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  1. The chequered Fenders are not bad, Just remove the Front stripe, i hope the paint is ok with that... then voila
  2. Ney, too much going on. At least leave the stripe in Front away Cos that one looks like it came in tape Form at the Hardware Store....
  3. Ive used them in rally cars and it holds up quite well. I rarely roll over though. I have had struts come apart but that was due to only using Hot glue.. Just sticked them back on again. I think the more space between cage and shell, the better, so it kind of floats inside and doesnt really Suffer a Hit in a crash. So dont make it too tight and dont fix evrything together too ridgidly, e.g. the cockpit inside the shell..
  4. Thanks ! I appreciate the offer, but i have so little time even to do anything for myself (little kids etc.), that i cant do that unfortunately... That Ready-to-buy roll cage looks nicer than most ive seen, but Chances are that it will need major modifications. Id really suggest you try building the styrene cage from scratch, its no rocket science and quite rewarding in the end .. Heres another take on a cage, its really feasible: https://youtu.be/QEI-3Y505w4
  5. My process: 1. Build it when the shell is still clear. 2. Use 5mm rod, Not tube (Bends better). Weight and center of Gravity doesnt matter to you when you decide to put in a cockpit. Just makes it drive more realistic. 3. Make cardboard templates of the inner shape of the roof. 4. Start with the hoop behind the seat. 5. Take a tea candle and turn the rod over the flame till it gets soft. Put on the table so its flat and bend it into the template shape. Always test fit. Rather have too much space between shell and cage than too little, otherwise it can rub off the paint. 6. Carefully drill 5mm holes in the cockpit. Only needed 4, 2 for Front a pillar struts and 2 for hoop. The Rear rods are levitating so to say. 7. Dremel the ends with a round tool so the rods fit together nicely. 8. Glue rods together with tamiya orange glue or uhu acrylit. 1 rod at a time, hold in place with tape. 9. Paint with ts. btw, no need to glue the cage to the cockpit, the rods stick and hold nicely in the 5mm holes.
  6. Hi, on my Blackfoot which shares the same plate, i dremeled a little rounded recess in the middle...i also had to back out the screws and put some washers behind them because of battery width. There are also battery packs with the wires coming out in another place...at least lipo, dont know nor care about nimh...
  7. That 911gt1 turned out reallY beautiful, congrats
  8. This is sooo insane. The picture literally looks 1:1. I saw it and thought that it must be uncomfortable to build the kit on that stool. Then i realized after willys comment only... Do You know the "Miniatur wunderland" in Hamburg? I guess you'd like it a lot !
  9. Hi, ive never been an m Chassis Fan because i've always found them seem so cramped and full, especially with Electronics. BUT this is the one bodyshell that has really stayed in my mind for the last 20 years. It looks gorgeous, especially with that livery and color..Corsa grey, isn't it ? ..magnificient, and i bet a Joy to drive. Congrats
  10. ... Forgot to add wiper and rear view mirror... Doh...
  11. Ta03r... More in the spirit of mid motor rally race cars like 205 t16 or r5 turbo of course.... BTW I also thought it'd fit a ff01... Other possibility might be tl01? Tb03? Lots of trf cars or ta07 msx which might be transformable into ff if you want (leave 1 belt away)...
  12. So..... I´ve FINALLY managed to finish and photograph Godzilla (and its great grandson) .... Again, a shoutout to KUHFARBEN / Truck Norris for the great inspiration and sharing a few tips on his facebook publishings ! If you read this, don´t worry, I´m not planning to "copy" more of your builds. My next 3 TA03 builds are already destined, and they´re all type of cars that KUHFARBEN hasn´t built (yet). But enough of this, let´s go GODZILLA ! by the way... this is eventually going to be a runner. The other reason beside falling in love with the original car was because it has quite some ride height whilst still looking proper, so I thought it would be a good street runner. I am going to save this body and wheels though, so I have to paint and sticker the 2nd body up first before I will run it. The runner wheels are at the start of the thread if I remember correctly, THey´re 1-piece, very similar design, and also painted up nicely. But as you saw, I shouldnt forget to do the soldering job, too... The 2nd shell will be really really similar, maybe I leave the jacks and the exhausts away, because in my opinion they´re a pain to attach, they´re weighty and in running will be a weak point... cheers
  13. Hi, I did notice that but there are tons of variations on the body, I'm sure it is possible to find one without that bubble... Still the indent on the middle of the roof is different...I've also seen that in different heights at least... Cutting away the rear motor cover should be the smallest problem.. Also the front could be just a different cut. Maybe it's something completely different, who knows... Important Wil be that the contour fits the chassis...
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