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  1. nah, blue Impreza. I am booked in for West London but it's over 5hrs each way for me so depends how Carlisle goes and then Halifax.... Good track though WL, would go regulary if lived near
  2. Glad you had fun, I didn't really. Two classes was a nightmare, especially with marshalling twice. Probably should have run the M03 I got for more than 10 minutes before as well as it was constantly falling apart/breaking/being useless! I eventually got it to 3rd for the A, up to 2nd in the final then it bounced off the track as handling so bad, marshal took 7 seconds to recover it from 1 metre then a lap later a shock fell off (see earlier comment) so that was that. As for Stock. No idea how they are going fast with this years motor, I was miles off. Tried another one and a further half a second slower! Just scrapped into the A and 5th at the end, maybe would have got 3rd but I waited ages for a car to be recovered after a 50/50 (marshalling was some of the worst I've seen at this event). The final at least had some fun bits as it was in the wet and whatever I'm not aware of motor wise didn't matter so much. All tracks should have built in sprinklers, should also do this for real motorsport. Wish the events had more than 1 final, drop a qualifier and do 3+2 On the plus side I didn't have a TP go up in smoke, the one in the M03 lasted all day, very rare Booked into both classes again at Carlisle, hopefully a less franctic day. If I have an issue with one of the cars then the river is only ~10m over the hedge so I reckon I could get the car in it with a decent throw
  3. Had a look in my emails and I use these https://speedrc.co.uk/yeah-racing-50mm-big-bore-go-damper-set-for-1-10-touring-car-mtc-black/ When I looked online some said use 55mm but 50mm seemed ok for me and I measured them this morning, that is eye to eye. I used Xray TC springs, normally one step stiffer on the back, didn't try the included ones. Oil was ~500 but might go thinner this year. Normally ran softer tyres on the rear as you can't run the toe in rear uprights in Stock
  4. Nope, I'm north of Newcastle so Carlisle is my 'local' (70 mins). Mendip too far. I have entered all the others but I will do Broxtowe and Carlisle then make a call on the remaining rounds. Cutting out as in losing radio or just turning off completely? Bit weird. I had the issue of 4 or so motors going up in smoke! Glad Stock has moved to a different one. Only doing M-chassis as I got the car second hand and it already had the TP motor in. Carlisle was running well on Sunday, practise day, first time it's been used since October. Was highly amusing running the TP M03 in with the normal torque tuned ones that we run at the club. Managed a triple overtake one lap down the straight
  5. Gave my Stock class TT01 a quick run at Carlisle on Sunday, seemed ok with the Core 21, wasn't as slow as I expected down the straight (will feel different at Halifax no doubt). Car seemed to be driving ok having reverted from Super Stock spec so I put it away to avoid faffing with it and 100% making it worse
  6. Sounds successful I've entered M-Chassis this year alongside Stock to help pass the time between rounds. Almost certainly going to regret it with marshalling twice and probably have two broken/terrible cars Only used an M03 twice so will be a learning event at Broxtowe although I run newer ones so not a total newbie to the class.
  7. Change of motor for this year (which is great as I had so many of the TP ones catch fire!), think it will need big pinion most of the time, probably 27 or 28T and fit the allowed 55T spur. As you're not allowed the rear toe in uprights in Stock the rear can be an issue. I always ran softer tyres on the back.
  8. See you at Broxtowe Reminds me that I haven't touched mine since the last round last year and I need to swap the motor as well!
  9. Best option might be to just go along to that local club and ask a few racers if you can try some of their springs on the bench to see what seems vaguely right size and stiffness. Most will have a box full (I have most Xray touring car ones for example)
  10. Hmm cunning and yes far less hassle to be able to use TC sized ones instead of cutting and gluing the tyres with a bit removed.
  11. Are you cutting and gluing the TC pins onto smaller Mchassis wheels? Can't tell from the photo. I race TC and now Mchassis on a wood floor. With TC the narrow pins work better than the wider ones. Wear rate is bad as mentioned above. Never tried indoor tarmac (where is this track?) but on indoor wood the grip changes so much throughout the night as dust etc is cleared up that setup changes are almost pointless. We have only recently started running Mchassis but have gone with the Tamiya rally blocks to keep costs down and easy to fit. My M07 and M05 were pretty terrible in their normal (club winning) outdoor setups. The next visit all I took was just the M05 having put in a very loose kit gear diff, no other changes other than lowering it to about 4mm (smooth floor) and it was much better. Yes you get the odd bit of oversteer but just keep on the power. We have been using additive which helps quite a bit even without warmers Stiffer front springs and a tigher diff will all lead to more understeer. If you have enough front grip/turn in then go that route. I do the opposite for the slippy wood floor as otherwise it just barely turns in, I don't mind snap oversteer occasionally, just keep the power on to pull it straight
  12. Mad Ax - I presume that's one of the HPI EK9 shells, did you just have it laying around or have you found somewhere which actually has some? I've been looking for another for years as my M05 one is well mangled now! It looked great when newer especially with the included light buckets fitted and racing under the floodlights outdoors. I noticed someone else had one as well, a light brown one
  13. TT02 not eligible unfortunately as too new. Great write up, sorry to hear about the bite, I had one when younger, still got a mark.... Bit of a disaster for me, won Stock champ last year, this was my first outing in Super Stock but I didn't get round to doing a new shell so was running a heavy high up Impreza one still. Managed to drag it round to 3rd on the A grid despite losing Q4 to a pinion retention issue (.....) Few changes for the final and it was better, first couple of minutes great, got into the lead, small gap then hit a kerb letting 2nd place close back in and then a few laps later he closed in further to 0mm and hit me sigh. Got going again, think I was running 4th near the end when on the last lap the motor went up in smoke and I didn't make the finish 5.5 hour drive home after was "fun".... Broxtowe this weekend, hopefully go better
  14. I believe it comes with both chassis so that's £90-100 worth there. Still not cheap but Tamiya stuff never is...
  15. Did you put the kit diffs back in though as it sounds like that or something binding, axle or bearing? Stafford for me this weekend just gone for the Iconic Cup round, car was great, TQ. Final was good but not as successful, over 4 mins I had 2nd place under a metre off me, eventually went a foot wide and he was past, great race and he deserved the win. He said he was running same compound front and rear, if that's true then no idea how as I have to run softer on the rear else it is all over the place! Running that split compound etc meant it was nice and consistent ie laps 9-14 here http://rc-results.com/viewer/Main/DriverResult?raceId=38840&driverId=40155 PS: Just realised who you are as well, commented on a recent FB post of yours, off out on my bike tonight
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