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  1. Yep definitly thats a pretty unique Tamiya shell design. I found an original decal set, I'm not sure if I will jump on it. The price is pretty fair.
  2. Thanks, I will try to contact him when my 45th anniversary Porsche going to land on my desk. It could be a nice alternativ shell. I keep an eye on your topic for final result.
  3. Really great project, definitly waiting for the result. I can't find body shell on Tony's shop. I only get Gt3 or Gt1. Thats a pretty neat livery.
  4. Ahah thanks mutch appreciated. This : Found during my holiday trip for a pretty sweet price. Got everything I need, paints and parts. Ready to lift-off.
  5. Final update for this project : I'm quite pleased with the result, thats barely what I'm thinking about. If you zoom in, you can see sparklings from white pearl shinning trough the orange translucent paint. Got some small painted aeras to redo with a brush. I was really tempted to trim down black parts on decals, but at the end I think it was not that bad with those black stripes. That was a pretty nice kit to build, now lets give him his first run ?! And start working on my new project !
  6. @Juhunio wow what a lovely place you got there, really like it. @Kol__ haha nice trick ?! Great can't wait to see final result on your Madcap, let me know when you're done. I may be up for your left parts. @DeadMeat666 that a huge treasure chest ?! You got plenty of room.
  7. @Kol__Hahah your workspace in my workspace Nice Mad Cap you got there, I felt in love with this nice lady, I need to find one. This is the best tool set I bought since I came back in the hobby. If you can find one of thos, definilty grab it. Yup it's pretty conveniente to get all research/youtube next to me, I need to redo my main screen support, to slide my keyboard under it and add a little bit more space.
  8. Here is mine : It a bit messy and full of stuff every where, but everything I need are near by. In the black and white desk this is the paint chest. Gaming room and rc's/models work bench.
  9. Rigid axles chassis ? I'm currently looking for a car to enjoy on the beach, without too mutch maintenance.
  10. Really great gold/gunmetal combo. Is it an MCI decals set ?
  11. Everything arrived today just in time, for my day-off. Perfect shot. Ready to start my next project !
  12. How did you achive that orange ? Seems pretty vivid.
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