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  1. Anyone else? I think there would have to be more of a response for him to make them.
  2. Yes! hoping more people respond...reach out to all BigWig fans you know!
  3. Really! you have a set? 11796
  4. Attention all BigWig fans! I wanted to take a poll as to how many people would be interested in buying replacement BigWig front suspension arms (F parts) I reached out to John with JC Racing and he said if there were enough people interested he would consider making/selling them. I run my BigWig and front arms are impossible to find because they are only used for the BigWig, no other models. They can also be used to convert a boomerang to a dual shock setup. They would be much better quality plastics and be great for runners or to replace old cracked arms. Please reply back to this post if interested...Hopefully I'm not alone in this. Also if anyone has the F-Parts tree for a BigWig let me know!
  5. Tried Tamico, RCMart, all the usual places...I can't even find someone making 3d printed ones. I'll have to find a parts car I guess, and hopefully the front arms are good.
  6. Any BigWig fans out there have spare parts? Looking for front suspension arms
  7. Does anyone have a set of front arms for a BigWig? I restored an original 1986 and of course on the second run one of the lower arms cracked. Doesn't look like any other arms from other models are the same. Checked the obvious places and no one has a set. Also checked on Shapeways with no luck. Any help would be amazing.
  8. All, I'm looking to finish an original Madcap project, I am missing a few parts...the motor protector in the rear that attaches to the gear cover, and the front blue friction dampers/shocks. Anyone have these parts? I do have the springs for the dampers but need everything else. Thank you
  9. I ordered some...I have a set of red seals but they are too big (don't remember what kit they are from). I ordered item number 9805486. Hopefully they will work. Thanks Max!
  10. Hello everyone! I'm trying to bring back to life a set of vintage Hi Cap oil dampers (version 1)...I'm struggling to find a replacement Oil Seal (Top oil seal to replace the original Blue ones). Has anyone found a replacement or had this issue? I've tried a few different seals I had laying around but they are either too large or too small. The original Blue ones are hard and just leak oil through the aeration hole. Any advice? Thoughts?
  11. Hey everyone! I'm looking for a Tamiya Madcap chassis...hopefully one with no cracks/repairs/plastic missing. I'm restoring one and I have all the parts other than a good chassis. Reach out to me or reply back here if you have one!
  12. I have been looking and haven't found the gear, I did find a second Ultima that has all the parts I need to complete my project. Luckily the center gear is perfect in this one. Seems like parts are getting harder to find for the vintage Kyosho kits...and when they do pop up on ebay, people are asking a fortune for them.
  13. Thanks, I was looking at a few on Shapeways (yes, the nylon 12), but if you factor in shipping and processing fees it might be better to either find another donor car, or just upgrade to the re-release gearbox/gears. It would be great if Kyosho supported the old vintage buggies, but I understand why they wouldn't at the same time. That being said, I was able to find another complete Ultima with radio for $110...should be delivered tomorrow...if the gears are destroyed I'll probably go the Shapeways route. Unless one pops up here or on EBay. One nice thing about the Tamiya kits, I am usually able to find replacement parts.
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement "Center Gear" for a vintage Kyosho Ultima? I saw some 3d printed ones out there, but I'm not sure they will hold up...this is for a runner that I am rebuilding. I have been looking forever and no luck. Any help would be awesome! Erick
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