps. If I actually get close to the top I may pay more attention, but usually the clean laps done right are my fastest. Sometimes if I wiff it way off, I'll pause like a stop n' go penalty.
  4. I have put the new version up for sale. http://shpws.me/TqQk Let me know if anything is messed up on the page. Also, what 12mm hex do you use? I had some leftover from a buggy suspension upgrade off of the plastic tree - basic Tamiya plastic versions.
  5. Oh boy, I really only needed 1 or 2 things from PJ, but since shipping was $25, I needed to make it 'worth it': (note, things seem to slip in & out of stock quickly; some are out of stock now) Tamiya 87147 Sanding Sponge Sheet 400 ~$1.6, I grabbed several grits to someday improve my driver painting results Kyosho OTH246W 8SP Wheel 50mm (White/2pcs/Optima Mid) ~$5.00 Kyosho 4wd or rear 2wd 50mm wheels are cheap here, and fit Tamiya Comical tires. Kyosho EF230 Servo Saver (FANTOM Ext) ~$5.00 This actually fit my DT-03 really well, and replaced my sticky stock servo saver. Tamiya 53601 (OP601) Low Friction 5 mm Adjuster (8 pcs) ~$2.00 because cheap low friction turnbuckle ends. Tamiya 53215 (OP215) M-Chassis Slicks (1 Pair) ~$2.50 - cheap 55D M-chassis slicks Tamiya 53204 (OP204) M-Chassis Inner Sponge ~$1.25 - 55D inner sponges Tamiya 54343 (OP1343) M-Chassis Lightweight Freewheel Axle ~$3.50 the lightweight version, I just wanted to try them... Tamiya 54996 (OP1996) M-Chassis Lightweight One-Piece Aluminum Axle & Hub Set ~$11.00 while $16+ elsewhere, I wanted to try them... Tamiya 40519 (OG-19) Setting Spring Set (Short) ~$5.00 only place I could actually find this TamTech part The only shipping to the US was the expensive stuff, as I said, but the upside is that I literally got it a week after ordering. From Japan.
  6. What he said. Nimh is fine, Lipo if fine - but your charger doesn't show the right plug adapter for the battery. Adapters from Deans plugs to Tamiya plugs are needed: https://www.lazada.com.my/products/ministar-deans-t-to-mini-tamiya-plug-female-male-adapter-connector-for-rc-toy-accessories-i2257264789-s9581865752.html?clickTrackInfo=query%3Adeans%2Btamiya%2Badapter%3Bnid%3A2257264789%3Bsrc%3ALazadaMainSrp%3Brn%3A036a24399f99de061c0c027b35189779%3Bregion%3Amy%3Bsku%3A2257264789_MY%3Bprice%3A5.92%3Bclient%3Adesktop%3Bsupplier_id%3A34296%3Basc_category_id%3A10416%3Bitem_id%3A2257264789%3Bsku_id%3A9581865752%3Bshop_id%3A44211&fastshipping=0&freeshipping=0&fs_ab=2&fuse_fs=0&lang=en&location=Overseas&price=5.92&priceCompare=&ratingscore=0&request_id=036a24399f99de061c0c027b35189779&review=&sale=0&search=1&source=search&spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.i40.53457845Baaucy&stock=1 Looks like the speed controller (ESC) is sold separately, although it isn't listed under separately required items? This one should work: https://www.lazada.com.my/products/hobbywing-quicrun-1060-60a-brushed-electronic-speed-controller-esc-for-110-rc-car-waterproof-for-rc-car-i3061531235-s15241064628.html?clickTrackInfo=query%3Arc%2Besc%3Bnid%3A3061531235%3Bsrc%3ALazadaMainSrp%3Brn%3A56315c953f517f48ed7c892c6768ca80%3Bregion%3Amy%3Bsku%3A3061531235_MY%3Bprice%3A79%3Bclient%3Adesktop%3Bsupplier_id%3A300165015451%3Basc_category_id%3A10425%3Bitem_id%3A3061531235%3Bsku_id%3A15241064628%3Bshop_id%3A2250473&fastshipping=0&freeshipping=1&fs_ab=1&fuse_fs=1&lang=en&location=Overseas&price=79&priceCompare=&ratingscore=5.0&request_id=56315c953f517f48ed7c892c6768ca80&review=5&sale=9&search=1&source=search&spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.i40.67852d7ago6MqQ&stock=1
  7. I kid, I kid. My dad loved his railroad models and setups, building the structures and sometimes the rail cars, and using molds of rocks to build terrain, etc. I can see the desire for scale realism, but also how this easily escalates into 'playing with dolls'. I'm somewhere in the middle; I have a couple transformers on my desk that change pose every once in a while, and If I can get clear windows on an RC car I'll put in a driver, even if I don't paint them well. PS on a different note, after pasting the gif on here, I noticed that Ned 'blinks' his eyes once; the black dot 'blinks', but no eye lid action. Skinner, however has his eyelids halfway down the whole time, so they exist in animation... does this mean Ned Flanders is an alien?!?
