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  1. I'm not Stuck. Theres So many different things you can do with a ta03.
  2. Carisma gt 24 https://carisma-shop.com/products/gt24-1-24-subaru-sti-2006-drift-spec Said to be really quality chassis. All spare parts available...
  3. Great car ! I wanted to do reflecting Windows too but didnt find a foil that worked... which one did you use ? Thx , cheers
  4. The adjustements you made so far Sound quite sensible. It seems really strange that different tires f/r didnt change a lot. Putting softer tires in the rear should change things drastically. Also the roll Bar in front seemed like a good idea. As well as the diff thing you did btw. I would also suggest to 1. go to softer springs in the rear, paired with softer shock oil in the rear. (The alternative that does the same balancewise is harter shock and oil in the front, has pros and cons but first you want to fix balance, so do either or both). Still its strange that you have to go to extremes like that. So check if everything is mounted correctly, maybe you mixed sth. Up ? If you Happen to have toe out in the rear instead of toe in somehow, that would explain a lot (flipped hub carriers l/r, dunno if thats possible on xv01) .. REVERSIBLE SUSPENSION ARMS MOUNTED THE RIGHT WAY ROUND ????? Or maybe bump steer in the rear so you have alright static toe but it goes to toe out under load (dont know if the toe in the rear is adjustable at all on the xv01, so forget this point if you have fixed hub carriers which probably is the case) Or have a look at the drive train and diffs, everything as it should ? ... I dont know the xv01 in Detail to be able to tell what you might have done wrong in building...
  5. Hmm im not into fwd but man These chassis Look soo cool. These linkages....if it was rwd i'd probably be considerably poorer....
  6. Good Job. I understand white, but Maybe consider painting the celica Red or Black cos of that ? If its not a race livery that might Look great as well ?
  7. That is absolutely correct in my World. And that is exactly like my car drives. See the absolutely massive 4 wheel drift, but with more opposite lock needed than with regular 4wd (this is what the 15t in the rear causes, oversteer on power). It feels a lot more like an rwd drift than the Common 4wd drift on loose surfaces with straight front wheels. And These slides are induced with the slightest lift of throttle or dab of the Brake, really like with a handbrake only. This is what the one way causes - i have the one way in the front. So Oversteer off power as well . This is great fun, but, yes its difficult.. oversteer off power, followed by oversteer on power results in VERY tail-happy. Absolute Hoonigan tool. .. And My products all had the same sticker. Below the sticker it says the opposite I strongly think that the sticker was put there quickly after market introduction as they saw that for the masses or for beginners or kids without 30+ years of experience in oversteer it's just too Hard to drive like that. As you say, if you put it the other way, 15t in the front and one way in the back, it must be way more forgiving to drive for the beginner (understeer on power, understeer off power), maybe even quicker on a lap for most. but way less fun for the connaisseur. In the end, you can put both elements where you want to Influence the driving characteristics to your liking. Everything should work. What makes sense for your Application is ultimately up to you.
  8. You can put it where you like, but yes, thats the config that will give you Brake to the rear only and more power to the rear. Which is what i like in rallying. Powerslides and handbrake turns.
  9. Instructions for the body should be googleable via "tamiya 58297" .. if you need a scan of the sticker sheet, i can help you out. If you need stickers, i can help out Partly. I bought 2 sticker sheets, used 1 nearly completely, and from the other one i only used lightS, Windows trim etc... So i have a lot of These white Red and raybrig left... Edit: think i understood....See attachment... 58313.. VERY similar... i did one on a 2005 shell and just freestyled it from pictures.. i used the 2002 stickers but went for a 2003ish Look as i dont like the Look with the stickered rear "window". To me, a nsx must have at least a lookalike fake rear Window... Just me... 300058313_Honda_NSX_Raybrig_2003_TT-01.pdf
  10. 2000 kV or 18t is similar to silver can... i Go from 2500 up to 3500 kV , mostly 16t, 14t, occasionally 12t... but then it goes silly, depending on fdr though. My 16t rally cars are already very Quick with fdr around 5.0
  11. Thanks very much @Nicadraus. See also the build thread or instagram @luckynumberfifteen
  12. Thanks, its the standard tamiya interior 54298 with custom selfmade stickers, custom selfmade rollcage from 5mm styrene tube and selfmade visor from leftover lexan
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