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  1. Did you put the kit diffs back in though as it sounds like that or something binding, axle or bearing? Stafford for me this weekend just gone for the Iconic Cup round, car was great, TQ. Final was good but not as successful, over 4 mins I had 2nd place under a metre off me, eventually went a foot wide and he was past, great race and he deserved the win. He said he was running same compound front and rear, if that's true then no idea how as I have to run softer on the rear else it is all over the place! Running that split compound etc meant it was nice and consistent ie laps 9-14 here http://rc-results.com/viewer/Main/DriverResult?raceId=38840&driverId=40155 PS: Just realised who you are as well, commented on a recent FB post of yours, off out on my bike tonight
  2. Way too high, I was running around 5.5 f+r when there. Yes there are a couple of bumps but it's not a rough/bumpy surface like some other places. Having it high will make grip roll more likely. I had it a bit but was running too soft I think as it was late in the corner. Superglue the sidewalls not ideal but a fix. Most are running the lighter lower Mondeo shell whereas my Tamiya Impreza one is heavier and higher so not ideal but I don't want to change now, will just put up with it. That first sweeper is tricky, I could take it flat or just a slight partial lift but the rear was getting a bit frisky. Could try wider hexes on the back to calm it a bit. Veering off right sounds odd, if nothing is binding in the suspension (check with shocks off) then does point to the diff, yes try the kit ones again to narrow it down.
  3. I did the Iconic meeting there at the weekend, my first visit, stock class with my TT01e so only a couple of mods allowed, great track, jump hilarious and loved the banked 180. Some of the curbs a bit evil though. My car was great in Saturday PM practise and then rounds 1 and 2 of qualifying. I stupidly then messed with the diffs and it was a disaster for Q3 and only vaguely ok for Q4. Got TQ on count back, 15 laps on a 306 I think. The final it was still having some random issues at the back and one grip roll which cost me the win. Came down to the last corner, I tried but the gap wasn't quite big enough. Fun race, wish there had been 2 finals though. The 1060 in my TT01 has been ok but I put one in my M05 at the same time a couple of months ago and that with a Tamiya Torque Tuned kept tripping the low voltage and going into limp mode. A common issue with them it seems. I have since put both into nimh jumper setting despite running lipos (I charge after every run) and so far been ok. Not had any cutting out or excessive temperature that I've noticed other than from my V3 motor at Iconic round 1 but it was a blisteringly hot day!
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