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  1. I was thinking about the ZD oil shocks. nbTMM uses them here, front and back (along with rear CF shock towers mounted front and rear) And I really like the look of them: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Racing-Absorber-Suspension-Bigfoot-Accessories/dp/B07QWKQN2Y
  2. @Bash That is very tempting. Looking at a Traxxas Rustler VXL and it's exciting. I definitely want to build a tamiya hybrid to fulfil a childhood dream, but after that I can start looking at other models. @BuggyGuy & @Willy iine Thank you for the feedback! Really useful. @Jonathon Gillham Brilliant. Thank you for the detailed feedback. @alvinlwh & @vodka Gah! Why are you giving me more options? Thank you, though. More to look into. @DeadMeat666 This is perfect, thank you so much. Love the look of those shocks. Are they just for show or are they better than standard oil dampers? And seriously, thank you all for taking the time to help me understand options.
  3. I've been reading a heap of build and tips threads on the TT02B. It seems like the MS would be a good choice, but it's also mostly not available, so stock seems the most likely choice. I'm looking to make a basher than can take some, well, bashing in the park. I'll be riding on bumpy grass almost exclusively, and while I'll likely have to wait until Christmas to buy, I'm already looking at and thinking about options, because **** it, that mad bull has given me the bug. I'd like to plop in a 10.5T brushless, improve the drive parts, turnbuckle, and raise the ride height. So, some questions to those who've been down this route. Is the aluminium shock mount really a brittle choice? I'm keen to add 2 x rear mounts (one front, one back) to really give height options along with ~100mm shocks, so I'll need at least 1 carbon fibre, but should I just get 2? On that note, is the Yeah Racing conversion kit (https://www.clevelandmodels.co.uk/product/tatt-s01bu-yeah-racing-aluminium-essential-conversion-kit-fits-tamiya-tt-02b/) a good shout? Will aluminium arms make any real difference or should I just get the knuckles and bearings separately? Do I need to upgrade the dogbones and other drive parts or will the ABS parts manage ok? For wheels, I'm probably looking at 110mm (or maybe a little more). Will the standard gearing handle a 10.5T with wheels that size or do I need an aftermarket pinion and high speed gear set, with corresponding motor mount? What about the diffs? I'm seeing lots of people say they shear easily - should I just run them until they break or upgrade from the start? For hopups, I've seen people use non-tamiya stuff (deadpool gasp) - are there any parts specifically where I should stick with Tamiya (for example, Tamiya shocks seem to be far ahead of the competition). Or! Should I just wait for the Super Avante TD-4 and see what that throws up? It feels like ride height is going to be super limited there by the front shocks alone. Or just overpower the mad bull? Oh lord, too many options. As always, thank you in advance for any help.
  4. Just thought I'd follow up with my results. Thank you to everyone who's helped me out. I ended up going red springs (soft) on the back and blue springs (hard) on the front with the max spacers on all four from the DT02 spring set (53832) on the DF03 CVA dampers. I also attached the front shocks to the inside mount point (default is the outside) to compensate for their slightly shorter length. The front sticks to the ground like glue now, while the back bounces around like a rabbit. It's a lot of fun. I used the ball collars as recommended on top and bottom for the back shocks and they're much more secure than just flapping loosely (I'd have needed to shim them). The front ones are fine with the stock screws. The front shocks sit a little low, but they pick up once the thing is on the move and it swallows big jumps, crashes and flips with consummate ease. I sprayed the shell in two-tone. It was first time spraying and masking, and I used whatever tape was lying around the house, so the lines aren't as clean as I'd like (there's some bleed and some gaps). If I try this again, I'll buy some proper masking tape, and maybe try for a checkerboard on the back. Plus, I'd spray the entire thing in silver first, then do the orange over the top. I'm still tempted to pick up some WW02 chrome wheels and candy coat them with tamiya transparent orange, so that might be my next purchase, but wheels get dirty fast. Alternatively, I might pick up a brushless sensored 15.5 T TBLM-02S (because the TBLE-04S won't take much else that's exciting). For my first foray into brushless, I think I'd like to stick to sensored, and as far as I can tell, buying a sensored 3500 motor (which is the sort of speed that the Mad Bull seems to be able to handle) and a corresponding speed controller is going to cost as much the tamiya motor alone. I've also been struggling to find a good range of motors from UK stockists, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. If anyone has store or motor recommendations, I'd welcome them. I've read GregM's brushless setup too. Finally, I've been looking into LiPo, and might upgrade my charger to a B6AC v2 (which would improve LiMH charging times if nothing else and give me future options). Again, I can't find any great UK stockists for 2S 5000mah hard LiPo cases, but that's a problem for another day. Anyway, pics below. Bonus picture for the kid's shell.
  5. Oh, good lord. Yes, it's fine. Thank you.
  6. So I've fitted the dt03 shocks to the front and they don't really return in the same way as the friction ones. It's like they remain only half extended. This is fully extended (I was trying 2 different springs) This is after I push the bumper down and allow them to return. Whereas the friction shocks would fully extend after compression. Is this something that won't actually be a problem when in motion or have I messed up somehow?
  7. Yeah, I think I'm going to need some longer screws, to be honest. I'll see. I've ordered the ball collars, and if the screws don't fit, I can always refit the old shocks in the short term and order more. Thank you.
  8. @TurnipJF Apologies for the followup questions - I should have done my research first. So to clarify on the ball collar - I saw a post from you suggesting 50591 so they're ordered. Is it just on the back? And on both ends of each shock or just one? And! Which screws would be needed? Presumably the existing ones won't work. Thank you so much in advance.
  9. All of this is amazing, thank you so much. Thank you for all the advice. I'll be researching ball collars today then! (Secretly I was hoping to need more colourful springs ; )
  10. Hello there, I just bought a built a Mad Bull, and love it. Like, out of the box, it's just very, very fun. (I also totally missed the high point calibration during setup after misreading the insert in the ESC, and did that later. Wow! What an improvement) Anyway, some questions if I may (I'm aware some of these have been answered in the past, but I'm finding lots of conflicting information which I hope you can help me resolve). First, what I've found, since I struggled to find some of this in once place. The most essential (and cheapest) upgrades are a steel pinion and bearings, and so those are ordered. So, the heatshrink steering slop solution is discussed in a lot of places, but I struggled to find pictures. here is one from TurnipJF: On the dampers - will the DT-03 CVA fit? I've managed to convince myself that they won't from looking at specs, but a few people have suggested them in other threads. Also, are they a bit soft? Would DT-02 springs help here? On a new motor: the ESC with the mad bull is the TBLE-04S. It claims to support brushed motors 25T and over. The 540 sport tuned is 23T. I'm finding conflicting reports that it will work. Can someone confirm one way or another please? I definitely don't need to upgrade today, but it's something for the future. For spraying the body - should I use a primer or can I spray the TS stuff directly on? (I've already scuffed an unpainted body from multiple flips and thankfully new ones are pretty cheap. Will let the kids colour in the scuffed one I think and put butterfly/dinosaur stickers all over it.) Finally, what wheel options do I have? I hadn't even considered options until I came across an old thread with some amazing anodised red wheels from the Wild Willy 2 that seemingly fit the Mad Bull perfectly, but they appear to be very much unavailable now. Are there any other coloured aftermarket wheels? Pink? Blue? Green? Gold? Thank you so much in advance for any feedback.
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