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  1. Crawler Beetle was gifted new shoes. Thanks @Sayer Before After
  2. The cars even have covers inside the storage bins šŸ¤Æ
  3. Seeking buggy livery advice I did not want to follow box art and had some Momo livery decals destined for touring cars handy. Here is a color photocopy mock up for review. What do you think? I may not install the center racing stripe as I have mixed feelings on the design
  4. Worked on my first Fire Dragon last night and compared it to my recent experience with the TT-02B. Overall the Fire Dragon is a great kit with metal dogbones and large CVA dampers. The assembled tolerance is much better with limited slop. Steering design is really old and could use improvement. Lots of hard plastics which may crack more easily over time. Ground clearance is impressive even with smaller diameter tires.
  5. Sorry for typo. Maybe I can get MCI to change the wording to Satan Dragon šŸ˜‚. thanks for confirming rear tire. Need to find a store which sells them. Do you know any good stores @Ferruz ? I still need to find front tires šŸ¤”
  6. The Fox front tires are a larger diameter. I cannot confirm if Wild One front tires are same as Fox front tires. I need to check if Manta Ray tires are same as Saint Dragon. Does Tamiya still make Manta Ray tires?
  7. As noted in the title, Iā€™m looking for tires to refurbish two RC cars, the original fox, and the original Saint dragon. More specifically Iā€™m looking for tires on the original 2WD Saint dragon. This chassis and smaller wheel size is based off the Madcap. The tires are much smaller than the newer modern buggy sizes. I would like to stick with Tamiya tires if possible, as these will be Resto-mod cars. Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Picked up 2 used buggies back to back. Original Saint Dragon chassis (missing body) and an original Fox. Both have seen better days and all the tires are cracked or have holes. Fox decals are peeling and will see if I can reglue them back down. I will get a new Saint Dragon body as there is a new ReRe kit but will not follow box art. Will send updates as I collect parts for a refurbishment project šŸ¤ž
  9. Still good. Interested in joining our WhatsApp group? So far no meet but lots of Tamiya / RC chatter šŸ˜‚
  10. Sounds great @Ferruz Do you still have the Hornet and Manta Ray? Love your action shots. Get together for a park bash would be great. Good to be home but I was spoiled by the Tamiya kit, hop up options and lower costs in HK šŸ˜”
  11. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-hobbies-craft/markham-york-region/tamiya-voltec-fighter-and-thunder-blitz/1687825525 this is near Toronto
  12. By the way, I have a few Tamiya items posted on Kijiji. See the below link and look for other items I am selling https://www.kijiji.ca/v-hobbies-craft/city-of-toronto/bnib-tamiya-stadium-thunder-58524-2012/1687819819
  13. Fully agree. Love the idea of tinkering / modifying Tamiya kits to give it additional individuality
  14. I feel your pain. In Toronto it started to snow again. Switching to the pre-paint Fire Dragon kit for now.
  15. Can she float on water with those large tires?
  16. Same. Looks like a real buggy with roll cage and has 4 dampers on each corner. I must note the Boomerang was my first Tamiya and is a very close 2nd
  17. Hi. started a WhatsApp group if you are interested in joining
  18. A few guys clarified the between the left image and the center image the entire chassis has been rotated at 180Ā°. It is not as simple as just moving the motor and transmission from mid front to mid rear. good news, based on the right image, it looks like the center driveshaft goes below the battery to drive the rear wheels. This means potentially you can convert this to a four-wheel-drive BT ā€“ 01.
  19. Interesting. if the BT-01 is 4WD, overall it will be similar to a TC-01 in layout?
  20. Just a though looking at the diagrams. I do not have one and hope someone can confirm it is possible
  21. BT-01 Dual Motor 4WD Anyone have 2 kits and can try using 2 motors and 2 gearboxes for 4 wheel drive? A Clod Buster dual motor ESC will be required To make the elect is work.
  22. Hornet Racing Team Picked up a used Hornet to match the Mini. Now I have a full Hornet Racing Team
  23. By the way, where did you get the body mounts? Looks like a great 3D printed solution
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