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  1. I happen to be fiddling around with my Lambo GT-01, and noticed that some of the suspension arms pins are this style with the flat head on one end and e-clip on the other. 2.6mm diameter I think though: https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/tt-gear-option-parts/rc-gt-01-reinforced-sus-shaft/ So Tamiya has used them before, but not much.
  2. They could machine the inner head surface after forging the head. I'm not saying they do, but they could. Also, e-clips sometime get bent in use. I'm glad these were found! bookmarking so I can come back to them in future builds. Anything that reduces the number of e-clips is a good thing.
  3. 9805683 is labelled as 25mm, 54395 is labelled 22mm, and they are the same part. both are 22mm clip to clip, 25mm overall length. Tamiya isn't consistent in labeling these things.
  4. SHOOTING BUBBLES!!! other ridiculous kit: B2B Sidecar https://tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/58017-58017?position=1720&total=1736
  5. COOL! I have been pondering getting a Nexxt but impossible to find for a reasonable price. This chassis was most recently the Monster Tracker 2.0, and it had several improvements: 1: The motor sits higher so the rear end isn't dragging lower than the rest of the chassis. 2: The gear case has 5 or 6 pinion mounting hole options, 21 to 27 pinion teeth (48P) 3: I think the old steering servo mount was a bit odd? This one has a normal mounting system. I really want a kit without the electronics, but I might have to grab this anyway and source a Nexxt body...
  6. Very cool! M wheel hub - 55D or 60D? Edit - brain fart, 55D or 60D is outside tire diameter,not relevant.
  7. I like how they did the motor to fit in the rear - keeps the back end narrow for time period specific cars. Ultimately I think this could open up a world of 3d printed cars. I'll bet somebody could 3d print the non-common parts of this for under $200.
  8. Plazajapan.com for cheap prices on Tamiya bits... when they are in stock. Tamiya part #54579 is 16 x 1150 bearings for ~$9 dollars US. plus shipping of course, so you need to buy a lot to offset the high shipping costs. $0.25 per bearing shipped is awesome though! I keep pondering a G6-01, and that requires near 40 bearing by itself.
  9. About a year and a half ago I figured this out for the DT-02 steering. It was better than stock, but reeaally fiddly to install (notice the front suspension isn't there...). I was working on an alternate, but the lack of space in the steering box for a DT-02 kept delaying that one. ezgif.com-gif-maker.mp4 One day late December I had an epiphany - turn the servo around - put the servo head near the battery. With a short/drift servo that gave me the room I needed, and I was able to prototype this: It works! I attached the steering arms to the piece that fits over the servo. It installs MUCH easier. The piece is ~1mm higher than the stock piece, but stays under a Sandviper shell (I think the tightest DT-02 shell in that spot) with ease. I'm quite happy with this. I've got a page of tweaks/notes to go back into CAD and refine it, but IT WORKS!
  10. Just before Christmas I thought of a way to fix the DT-02 steering, and sent it to shapeways to print. It was supposed to arrive January 2nd - does that count? mind you, it looks like UPS lost it - Their last scan of the package was 4 days ago...
  11. The Kyosho is probably a rebranded 1060. I think you will find a couple percent difference between the same esc simply because of part variation. The second part of his testing was linked above, and that had similar but closer results for the Tamiya HW and the Kyosho. Kyosho *might* spec the best output ones get selected for them, or it is just variability. Considering they cost twice as much though, they are not a cost effective choice. Presumably with the same transmitter/receiver the calibration results would be the same everytime, getting it to 100% throttle for every test, but possibly some hit 99%?
  12. It looks like the Ranger nano ELRS module is the one from Radiomaster that plugs right in. https://www.radiomasterrc.com/products/ranger-nano-2-4ghz-elrs-module here is a list of the known protocols the 4-in-1 supports: (70 so far) https://github.com/pascallanger/DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module/blob/master/Protocols_Details.md That is a lot! but not (for example) the new Flysky ANT protocol - that is apparently a using a different chip from what the 4-in-1 module has. If someone creates a module for it, however it could become available at a later date. Maybe if the ground based stuff becomes popular enough for the EdgeTX team and/or Radiomaster, perhaps a 5-in-1 or 6-in-1 module might get created to deal with newer ground chips/protocols/receivers? Possibly an additional module... Ultimately that gives a lot of options for where you get your new receivers, not just what is already in your collection.
  13. That is 90% of my time some days... ezgif.com-gif-maker.mp4
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