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  1. 6014 2wd rib spike tyres NIP 5233 oval block wheel and tyres NIP 2wd rib spike super gripper new but not in pack Futaba mc112b esc working in average condition. 5284 thrust bearing set, in pack but one thrust bearing missing. Sanwa Gemini ll 27mhz radio set, works, in box, manual missing and converted to run aa cells. Used oval block front and rear tyre set, rear wheels included, tyres have gone stiff but no cracking, wheels slightly yellowed. Mtronix viper 27 turn brushed Speedo, works perfect. Various vintage servos and receivers, not tested, but would be perfect for shelf models. Open to all reasonable offers, contact me for pics of the other bits I have. Cheers Simon
  2. Hi,

    I have no idea what the esc would be worth,  I am in the UK but will post abroad


  3. I have no idea of the value of it, how much would you want to.pay for it? Simon
  4. I have a few bits to get rid of but can' figure how to post pics, could anybody give me an idea of value for the following parts: 6014 2wd rib tyres, 1 pair NIP and 1 pair new but not packaged. 5284 thrust bearing set in pack with header, should be 2 in pack but 1 is missing. Oval block front and rear tyre set approx 40% worn, they have gone slightly hard but have no cracks, front tyres have boomerang style wheels, slightly yellowed otherwise good condition. 5233 oval block wheel and tyre set NIP. Futaba MC112B esc in excellent condition other than battery leads changed to tamiya connector. Mtronix brushed esc from mid 2000's, possibly equivalent to viper eco 20, works perfect. Acoms ARE-227 receiver and 2 x AS7 servos untested. Acoms ARB-227 receiver and bec untested. Acoms AR-227FE and 1 x AS7 servo untested. All the receivers are in good cosmetic condition with no broken cases erg. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks. Simon
  5. Thanks guys, will try your suggestions 👍
  6. Hi, I've been along time member of TC but rarely post, I have some old parts I want to post for sale but I don' seem to be able to post pictures. When I try to add a picture to my post I get fail message. Any help would be most appreciated. Regards Simon
  7. Hi, I've been along time member of TC but rarely post, I have some old parts I want to post for sale but I don' seem to be able to post pictures. When I try to add a picture to my post I get fail message. Any help would be most appreciated. Regards Simon
  8. I have lots of little bits to get rid of, I no longer have any storage space so they need to go. I haven't added prices as I don' know what I've got is worth so I'm open to offers. 2 x sets of tamiya tyres, one set with wheels. 2 x Phantom 19 x 1 brushed motors, they have no more than 2 hours runtime. Various vintage Acoms servos and receivers, they are all untested and are sold as is. Acoms techniplus 27mhz radio set with 2 x as12 servos. Perfect working order. It is the mid 2000's set. With box. 1 vintage yokomo motor, spec unknown and untested. Sanwa Gemini 2ch 27mhz radio set, works Perfect, just a little dusty. Boxed. Various other bits. I have no idea on value or indeed if they are worth anything at all. If anybody has further questions or require other pics then let me know. Regards Simon p.s. I can't seem.to add pics so If any of it sounds get in touch.
  9. Hi Everyone, Just to add my tenpeneth, I think this is a Thunder Tiger 1/10th truck, although I can't remember its name, I have seen a remarkably similar truck in the r/c mags. 70 issues at £5.99 = £420.00, plus £49.99 for the radio gear, they are seriously coining it!! If I remember right the whole truck is available RTR with radio gear for around £270.00!!! I just pity all the people who don't know about r/c and get duped into this. I saw a guy come into my local r/c shop with the last one they bought out asking for new ESC's because the first time he took it out the ESC just melted, and he could not get replacements from the magazine co. Don't blame you for getting cheap tyres though. Wondered what you guys thought? simple026
  10. Plase help guys, I have an Acoms AP-227 mk2 receiver that broken[] and also another Acoms receiver that has servo harness's coming out of the case that is also broken. Does anybody know of anywhere or anyone that can fix these[?] Really need your help on this one guys. Thanks in advance. simple
  11. Thanks for the info guy, my electrical knowledge is very thin on the ground[?], if you know what I mean!! Anyway, cheers for the advice and I'll see you all at Kiddeminster.
  12. Hi everyone, Can someone tell me what the lowest turn motors I can use with a 15t limit speedo (Mtroniks RV15). Can I even run twin motors with this speedo?[?] I know I have to wire them in series, it's just I'm waiting for my super rooster to arrive and I wanted to run single packs in my TXT at Kiddeminster. Using an EVX at the moment so I have to run twin packs, takes forever to charge two packs!! Also, I need some info about Kiddeminster: does anyone have the site address, also can I turn up and pay at the gate? How many sets of xtals do I need (only got 1 set at the moment). Also will it be OK to run my TXT-1?[?] Hope you can help guys. I've only been with the club a few months so this will be my first meet, I'm looking forward to meeting you all.[] Look forward to your replies. simple
  13. Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new to collecting and Tamiyaclub so I hope you can help[?] I've just got a really nice original Brat, but it didn't have any radio gear with it, the speedo still has the 6 volt connection on it, does anybody A: Know where I can get a 6v battery and charger lead? Or what mods can be done to make it 7.2 volt? Also I have tried a 7.2 but it won't fit the Brat chassis (too narrow), can anything be done about this? B: The radio gear I'm fitting is Acoms AP227, it has servo connections that actually clip into the side of the receiver, the radio did not come with a battery box, is this radio BEC compatible? The battery connection on the servo has three pins in it, can anyone help with this as I have never seen this type of receiver before, can I use a standard 2-pin battery box and switch harness? Also does anyone know what type of Acoms switch harness I should use. Basically, if anyone has the correct parts they would like to sell please let me know. I would like to try and keep it as authentic as possible, but if a few concessions to modernity have to be made I'm ok with that. Any help you can give would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance guys. simple026
  14. Hi everyone, I have a TXT-1 with 19x1's in it and an EVX speedo, I have seen some brushless systems from the US that claim to blow away nitro trucks! These motors use packs wired in series (14 cells altogether)[:0]. Can anyone explain how to do this and the difference between series and parallel[?] Does anyone have any good modifying tips for a TXT? Also I am considering an e-maxx 2 speed, has anyone tried this? If so, would you recommend it. I'm quite a novice when it comes to r/c electronics so any advice would be appreciated. I have also thought about using a Novak Super Rooster and low turn motors, has anyone tried this setup. Any advice you lot can give me would be really appreciated, espcially how to get rid of torque twisting. Also if you fancy a quick chat about your truck/s feel free to get in touch. Does anybody know of any good bashing/crawling sites in the Midlands (UK). Look forward to hearing from you all!! Thanks. simple026
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