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  1. Hi, I made the vector drawing in illustrator and had them cut from vinyl professionally after my data.. I needed the window trims anyway so it was kind of a byproduct. I wouldn't really do it manually, although a window trim covers a lot of imperfections... ... You always learn though and what I found out is that original Tamiya window masks are a lot easier to put on, because they don't stick so extreme and then you can reposition them. These vinyl stickers stick so much, it's really difficult and more of a one chance thing... Now I understand why Tamiya uses this strange yellow stuff...
  2. Hi, ps16 is a great color. Think subaru wrc. Personally I prefer a flatter color for a 993, e. G. Yellow, or, how about British racing green (like gorgeously made by kuhfarben)... BTW, I do back my colors but I have the feeling it makes nearly no difference color wise. The only thing is that if you don't back it and spray the shell white for example, it looks stupid because the light shines through. So always some silver or so behind that. On my ps54 gt2 shell shown above I did ps54, backed with silver and then backed with ps54 again because you will see the interior and its going to resemble a race car with bare painted metal. BTW, I didn't use ps54 because of vaillant. Just because I like that color very much.. Cheers
  3. Hi, no I'm using Tamiya 911 gt3 light buckets in the front and just stickers in the back. We will see how translucent that turns out. I'm not going to install working lights, but I prefer the look with buckets to stickers, most importantly in the front.
  4. Shell and body parts were available, but no stickers. So I had to make them myself...
  5. Sounds plausible. But The big question is how does this angle differ from stock?
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