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  1. Great looking rig! What's the top speed in a long straight line run with that motor and gearing?
  2. Well, if you do decide to sell them I would absolutely want two pieces. Thank you.
  3. This is fantastic! Great pics and write up. Looks like an awesome time and congratulations on the trophies!
  4. Apologies in advance to resurrect such an old thread but I have the exact same issue as Saito2. It would be very nice to have an option for steel MR16 replacements but it seems these never were made available for sale and neither @mwitkowski or @Xeqshnr have been seen here for at least a few years now. Saito2, did you ever have any luck implementing any of the prior suggestions to help manage the problem? It seems to me one of the biggest issues with the stock MR16, in addition to the material, is that the entire hole area is weakened by being so thin walled. Not sure if this will work but I'm going to try filling in the surrounding area with JB Weld to see if it's enough reinforcement to at least help slow the deformation of the hole and flat. Once I've run it for a while I'll post back with my findings.
  5. Very late to the party here. Just now seeing this. An astonishing collection. Would have loved to just chat with Larry for a while. No doubt his stories behind all of this would be fascinating.
  6. Awesome truck and fun to see what you're doing with it. Have you driven it already? Any issues with the transmission or mechanics?
  7. Would you mind elaborating on why foam in particular has such an effect? Basically modifying the softness and/or compressibility of the tire?
  8. @Saito2 Thanks for the history- I love that kind of stuff. Looking again at the pic of your one shock tower, does it seem like the piston is slightly canted in relation to the damper reservoir?
  9. Awesome trucks! Do you know what year were these released?
  10. Okay, yeah, not going to happen with music wire. Either due to my lack of skill, lack of equipment or both, that material is not friendly to cut threads or the sharp 90ยบ bends. So now I'm looking at stainless steel bicycle spokes. They come in 2.6mm diameter and I think will be much more workable. The finish also matches closely with the original parts. Will also see about rolling on the threads instead of cutting.
  11. What a cool truck. I don't remember ever seeing this one before. Love it- and good luck with the restoration!
  12. Yes, for sure. The diameter of the Tamiya wire is 2.6mm or roughly 7/64". I have some M3 dies and I'm going to do some experimenting to see how difficult it is to thread music wire of this size.
  13. Since getting the truck running again I've been taking it out a lot- maybe more than I should for a twenty year old vehicle. But I love it and it's just too fun to drive. My preference is speed and so I have it geared fairly fast. I haven't broke too many things thus far but just the other day I managed to snap the front stabilizer bar after running into something. I use two cable ties per side and really cinch them down in an attempt to minimize sway and torque twist. But I think that also puts extra stress at the bend where it broke. Searching for a replacement I spoke with Anthony, Tamico, Tamiya USA, scoured eBay and the rest of the internet and it is safe to say that all stock of the OEM parts (#9805803) are long gone. Discontinued over ten years ago. None to be had anywhere at least that I can find. So it got me wondering about fabricating them. I have some experience with bending music wire and that's the first thing that came to mind. The OEM parts seem to be ~3mm spring steel. Music wire in that diameter is easily sourced and I think the bends required are doable with relatively simple equipment, like a K&S bender and vise. But I have never threaded music wire before and I'm not sure how feasible it is. Is it too brittle to use a die on? I'm wondering if anyone one has already done this? Or does anyone have other ideas about how to make replacements for the future? Thanks and best wishes for the new year to all!
  14. Darn- very late to the party here. Would have loved to buy one. An excellent idea and very well done. If you ever make and sell more.....
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