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  1. Hi I have just stripped down and cleaned an original Super Shot. New body and decals are one the way from MCI and TBG. Seems like all the parts are there except the Tie Rod for the steering. The Servo Saver is also missing, but I guess I can use the ones that comes with a standard servo. I can't find these parts online. Do the Super Shot share tie rod with other models or are there any universal tie rod / hop up options I can use? Regards Oles
  2. Hei. Jeg har et slik chassis til salgs pĆ„ finn. Finnkode 279876956 Tenkte Ć„ gi beskjed i tilfelle du fortsatt leter šŸ‘
  3. Thank you for the reply! Fun to learn something new šŸ˜Š
  4. I understand, but the seller says it "extra" rare since it is "a yellow"... But I have never heard of that version...
  5. Hi! Was there ever a yellow clod buster from 87? I might buy one. It has the Chevy logo, but yellow color on body and yellow rims... The seller claims it is "rare" because of the color... It has a newer aftermarket ESC...
  6. Thanks guys! I have a 1060 in my Tt01 it is really good. I plan to keep this as an original and only drive occationally. My original restored Super Manta Ray also has MSC but as it has 4x4 and runs/breaks much bretter. I was suprised of how difficult RWD was to stop. So, in conclution: don't brake! šŸ˜…
  7. Hi I just restored an original Hornet. It has a mechanical speed controller and everything works great. The only things that is not original is the Battery tray, rear tires and the flysky receiver. I just tested it yesterday and it drives well, but what is the best way to stop these vintage models? If i push in reveverse it obviously does not brake, but hits reveverse witch leads to full out of control spinn. Any tips?
  8. Hi. I have restored a TT01. I bought a new partstray with motor plate and the cover that sits on top of the motorplate wich holds the motor plate in place. I can move the motorplate a bit inside the cover with my hand. In other words I can move the motor slightly, as if the motor plate was a bit to small for the cover. It drives fine and all, but I worry that the pinion can get a bit out of place in corners... Hope anyone knows if this is normal. Maybe I can glue som material on the motor plate so it sits a bit more tight under the cover. Thanks!
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