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  1. It should make higher speeds a bit more stable. The only thing I've seen specific to that is this bit I found. It is an upright that is swappable between trailing and lined up. at the end it mentioned the trailing setup for high speed circuit:
  2. I was thinking like if you put an expanding foam into an aluminum can; no bonding, but structural support is better than if it wasn't there. 'Course, it could pop out in this situation, so... I was avoiding bonding, as I was worrying about weakening the part, because I was filling it in. Maybe worrying too much. In hindsight, bonding is all that would hold something in there to support the piece. I suppose I could pull some material off of the sprue and glue it across the hole and try to close it up. This is all far from perfect, just pondering ways to get a bit more strength.
  3. You know, I've seen that spot a lot as a breakage point. luckily I haven't broken it myself (yet...), but it got me wondering. The back of that spot is hollow, so it is kind of a shell. What could we put in there to fill it up and give it strength? I wouldn't want to use a glue that melts the plastic, but what about epoxy? what else?
  4. That is what is has morphed into here as well. half the commercials it seems are for a dark sale of some sort during the months of November. It started with Black Friday, then Cyber Monday rolled in, and now stores have decided to spread it over the month.
  5. you could get #54710, a 40 ml bottle, which is twice the size of each of the little bottles here.
  6. Just submit a different time for each car. check the previous results; several people have multiple cars on there with different times. and Enjoy it!
  7. I don't think it is officially a 'new' JIS; that standards body ceased operations, so there isn't anyone certifying JIS anymore. on the other side, a lot of companies are tweaking their phillips head to cam-out less. I went down that rabbit hole a few months ago, and I think there are over a dozen different designs out there that technically fit a phillips head or JIS head these days, with varying amounts of cam-out, grippy textures and such to prevent issues.
  8. did you check both front & rear CVAs? The front shocks are 1 mm smaller diameter, so the diaphragm may fit. just wondering. edit: hehe, front and rear are different for everyone. I mean short cva vs mini, green vs red diaphragm I think.
  9. It would be kinder on the shock towers, yes. The rear chassis for your DT-02 looks a little more stout that the DT-03, so more landings on the chassis is ok. My DT-03 still hits the chassis under full shock compression too.
  10. I have the SE 2nd gen, and like it quite a bit. I used to have a larger phone (alcatel idol 4s), but went smaller and couldn't be happier. I can use this with one hand all day.
  11. The *rear* CVA's in the DT-03 get a ~6mm spacer, just above the bottom spring perch. That makes the shock bottom out before the body does, although it is very close. Doesn't affect ride height. Technically, you could put the spacer *under* the spring perch, and also get some spring preload too. It is ok, and good for the shock to stay a little compressed at ride height. It doesn't need to extend all the way back up.
  12. Huh! didn't realize a 380 adapter was out there for the DT-02/03. Anyway, I was going to tell you that there is more geometry involved, but then I did the geometry, and... yeah, pretty much 12t. It might not be *exact*, since the angles of the mounting holes on the case are at slightly different angles, but it won't be 11t or 13t, it will be 11.9 or 12.1-ish.
  13. I think there is a discussion on here about some small set screws that hold the rear sway tight, that aren't necessarily noted in the instructions. I can't find that discussion though. I don't (yet) use the sway bars.
  14. If they are the 'basic' CVAs with the metal one piece shaft/damper, the coating can wear off and go into the oil. My DT-03 is ~5 month old and I decided to change up the shocks with better o-rings and different oil viscosity. I popped the fronts (minis) open and they were fine, and I saved that oil. The rears (shorts) had a lot of particulate floating around in them. I didn't save that oil. You could see that it had worn off of the shaft.
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