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  1. Thank you. I have managed to source a NOS one now.
  2. Eventually i bought a lunchbox from Plaza Japan for cheap, liked the look of it too much to break, so decided to sell my original blackfoot mini for spares/repair, and got an identical retro blackfoot mini with all the bits on it.
  3. Hi Need the above part to complete my Blackfoot build. Ideally from UK. http://www.rcchopshop.com/crp/1624.html I know there is a reproduction 3d print version but its a lot of money for what it is. Thank you.
  4. Brlliant thanks for looking. Thats what i was thinking - if i got a new lunchbox then i'd want to keep it that way, although a good suggestion. Unfortunately all the ones i see on ebay have these parts missing/broken in exactly the same way mine did when i was a kid, and obviously wasn't as careful as i am now i'm (a lot) older!
  5. Hi all I'm currently in the process of restoring a Blackfoot Mini 4WD Jr (1/32) to go alongside my regular Blackfoot and wondered if anyone knows where i could source parts for my 1/32 such as: - Side clips (they hold the body onto the chassis) - Wheel covers x 2 (for side wheelies - i have 2 but 2 are missing) - Back bar for wheelies - Roof lights - Battery Cover - Unused decals (mainly just for the side) Ideally if someone in the UK has a broken one or parts that they could sell me that would be helpful. I am aware i could buy a new one from Japan but there is no nostalgia in new! I also believe that most of the parts above aren't exclusive to Blackfoot Jr and could be on midnight pumpkin/clod buster/ lunchbox etc. I've also been scouring ebay and dont really want to break up a new or good condition one just for a few parts. If you can help, then please get in touch. Many thanks for your time.
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