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  1. 😂 thanks that is interesting… 🤔 but I would make it more of a apocalypse GT-R like the one in the Movie Elysium
  2. Hi @droidy I have these bits. Just missing the items listed used for my 4 wheel steering buggy. Overall I used 2 kits into 1 car. Search Blitzer Beetle 4WD + 4WS in the TC forum
  3. *overall I need a new front suspension 😅
  4. Hi, Looking for parts for my TT-02B. Overall I had used my front suspension to make a 4WS TT-02B. Now I have an unbuilt 90% car and I would like to build another car with the remaining parts. Does anyone have any of the below spare parts when they hopped up their TT-02B? New preferred but will take used. I can buy new parts but not sure if anyone is looking to get rid of spare parts sitting around. MB7 x4 qty B1 x1 qty B2 x2 qty B7 x1 qty C9 x2 qty
  5. Sorry my fault. I forgot to attach link for front wheels. Can you help confirm. https://jconcepts.net/mono-b41-rc10b5-rb5-12mm-hex-front-wheel
  6. Is this the front 4WD 12mm hex version? It states it on the website but would like to reconfirm.
  7. Thanks for the brand. Will take a look. Cheers
  8. I picked up a used Top Force. The blue body looks great but the wheels and decals look off. Looking to change decals (MCI) and new white wheels. Dish looks great but I can use the Tamiya Star dish wheels as well. I am skeptical how the pin tires (thicker sidewall) will look with Tamiya star wheels
  9. Thanks. Are these the ones? https://www.amainhobbies.com/schumacher-pre-mounts-buggy-1-10-scale-off-road-tires-wheels-cars-trucks/c2354?fb=326&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnf-kBhCnARIsAFlg491bKP6IJzqZb6eucmZEEnhqwucyakS5hHUqvRXLe7VjR2QrAF9--VkaAnDwEALw_wcB
  10. Looking for a buggy white dish wheels for Tamiya Top Force. I have been informed the Tamiya ones use pin mount and only good for DB-01. I am looking for 4WD 12mm hex. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks. I am ok with 3rd party depending on what the part is and how it is used on the car. Overall it sounds like kits locally (support local Hobby store) and upgrades online…
  12. Looks like there are 4 of us in the area. What do you guys drive, crawlers, m cars, buggies, touring?
  13. Check out RCMart.hk as prices are cheaper here and start assembling your list before your next visit. I am not familiar with cameras but can ask around if there is a shop or district you should visit
  14. Oh thanks for the list. I need to add these as pins to my google maps. If I am in the area I may need to “drop by” for a browse. On the list, who has the best buggy selection and hop ups?
  15. @A2591 and @DaveBuildsRC are you guys located in the GTA area? It would be great to have a meet up once in a while for some RC action. I am more into buggies and M-Class cars
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