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  1. All good. I actually just got (and built) a rere Top Force Evo. I wonder, how many of the parts I could cannibalise off it to make a genuinely special Terra Conqueror?
  2. Mate, just did a search on TradeMe. Got nothing. Have you got a link?
  3. Thanks mate. Appreciate the tips. I’m just really taking my sweet time. Finally finished the masking and painting. The fluorescent orange took around 12 light coats to get inside the wing properly. I’m pleased with the end result. With do the stickers next. Then on to the main event the build itself
  4. Yeah. That’s the step I’m up to now. Not having the overspray film certainly add hours to the painting!
  5. Hey team, It full Covid lockdown week 4 here in Auckland, New Zealand, so I’m breaking out the big guns. I’m building a NIB Terra Conqueror I’ve been keeping, waiting for the right moment. I’m going to start with cutting out the body, as in the past this is where I’ve come unstuck. Its so hard to get a nicely cut line. And I’ve got a severe case of OCD. I’ll update this thread as I go… PS. Any tips with how I need to treat the build, with it being so old? I’ve already discovered the body and wing don’t have protective film. That’s new
  6. I think if you want to go off road you’ll need to go for a TT02-b. The off road version of this chassis. Plasma Edge. They can be picked up pretty cheaply. But start with your local hobby shop. Support local. And with luck, like I found, you’ll get great advice and great pricing. And get ball bearings 😜
  7. That was a first class fail. Just finished building a TFE. Looks absolutely perfect. But I’ve managed to completely mangle the undertray. What a idiot. I tried my usual score with a scalpel and snap method. But I think the poly on the tray is a lot thicker - it must be. After carefully scoring like I normally do I bent it. It didn’t really snap like other bodies do. I tore it anyway and tore it past the score line. Ruined. Off to find a new one.
  8. We pretty lucky in NZ to not have a lock down. This looks like so much fun. We’ll give the postal racing round a go. But my lord we have this grass here by the sea in our backyard. It’s called Kikuyu. And it forms a 1-2 inch sponge, thick and bouncy as badword ans it catches and grabs at the car. It’s murder on lap times. Last weekend a Hornet was wheel spinning going no where! Either way it’ll be fun!
  9. That’s good to know. I think Matt (my son) would be right into that. He can run the Hornet or Frog. I’ll take the TFE for a bit of retro fun in all comers. I’m not even remotely close to being good. But I love the build and the fun of racing too. So can’t wait…
  10. Awesome. I’ll head down with my boy to check it out. Might try and enter the ‘all comers’ class with the frog or TFE for a laugh.
  11. I did mean AIRCCC, but you’ve reminded me, I want to check out the NHRCCC too. We’re away this weekend in Tauranga though. When is the next NHRCCC meet?
  12. Thanks for the welcome. We’re in Orewa. Just north of Auckland. We’re going to take a car to the next indoor racing session at Auckland Indoor RC Club. It’d be great to see what cars people are racing. And I’m keen to try out a proper track too
  13. Where’s your local? I was at Speedi Tuesday last week to pick up a Top FE and he had a load of Thunder Dragons too. Plus a beautiful Kyosho Optima Turbo. Man I want one of those
  14. I’m pretty new to this RC hobby having just gotten back into it 6 months ago. But something struck me today that I wanted to share. I painstakingly built a Hornet after never having done an RC car. We just didn’t have the money growing up. But this time I cherished the build. My son and I took our time, built it slowly. And then painted it to our best ability to box art. We loved it. The YouTubers were a massive help. My building skills were terrible. A particular shout out to Tamiya Legends and RC Kicks. And RC action Australia I then got a Frog and built that up so we could race. Today was the first time racing. We went down to the astroturf at the local school and blasted around laughing until the 5000mAh battery ran out. At home we’re about 1/4 the way through a rere Top Force Evo. My takeaway looking at our kitchen table covered in parts and tools just now was ‘what a great alternative to an iPhone or iPad. For me and my kids. I love the hobby. And it’s a great escape. And healthy too Im sure at some point it’ll take a bit of a back seat as the initial fun wears off, but it’s building great memories, and my kids and their friends are getting into it. So maybe it’s got more longevity. I hope so That’s all. Cheers for reading. And for providing a great online forum and resource
  15. UPDATE; I’ve found a solution. And thanks to those that commented here. TLDR: the hop up universal joints cause a grinding sound at high angles. When moving the wheels closer to horizontal they operate smoothly and without the rough noise. So I opened the shocks and put a 5mm piece of tubing over end of the piston. This reduces the distance the shocks travel and makes the car lower to the ground. And problem solved!
  16. Ok cheers. That’s a bit of a let down. The hop up isn’t cheap either. I’ll revert to the kit dog bone joints and test again
  17. Yes. This does make a huge difference. If I push the wheel up so they are closer to horizontal you don’t get the grinding noise at all. So is this normal. And when slack the rear wheels are just at too much of an angle? So the weight of the car pushes the universal joints more horizontal and reduces / eliminates the noise?
  18. Ok, I’ve taken the universals and wheels off. With just the two shafts left sticking out of the gearbox the motor and gearbox is running smoothly and no issues. But as soon as I put the universal shafts and wheels back on I’m getting the same awful grinding sound at low revs… see attached video. I need help! FullSizeRender.mov
  19. Cheers. It was running smoothly before with the kit standard shafts. I’m going to strip it back to the gearbox. And start the hop up assembly again. I kind of got caught up today with painting a decals 😜
  20. I’ve just done my first hop up of a Frog. But I’m getting a horrible grinding noise at low speed. The upgrade was 53908 FROG Assembly Universal Shafts. And whilst I’m pretty sure I follow the instructions I’ve clearly missed something. The only part I did add was to put a plastic o ring into each of the two parts that go into the gear box. There’s nothing obviously wrong I can see
  21. Hey Jonathon, that’s a great run down. Thanks for taking the time to write such a thorough response. Given AIRCCC have a meet this weekend, we’ll start there. Plus having a silver can vintage class will be right up our alley. It’s just a bugg3r that Speedi aren’t getting the Top Force Evo in till next Tuesday so it may have to be the Frog. I can’t imagine I’ll be competitive but also I don’t really care. I just want to have a crack. I’ll have to check out the North Harbour one too. That’s a lot closer with us being in Orewa. Cheers again for the full response. I think wherever we go is going to be fun. And that’s the aim of it for us. And you’ll have to let us know how to get into the invitational; I’m currently half way through Dry July but happy to pay the craft beer entry fee 😜
  22. I’d be super keen on this fwiw
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