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  1. Here is last treasures I found past month. I'm too busy to work on my rcs, what a shame... But I will coming back at the end of my beekeeper season. And has a bonus, here is the car I bought to work. *shoted by my brother I got few issues to solve, but for a lady from 1991, she roll like queen. Did 900kms to came back at home, with out any problem. Thats a lovely car and really fun to use.
  2. Nice project, I'm tempted to get one for a rally spec. I grab a seat to see how it ends.
  3. Love the story telling with you action schots in your scaled garage ! Its another way to follow along the journey of your building process. It turns out really well, nice color pick for the shell.
  4. @Willy iine thanks for your kind words. I not fan of the black box art shell, I tried to found a nice constrast between decals and orange flashy nose.
  5. Nice one, that orange vibes ! I love it. Dyed did on the shocks works really well, it seems pretty close. I got a project on that one with another body shell, you confirm that I need to add this one to my collection !
  6. Really nice job mate, I love the contrast between red/black and white. You did a great job with your custom stickers ! Lovely. I love Dt-02 chassis, robust, easy to maintain and works well on the field. Definitly one of my favorite car to drive.
  7. Some shots from my last project. I'm pretty pleased by the result and the budget I keep as low as possible, can't wait to give it a run. Now its time to move on another project !
  8. Cool project, I follow along your journey ?!
  9. Shelf : none Daily driver : RX Memorial, Blackfoot, Bear Hawk NIB : MF01X Beetle, Holiday Buggy, Comical Hornet, TT02B Plasma Edge And some projects to rebuild.
  10. Great job every ones, @Ferruz get his throne and crown back I struggled a lot with that #6, every time my car (RX and Bear) overshoot way too much. I really need to fix the steering on my TT02, it was like driving a bucker on ice. Skating all around the place. Pretty pleased with my rank on that one ! This is for sure one of my favorite car. I need to get a tarmac spec for the next one.
  11. That should be a lovely present from my sister I got for Christmas. A car who didn't get enought love, more coming soon Bear in the wood roaming around.
  12. Lovely, nice details and colors choice.
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