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  1. Looking to do resto work on ABS plastic body but really only like the colors of vintage automotive paint for it. Anyone have tips or input about layering actual automotive polyurethane on ABS? Can it be polished afterward or needs clear coat? Thanks!
  2. Thanks all. Right now there's a guy on Ebay trying to sell a painted 3D printed Blazing Blazer repro body for $1200 usd. Did a decent job it looks like on a definite challenge, but wtaf lol.
  3. I agree. It was really interesting to try to resurrect a discontinued body, but it's literally like trying to build one from scratch even after it's created and no guarantee on the final outcome.
  4. This is probably. The most likely way to go. Just no way to get those lines out after sanding for days.
  5. Thanks for that. Yeah the vapor smoothing is not really an option. I think I'll explore the spray putty route and see if that helps to smooth out some of those more glaring filament lines.
  6. Working on a 3D printed mini Cooper body. It's not a bad copy, but the layering lines are brutal. Not to mention eliminating the joint lines (almost beyond my skill set). Even with tremendous sanding down to 1200 grit the fine lines in flat areas of the body still show with the first light (white) primer coat in many areas. It's a tremendous amount of real estate to sand and very frustrating. Any tips to remove these effectively without taking a belt sander to it? Lol. Also I learned the hard way that TS Primer dries super fast once aerosolized, especially outside with a mild breeze. Parts of the coat came out like sand paper. Bad. So sanding has to resume anyway.
  7. Just came across this thread cruising around. I just wanted to say what a thrill it was 20 years ago to find Jason's ebay site when I first got into what was then newly termed "vintage" rc.. his Japan based store ("a businessman living in Japan") gave me my first NIB Tamiya Super Champ that I'd seen in 20 years (at that time) and that kit was literally like a time machine for me back in 2005. Miss that thrill.
  8. This is an old(er) thread but if anyone is interested I've found major airports off season have the best rates and easiest convenience if you can. 24 hour availability and you don't have to worry about the 12 noon open and close scam. Always a great variety also. Do the pre- check online and they just point you to a bunch of cars with the keys already inside. Nobody with a tablet standing over you. Just have to Uber there and back.
  9. That makes sense because I did try to buy one thing back in the summer and they said the item was no longer in stock after I completed it. So I figured they're all just a scam.
  10. Japanese sellers on EBay that list the same kit and photos three different times with three different price points.
  11. Just want to say thanks to Chris very much for over 20 years of maintaining this website. I'm not a Facebook fan and I enjoy the old school nature of this. So many things and people have come and gone over two decades and it has truly been a pleasure to keep being able to tune in and cruise this site. This hobby has been a 40 year on and off distraction for me and I know many others with so much water having passed under that bridge. So THANKS very much for being here and giving my and many others' random RC interests some relevance and confirmation. Great job.
  12. Not sure how many followed Don Yost on his scale modeler YouTube. He passed this year from a brain tumor. I'm not saying there was a proven link, but I can't imagine a lifetime of breathing in these fumes can be free of consequences. I will now only spray in an open air area, even if it means packing and finding an empty lot on the weekend.
  13. This. I've lived in a condo for the past three tree years now, since we relocated south, and I find the hardest part of starting a project is the actual un- packing of all the tools and media needed..
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