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  1. a little update. had to make a set of one of the best looking wheels (imo) out there.
  2. thanks man, ya that GT was a difficult but nice build, as you can see i really like the entire castrol liverly.
  3. tackled this project over the weekend, new EK body. this body was a little difficult as the rear bumper had to but cut and fitted on. i also decanted some park green and mixed in a bit of silver metallic and backed it with white to get as close to Midori green as possible.
  4. SICK spoon setup! muffler looks just like a spoon N1, what did you use to make it? if you painted the wheels flat black they would look really close to the spoon SW388s too. i'm waiting on another EG body in the mail and I was going to do the same thing but where did you find the spoon stickers in that scale? looks great.
  5. that CF chassis looks so sick. makes me want to build one too. nice work.
  6. oh it has been a pain already and i haven't even gotten into the meat of it with masking, painting, LED's etc etc. but i plan on just taking my time to make sure everything is done to the best of my ability. TBH, i find RC car bodies much harder to do than the models because the whole painting from the inside thing; but it's good to hear that i'm not the only botching body post holes haha sucks about the EF body tho, i was on the fence between the EK and the EF body myself. i'd love to get a castrol rally body actually, i have a collection of that livery in my models and it would be super cool to have a RC body to match, can't decided if i want to do it to a road car or lately i was thinking about making a rally TT02 with the castrol celica rally livery. you know what you're right about the prelude body, i thought pandora made one but they have EK, EF, older civic, S2k and NSX, but the HPI one looks decent if you can get your hands on one. looks super wide tho lol
  7. thankyou! haha ya i'm a bit of a honda nut to be honest.
  8. thanks! the Pandora body so far is...ok. for it to line up with the rear body posts, they come out right where the spoiler is, so in order to get some cotter pins in you have to cut out a spoiler extension and glue all that to the body and even then it'll be a tight fit for the pins. also, the body came with the indention lines to cut out like a diffuser almost but i wanted the oem rear bumper and lip that is separate so cutting out the actual bumper and attaching the oem one is almost next to impossible to get to fit cleanly. it's also very thin too, probably can't take much abuse but i do like how it comes molded with a aftermarket style front lip and hood; no window, headlights or taillight masks either but does have light bowls for LEDs. IMO, the ABC body was nicer because it was thicker, but neither of them compare to tamiya bodies they are much better. that EK9 body from MST looks nice tho! i should have gotten that. a Gen 5 prelude body would be sick, Pandora has one i believe but the dimensions are a little off to me. thanks on the compliment on the mclaren, that thing took me forever to build because i put alot of detail into it. having too many kits is NEVER a bad thing! haha i have the EK civic body, might get another EG body, and a kyosho turbo burns body to all do lol. should keep me busy for a good while.
  9. ah good advice, i will try the magazine with the sand paper on the EK body, i can never cut the wheel wells out perfectly by hand. thanks!
  10. it's ok, i knew that going into it but that's mainly why i run the cars in a parking lot instead of the street; especially the road car that's quicker and easier to slap into a curb lol.
  11. Hi Tamiya club, i thought i would post up my builds here. a little background on myself, ive been building tamiya models for the past few years and enjoy building them. these are two out of the many that i've built: I've always been interested in RC cars but never started however within the last 8 months or so i've got bitten by the bug and haven't stopped. this hobby has been really fun and great at eating up the spare time during covid. I don't compete or anything i just build them for fun and to mess around in a parking lot or on the street for the most part. i'm learning alot as i go along but still have so much to learn. i'll start off with my Tamiya TT02 build. I useto own a 1994 integra that I heavily modded myself, built an engine and added a turbo on it, so of course i had to get a Integra body for it. anyways here's some pics: so i started with a TT02D EG civic kit. this is my first rc car ever. had lots of fun putting it together. added a few parts like the aluminum drive shaft. painted, and added some grip wheels. the hard plastic drift wheels had the car all over the place lol of course, i had to get a ABC hobby Integra body and also a light kit. Drilling body post holes for me I found really difficult and messed up. also added some wider work wheels and tamiya X pattern tires. then I got bit by the aftermarket parts bug lol installed a complete yeah racing aluminum kit, hobby link brushless motor and ESC, CF shock towers etc. having a blast with it. it's actually a bit too fast for the street but i love the speed that it can carry in a parking lot. i've been running the integra body recently but decided to keep it as a display body and purchased a pandora civic EK body for running duty, that's currently where i'm at with it so far. now during the time that I was building the TT02 road car, I met up with two friends who were in the hobby for a long time. one day when we met up to run a friend showed me the buggy he had and i knew i needed to get one lol. so after taking the budget into consideration, I came across a used Tamiya DF-02 frame, did a little bit of research and decided to pull the trigger on it. this was my first attempt at a complete build that i would have to order everything for which i'm glad I did because I really learned alot from building it. the buggy got the Sport tuned motor and ESC that came with the TT02D, some amazon wheels and tires and aftermarket suspension. then I just went ham and ordered everything lol all aluminum parts and finally gave it a paint job anyways, thanks for reading, i'll continue to update this thread as I go, right now the next project is a vintage Kyosho Turbo burns that I just got that I will be doing a full restoration on but i'll post that in the other section.
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