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  1. Pretty good start, I grab a seat.
  2. Get last touchs on two drivers, one for my Bear Hawk and the other one for a futur project. First try to model something with the Tamiya putty, I added the visor on blue helmet.
  3. What a true piece of art. This TTC looks awesome. It's really hard to find a solution, without spending a lot of money. Is there any improvements that can be done without a bucket of cash or launching a treasure hunt ? Seems there is no "easy" way. I found this metal bracket but I don't know if we get a real improvement.
  4. @Kol__ works really well, way better then pogo sticks and its a cheap solution to get a better car, I got lots of projects that still waiting. I'm a bit sad 'cause I couldn't find any red shocks. JcRacing rims repro. There is a good amount of varations, if you need some repro wheels, go for it. Tires fits pertectly on it. https://www.jcracingproducts.co.uk/tamiya/wild-one Its a shame they don't have any repro speed dish rims @TurnipJF yep that the idea when I choose those orange rims. Color are pretty close, just a bit dull compared to orange decal (my phone brighten a bit too much). But that did the trick and I'm a bit bored trying to solve that wheels problem Thanks for your opinion. I will take some proper shots, when I got some time and a nice weather.
  5. I got some free time to work on my Bear Hawk. MCI repro decals does the job, they are much fragile but I'm pretty pleased by the result. Now I'm playing around to find the good wheels combo... For me that is the hardess part of this project. Then after a quick test run, I choose to get rid of stock pogo dampers and installed some left over dampers from my RX Memorial.
  6. Great, thanks. I can't find any info about the gear ratio for those motors.
  7. What a great gearbox you go there, pretty jucy.
  8. I'm currentlly looking to install on my 45th anniversary a RZ motor/UGT motor, wich pinion have you installed ? Nice build anyway ! Good job.
  9. @InsaneJim69 That livery/car reminds me so much souvenirs. Nice one !
  10. @Dakratfink yep for sure. I would like to achive a first "safe" clean before coming back home few days later.
  11. Thanks for your help mates. I will pick my trusty Blackfoot, my brother got a Wild Willy, perfect for a fun session. I may took some souvenir action shots
  12. Hi there, I took some days-off at a ski resort next week and I would like to know if there is any recommandations. Thats a first adventure for me, seems I must avoid aeras that has been salted. For cleaning job, no compressor at disposal only minimal stuff/tools. Just some clear water with a brush on every parts then WD40 on ball bearings ? Cars with solid axle seems the way to go ? Less maintenance, easiest job with minimal stuff ? I got a Blackfoot or my DT02 Memorial.
  13. Thanks for you answer. I need to find another way then.
  14. I got a HILUX Monster Racer to rebuild, this will work without any modifications ? All you need is that gearbox and TA06 balldiff ? Maybe heat motor plate ? I'm currently looking for a solution, cause I would like to run this lovely car without any issue. Good luck with your labor of love @Sgt.Speirs
  15. Is there any option for the rear wheel plastic "hex" spacer ? Or the plastic ones would do the job ? I would like to install a Torque Tuned motor, any recommandation for the pinion ?
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