  8. They have only shown the shortest wheelbase, so as you extend it the feel/look might get 'lighter'. The usual M chassis is a box down the middle with everything stuck to the sides, and this is more like a tray setup. We will have to see I guess.
  9. It seems to take a lot of throwing the buggies into the corners versus driving the corners for me. My DT-03 was a LOT of Parking brake/J-turn style breaking into corners to get the rotation needed to get around the cones. The on-road car is much more a 'normal' drive.
  10. Yeah, not a competitive car, but a major upgrade compared to the Classic looking buggies of the 80's. Has the right look with the trailing arms and cage, but performs 10x better. I think this may become a really popular beach car, kinda like the Kyosho Turbo Scorpion. Get some paddles on it and have a lot of scale fun.
  11. Managed to get some runs on a dry driveway today. Piles of snow on the sides, but enough room to run the course. I finally got some 55D tires onto my GT-01, and they *barely* fit. The original tires weren't bad, not great either, but I want to keep them in good shape them since they are impossible to find. 3-4-5 corners seem to usually be a nice long sweeper; I need to make sure to line up 6 well from it though.
  12. If you order enough small pieces it is 'economical'... mind you I ordered more stuff. Strategy for this round - My sons birthday is coming up so I showed the wife a couple little items to get him and she said sure! it was only ~20% of the order, but it is now wife approved.
  13. Kyoshoamerica.com has them out of stock, but listed at least! $199 It can't be pre-orders; they literally had nothing on their site a couple days ago. I'm guessing it isn't so much as "out-of-stock" so much as coming soon. Anyway, perhaps this might push the price of the TD2 and/or BBX down a bit too.
  14. Tamiya was absolutely brilliant with the TT-02. You buy the base vehicle, mod it up, then "well I almost have all the parts to build another, so..." and you build another, mod it months later, and have a lot of left over parts to build another, so... At some point it becomes "well, this will only be a shelf queen, so it doesn't need mods. Then, several builds later, it becomes "no really, no mods on this shelf queen/basher I am building for my kid who isn't actually interetested..."
  15. Futaba FX-10 is an unsanctioned copy. People talk about how Tamiya must have helped Futaba with it's design (they are so close! parts are interchangeable), but in reality Futaba just took a different path from everyone else that was copying Tamiya at the time. Instead of copying the Hornet/Grasshopper, they took a step up and copied the Striker. Then they did it with their truck chassis. On the other side, out of all the Hornets/Grasshoppers/Strikers and their copies that are out there, the FX-10 is the only one I want. Stadium Trucks... aren't. They are at best "truggies". When they were just coming out in the early 90's, I heard of stadium truck rc before I saw it. I thought they actually would look like the trucks competing in stadium races, what we call short course trucks now. They were buggy chassis with big tires sticking way outside of truck bodies: I loved my buggies, and truggies kinda swept in as the 'new big thing' and swept my buggies aside. I can see these days that they are a good starter RC, as those big wheels soak up a lot of impacts, so they tend to be more durable than other syles, but they aren't Stadium Trucks. It's "dee-cale" not "deh-call"
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