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  1. Nice one. Thats a point i often have to solve on a build...
  2. Looks to me as if the posts of the carbon battery holder 53261 were used, but not the carbon plate wirh the wings to attach the glass tape. Instead, the original carbon servo holder middle Deck of the ta03r plates was used (intended for use with the doubledeck plastic battery holder). So you dont have a possibility to secure a battery at the moment. Thats of course the worst of both worlds at the moment... you need either the 53261 or the plastic parts...
  3. Nice that makes me smile ... but i really nearly Fell for a tf or egress as well.... but for now im focusing on my special projects (ta03)... now im thinking about another tf undertray to make a sandwich from the top to close everything off... Just had to test first if it fits at all... next time i might drill the lower Deck to screw it on as well... before i had a complex plate construction to keep it clean inside but it all had weak points.... So for now just quick and dirty and go for some rally action during vacation ...
  4. ..... undertray !!!! .....because it fits my ta03 so well ... hope i gotcha... well now i have some top force in my life and still not the reliability issues or losing loyalty to my beloved chassis ...
  5. Some might have noticed me getting weak when i read @wtcc5 's egress build thread .. made me want an egress, top force evo or top force .....would have bought the egress had i won the 50% coupon from tamiya germany easter lottery... but obly got 20% which is like the market price... on the other hand, i read about wtcc5's troubles with the top force.... so this helped me stay strong......thanks well... finally i got weak though and bought a top force.....
  6. What he said ....same here .... btw, i only started to like the ss motors this year. I always used to look down on anything above 15t, and especially without bearings (as i raced a lot of graupner "bb" - ball bearing motors already in the late 80s, and they werent even special) but **** the ss motors look nice ... and every Video ive seen of them they dont look slow at all.. although i used to think 23t is something for crawlers ... thanks for the nice description and good tips!
  7. Well the dyna run super touring is 13t, the acto is 15t. So the dyna will be faster but probably wear quicker. Bitd in the TEC we had to skim these after every few heats. And no one ran the acto. All dyna. I'd only buy one of these used if i know someone with a comm lathe. I would even have it refurbed before my first run rightaway. Skim, new brushes, run in. I have both these days, acto touring and dyna touring. I guess for a reliable relaxing runner the acto is more fun actually. The dyna is quite pointy/peaky if you know what i mean. And the two dynas i have differ a lot in Watts output. Probably same as acto, as all are prob. Machine wound, not Hand wound. But pretty they all are. Btw, acto formula is a lot slower than both the tourings. Cheers.
  8. Oh and i found another livery . He even won concours with that
  9. By the way, here are two pics of lee Martin, 3x european champion, running gis trf201 with a sand Viper body. I REALLY dig that look (and the stance :))
  10. Hi, unfortunately a misunderstanding.. as i unfortunately dont have a trf 201. I like that buggy too. No, what i meant is that i have an rc10b4 ft and at least another one in spares. And that the b4 is basically the same buggy as the trf201 (or vice versa btw have you seen this: maybe even interesting for the dt02 build, i dont know...
  11. Cool stuff. I like these simple 2wd buggies ...if they perform ! Tbh i didnt like my fighter buggy rx bitd. Although i won a nice cup with it.. . I now have a b4, which is like a trf201 actuallY. and will build a 2nd one from all the spares i have... quite happy about that and you actually Held me back from getting a top force... which is a good thing probably.... love your track vids !
  12. Nice idea. Spotted him here at 16.07min. maybe you wanna go through the footage, there are more 1999 races. Have fun
  13. Very curious on how it will perform ! im surprised you run so low, but i guess you know what you're doing ... are you taking part in TOC edc kinzigtal ? (I'm not, Just dreaming)
  14. Holy cow Kevin, not my favorite shell (although my dad had the tl01 Version bitd) but you make every car look cool perfectly. Oh and i always thought the distorted hasseröder logo was sth. They actually ran, like the marlboro Black stripes etc.... well And the chassis is a true BeautY anyway. I love the looks of it, maybe even more than the Look of a hopped up ta02 or ta03. I just cant get round the fwd in my head. Didnt know you dont like the flamingo dampers.. i used to think the same, but in the meantime i like them... The Top Deck with the writing is sooo nice always.if i ever get a top force, i got to have the cfk top Deck at least because of the white Letters. And the lowering of the c.o.g. of course
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